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Jieyang becomes third airport in Guangdong to offer flights to Taiwan

Posted: 07/9/2013 4:38 pm

There are now three airports in Guangdong from which you can fly to Taiwan.

The maiden flight from Taichung to Jieyang Chaoshan Airport took off on July 6, Guangzhou Daily reports. Jieyang follows Guangzhou and Shenzhen in being able to offer flights to Taiwan and the flight takes just 1 hour.

There will be flights from Taichung to Jieyang Chaoshan every 6 days courtesy of Mandarin Airlines. The planes will hold 104 people, single tickets will cost 1500 RMB including taxes and round trip tickets cost 1960 RMB including taxes.

The flight captain, Lin Changhui, said Taichung is located centrally in Taiwan and offers easy access to most of the island’s popular tourist destinations.

Before this route opened, travellers between the two cities would have to change at either Hong Kong or Xiamen.



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