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Grown man in Shenzhen bursts into tears at sight of Kobe Bryant

Posted: 08/7/2013 12:08 pm

Kobe Bryant’s appearance in Shenzhen last weekend recalled Beatlemania as fanatics filled the streets of Luohu District, stretching the city’s security resources and climbing onto any object available to get a glimpse of their idol.

Watch this grown man cry as he describes the experience of seeing Kobe from a distance:

His words translate as: “After seeing Kobe I was overcome with excitement. I couldn’t stop crying. I kept crying.”

Below are some images from Sina Weibo of the chaos around the Nike store in Dongmen where Kobe appeared:

One fan managed to climb up a lamp post

Others thought this police car would be a better move

All but a few had to settle for seeing him on a big screen

And, as you can see, even that was a struggle

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