Zhuhai middle school opens venting bar for stressed-out students

Lucy Liu , May 10, 2013 11:00am

Nanshui Middle School in Zhuhai has opened Venting Bar, a place where students can vent anger to relieve stress. The school claims that relations between staff and students have improved since the bar opened, Nandu Daily reports.

Venting Bar is located in a corner of the campus and takes the form of an adult-height dummy. Next to the dummy is a sign letting students know what it is for.

According to Du Zhigang, the school headmaster, Venting Bar belongs to the . Any student is free to use it. They can even write the source of their irritation on the dummy before beating it. But before they leave, they must wipe it clean.

They can then turn to teachers for more discussion-based solutions to their problems. Teachers say that students become better listeners after going to the bar.

Most students are in favor of Venting Bar. As well as giving them a means to express themselves, it allows them to do so without damaging public property.

Cao Zeneng, Zhuhai an expert on adolescent psychology, said the bar was a good thing, but stressed that psychologists and counselors are still needed.

It appears to be working for these students. Would such a thing be welcomed in your place of work?