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Father Takes Baby To Pee Into Dirty Dishes at Anhui Restaurant

Posted: 09/2/2014 8:00 am

anhui baby pee restaurant dishes

There appears to be no shortage of public places babies and children will drop their drawers when nature calls. Yet, as far as we know, even this is a new one.

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According to the Anhui Economic Report, a father was photographed holding up his baby to relieve itself into a bucket full of dirty dishes at a waiter’s station in a restaurant in Hefei, Anhui Province.

After the photo was published on Weibo, the father was criticized online for letting his baby do what, apparently, is otherwise acceptable behavior for babies and children on subwayssubway stations, airplanes, and most any other public place with a concrete floor, a linoleum tile, or a grassy pitch. Netizens were upset at his lack of manners and for not understanding that those dirty dishes are going to be used again one day, should they ever become clean.

anhui baby pee restaurant dishes

A reporter tracked down a person named Wu who had posted the picture. According to Wu, the incident occurred at 8:40pm on August 30 at a branch of the popular Bifengtang restaurant chain. Wu had posted the photograph because he was upset at the lack of manners displayed by the father.

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As it turns out, the mother of the baby contacted Wu on his Weibo account. She apologized on behalf of the father and explained that the baby was in a rush, that it wasn’t intentional, and for everyone to please excuse the incident. This was good enough for Wu, who took down the photograph.

A worker for Bifengtang confirmed that the restaurant in the picture is indeed theirs, and are said to be performing their own investigation into the incident.


Photo: Global Times

  • Mangrove

    I’ve witnessed children, in the presence of their parents, take a pee or dump most anywhere. It’s the norm here.

    The other day while strolling through the mall we take the escalator to the second level, a father is holding his 4 o4 5 year old daughter at the head of the escalator. Not a few steps away but at the immediate top and in the middle of the exit.

    So, you must squeeze past this father and his pissing child to get off the escalator. People were actually bumping into each other as they reached the top and tried to get off.

    Meanwhile, a perfectly “good” bathroom was less than 20 feet away. This guy didn’t have the brains to at least step to the side of the exit of the escalator, choosing instead to block people from getting off while his child pisses a yellow stream for everyone to avoid or step in.

    Pissing and dumping are bad enough but the lack of common sense and/or logic these parents display is a mystery yet to be solved.

  • lacompacida

    Chinese are classy.

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