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“Ghost-like” look of Shenzhen Airlines stewardesses scaring passengers

Posted: 07/10/2013 1:00 pm

The “ghost-like” look combining white make-up with cherry-red lipstick sported by Shenzhen Airlines stewardesses to mark the airline’s 20-year anniversary has proved controversial with netizens, Fenghuang reports.

The new look, courtesy of the China Aviation Association website.

The stewardesses have been sporting the look since July 1 and the main colour used in the uniform is red, which is said to symbolise dynamism and enthusiasm. Other features of the look include generous use of eye-shadow and blush.

It’s no secret that beauty standards are often part of the selection process when companies employ females for such jobs.

But this new look is not everybody’s idea of beautiful. Here are some netizens’ reactions, as translated from Fenghuang:

Weini Brother – Ghosts.

Danjindao – I would never use this airline on evening flights. It would be too frightening.

Yilvhui – This look will end up on porn websites.

Longjing – How many kilograms of powder do they have on their faces?

Wangxing WX – This is the legendary Geisha look.

The evolution of beauty standards in China is itself a fascinating topic and the Global Times published a great feature on it this year. Regardless of how tastes change and opinions differ, it is widely agreed that beauty is a huge asset among young job-seeking women in China.



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