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Posted: 09/11/2011 1:09 pm

We are always looking for writers and other employees who share our passion for the PRD and want to contribute to the region’s premiere online listing and community website. It’s time to put the PRD on the map!

There are many ways you can contribute to The Nanfang, including by helping liaise with local bars and restaurants, contributing to Nanfang TV, as a photographer for events, or even being a writer or translator for our Insider blog; and there are probably many other ways we haven’t even thought of yet. ┬áBy working at The Nanfang, you get:

  • To work with a skilled group of foreigners and locals who love the PRD
  • Official The Nanfang business cards
  • Your very own @thenanfang email address
  • Chances to attend local events such as concerts, bar and restaurant openings, parties and more
  • Flexible working hours (many of us are part-time!)
  • Good experience writing for an English online publication
  • To have your work seen by thousands of people everyday, including many of China’s top foreign correspondents, business people, and other influential readers!

Alas, payment is not on the list… we do this website as a hobby, because we love the PRD and sell advertising to cover our hosting and administrative costs (which are more than you might think!).

If you are still interested in helping us out, fire off an email to [email protected] We’re always happy to have new people join to make the site even better.