College student in Zhuhai wows netizens with his dorm room design

Posted: 11/19/2012 11:50 am

(Can you see the door?)

Images of a college dorm in Zhuhai was praised by netizens as looking more homely than many family homes, Zhujiang Evening News reports.

The room in the Zhuhai campus of the Beijing Institute of Technology was designed by a student surnamed He who studies the not-very-artsy subject of International Trade. The designer spent 460 RMB on all the decorative materials online. These include a British-style clock and Japanese cartoons. “The four of us spent three months collecting pictures and wallpaper, then designing and decorating,” said the International Trade student.

One Sina Weibo user lamented that the students would unfortunately have to bequeath it to someone else when they graduate. A female student asked when she could go and see it up close, even though girls are not supposed to enter boys’ dormitories. A male college student said his peers had set the bar impossibly high.

For a brief intro to what Chinese college dorms usually look like, see this Sinosplice article.



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