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Anger As Chinese Toddler Empties Bowels in Aisle of US-bound Flight

Posted: 07/24/2014 12:00 pm
delta airline child poop

From a previous incident that occurred in 2013.

When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go.

That was the case for one toddler on board a Beijing to Detroit Delta Airlines flight. The kid urgently had to go to the bathroom — so urgently, in fact, there was no time to go to the lavatory on board. So the kid’s father laid a newspaper down in the isle and the child squat and pinched.

Other passengers requested the child’s parents to take the child to the bathroom. However, the child’s grandfather, who was also on the flight, persisted in having the child make full use of the newspaper. Airline staff were unable to stop the airborne bodily evacuation from happening.

Fellow passenger Mr Wang from Oregon said the family made all Chinese people lose face, reports the World Journal.

[h/t @niubi]

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  • Mangrove

    Interesting reactions are coming from around the world as they are first exposed to the habit of spitting, pissing and taking a dump in public by Chinese tourists.

    Now enjoy dinner while they let the fish and chicken bones fall from their mouths onto the table. Speak with their mouths full so you can observe how throughly they have chewed.

    Ahh … but the arrogance. Arrogance + ignorance = reprehensible

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