Canton Tower now available for weddings

Posted: 06/4/2012 8:59 am

As a location for a wedding in Guangzhou, there are few options more romantic than Xiao Man Yao, better known as Canton Tower. And if you’re willing to foot the pricey bill, you too can now hold your nuptials there. According to a report in the Southern Metropolis Daily, last weekend the tower held its first ever Wedding Exhibition, appropriately titled: “Happiness begins at Xiao Man Yao”. During the exhibition, organizers announced that for the low, low price of only 3888RMB-12888RMB per table, Chinese and Laowai alike can have the wedding of their dreams.

At the busy event, there were a variety of wedding themes and colours on display for the perusing couples: boisterous Chinese-style in red and white, elegant Western-style in Tiffany blue, or a mixture of both. The Manager of the Exhibition, Mr. Lei, argues that despite the steep price tag, couples are still getting a good deal: “Compared with five-star hotels in Guangzhou, the price is not expensive. Even lobster is included in a 4888RMB feast.”

For interested couples, Canton Tower offers no shortage of reception options. For the thrifty couple, there’s the exhibition hall, which can hold 45 tables, while the 900 square metre banquet hall can hold 30 tables. There are several more options for the more particular couple, such as the Lutece French restaurant on the 105th floor, the revolving restaurant on the 106th floor, or the rooftop terrace. Although the wedding packages may be pricey, Lei added that couples simply visiting the tower to take photographs won’t have to pay. It’s good to know that even amongst such opulence, there’s still a deal to be had.


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