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Nifty Buckle Popular in China Tricks Cars Into Thinking Seatbelt is Fastened

Posted: 10/15/2014 6:01 pm

seatbelt holderGuangzhou traffic police are ramping up another safety campaign targeting drivers that don’t use seatbelts, a particular problem with the proliferation of a nifty little device that tricks cars into thinking a seatbelt is being used.

seatbelt holderThese devices have the metal fasteners part of the seatbelt, but not the strap. This way the car detects the seatbelt as being fastened, and turns off any warning lights or sounds.

As it is, these fasteners come in a variety styles. Check it out:

seatbelt holderseatbelt holderseatbelt holder

seatbelt holder

Eighty percent of Guangzhou drivers don’t wear seatbelts. The penalty, if caught, is RMB 50.

Photos: gaobe, beishang, safetybelt, jd


Breaking: Four Schoolchildren Dead After Knife Attack in Guangxi [UPDATED]

Posted: 09/26/2014 11:09 am

lingshan guangxiFour schoolchildren are dead after being attacked by a suspect wielding a knife in Guangxi Province, reports the People’s Daily Online.

The attack took place at 6:20 am as the children were on their way to school.

Three of the children died at the scene, while the other was pronounced dead after arriving at the hospital.

The attacker hasn’t been caught yet.


guangxi knife attack schoolchildrenUPDATE 1:25pm September 26: A suspect in the knife attack has been identified and announced by police, reports Southern Daily.

The suspect is named as Shi X Yan*, male, and is aged 56 years-old (pictured above). Shi is a resident of Gupu Village, Pingshan County. Shi is described as obese, and was driving a three-wheeled vehicle at the time of the attack.

Shi is now reported to have escaped to a mountain top located near Zhengling Village, Fozi County. Hundreds of police officers are reported to be working together to secure his capture.

* The name is partially censored



Father Takes Baby To Pee Into Dirty Dishes at Anhui Restaurant

Posted: 09/2/2014 8:00 am

anhui baby pee restaurant dishes

There appears to be no shortage of public places babies and children will drop their drawers when nature calls. Yet, as far as we know, even this is a new one.

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According to the Anhui Economic Report, a father was photographed holding up his baby to relieve itself into a bucket full of dirty dishes at a waiter’s station in a restaurant in Hefei, Anhui Province.

After the photo was published on Weibo, the father was criticized online for letting his baby do what, apparently, is otherwise acceptable behavior for babies and children on subwayssubway stations, airplanes, and most any other public place with a concrete floor, a linoleum tile, or a grassy pitch. Netizens were upset at his lack of manners and for not understanding that those dirty dishes are going to be used again one day, should they ever become clean.

anhui baby pee restaurant dishes

A reporter tracked down a person named Wu who had posted the picture. According to Wu, the incident occurred at 8:40pm on August 30 at a branch of the popular Bifengtang restaurant chain. Wu had posted the photograph because he was upset at the lack of manners displayed by the father.

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As it turns out, the mother of the baby contacted Wu on his Weibo account. She apologized on behalf of the father and explained that the baby was in a rush, that it wasn’t intentional, and for everyone to please excuse the incident. This was good enough for Wu, who took down the photograph.

A worker for Bifengtang confirmed that the restaurant in the picture is indeed theirs, and are said to be performing their own investigation into the incident.


Photo: Global Times


[Video] Outrage as Hong Kong Babies Soaked for Ice Bucket Challenge

Posted: 08/29/2014 6:39 pm

hong kong baby ice bucket challengeIt’s all come down to this: the ALS ice bucket challenge is now being performed on babies.

We can’t verify if these videos are authentic, or part of an elaborate hoax. But we do know they show the dumping of ice-cold water on very young children and babies. The videos have lead to online outrage from people criticizing the parents for child abuse. What’s more, police are now said to be investigating, reports Sina News Video.

The first video below shows a small child during its bath time as an unidentified caregiver prepares the ice bucket, saying directly to the camera “Let’s sure make all this ice is melted.” The caregivers don’t mention the ice bucket challenge itself; instead, most of the video is spent trying to get the child’s attention while water from the bucket drips down upon the child’s head. The child is heard crying shortly afterwards.

Here’s a video of what appears to be another Hong Kong ice bucket challenge performed on a baby, also during bath time. The baby’s unidentified caregivers thoroughly perform the challenge by naming the father and a dog as the baby’s challengers. Like the first, they also state that they are using ice for this challenge. However, this time the baby doesn’t seem to mind being doused with ice water.

Here’s one done on a young child:

Whether a hoax or not, Chinese netizens are very upset at what they see as irreparable harm being caused to babies. Here are some comments:

Stupid cunt, such a small child and you pour ice water over it.

Shit for brains.

That child is their own? Those people are merciless.

After seeing the video was from Hong Kong, I could relax.

There is no helping the stupid.

The child is very weak, okay? As well, there are those that will criticize Hong Kong people at first hearing their name. This makes my head hurt. This country is not divided; you guys upset?

hong kong baby ice bucket challengeAccording to Chinese traditional medicine, a balance of essences is required for a healthy body. As babies and young children are more vulnerable than grown adults, doctors believe a sudden change of temperature could be very harmful to their health.


Photo: Youtube screencap


Whole Fleet of New, Safe School Buses Become Public Toilets in Zhejiang

Posted: 08/29/2014 9:45 am

abandoned school buses zhejiangCould this be another sign of over-investment in China, or the economy slowing down? A whole fleet of school buses, 52 to be exact, have been left abandoned at a lot in Wenling, Zhejiang Province. They’ve been sitting there, rotting, for a year because nobody is willing to buy them.

The buses were actually purchased by a group in Taizhou, Anhui Province for RMB 20 million. The group originally intended to start up a school bus company in Wenling, but the idea was abandoned after they realized nobody wanted the buses, according to the Yangtse Evening Report.

Since then, the buses have reportedly been used as “public bathrooms”.abandoned school buses zhejiang

It’s a shame the buses have been left unused, considering the dangers children face on their way to school. Public anger over lax safety standards reached its zenith after the deaths of 18 children in an accident in Gansu Province in November 2011. A total of 64 preschoolers had been crowded into a van with only nine seats when it crashed into an oncoming truck, also killing two adults.

Overcrowding was also cited in the deaths of 19 people, including 10 children, in an accident in October 2011.

As a result, local governments and schools were proud to show off their new school buses to address safety concerns. When a new series of school buses debuted in Chongming, Shanghai in February 2012, parent Zhang Zhongli expressed his confidence:

The new buses are sturdy enough that parents shouldn’t be worried about their children.

It’s unfortunate that more of these buses won’t be in operation.

abandoned school buses zhejiang

Photos: Yangze Evening Reports, People’s Daily Online


Fujian Toddler Dies After Being Forgotten in Car for 12 Hours

Posted: 08/12/2014 4:27 pm

child left in car fujianA two year-old Fujian girl is dead after being forgotten in a hot car overnight, reports the Shenzhen Police.

The girl, only identified as Xiaohuan, was sleeping in the back seat of the car with her cousin as her aunt and uncle drove her home. But after they got there, the aunt took her own daughter out and apparently told the uncle to get Xiaohuan. The uncle thought the child was with the aunt, so he locked the car doors and went inside to bed.

It was only the next day when the family discovered the child had been left in the car for 12 hours. She had already passed away by the time they found her.


Photo: Shenzhen Police


“Kissing Students at McDonald’s” Sparks Chinese Internet Meme

Posted: 07/30/2014 1:57 pm

mcdonalds pda children kissingWe can’t verify if the above photo is in fact of two Chinese schoolchildren kissing, but we can say for sure that this photo has become a hugely popular Chinese meme.

At its most basic, the photo succinctly depicts the icky feeling we all get when trying to ignore two tracksuit-attired schoolkids who are doing their best to become invisible when kissing in a subway station.

mcdonalds pda children kissing

For whatever reason, this photo has circulated like crazy on the Chinese internet. It’s struck such a chord that netizens have gotten in on the fun by contributing their own take on the image. We’re not about to stop the meme train, so check out the following inspired tributes:

mcdonalds pda children kissingmcdonalds pda children kissingmcdonalds pda children kissingmcdonalds pda children kissingmcdonalds pda children kissingmcdonalds pda children kissingmcdonalds pda children kissingmcdonalds pda children kissing

The burgeoning sexuality of an increasingly aware younger generation isn’t something that Chinese parents want to deal with, while Chinese dating remains an awkward experience that usually includes parental pressure to marry.

Still, we’re amazed that something so popular on the Chinese internet should be wholly and unabashedly influenced by Japanese culture in the form of manga.

[h/t MissXQ]

Photos: MSN


Guangdong’s “Superbabies” a Miss America for the Toddler Set

Posted: 07/29/2014 6:20 pm

superbaby show foshan talent show childrenWe have seen the future, and it is precocious: Foshan is currently home to the Superbabies children’s talent competition, due to wrap up this Saturday. Split into three shows, this will be the last of the preliminary rounds to be held in the city.

Since July 26, we’ve had displays of singing, dancing, playing of musical instruments, and the latent in-borne skill of child modelling.

superbaby show foshan talent show children

More than 200 parents have forced encouraged their children to participate in the Superbabies competition, and 120 contestants who are older than toddlers now move on to next round.

We’ll have to see if Chinese progress is staying ahead of its Western equivalents Dance Moms and Toddlers and Tiaras.superbaby show foshan talent show childrensuperbaby show foshan talent show childrensuperbaby show foshan talent show childrensuperbaby show foshan talent show children

And then there’s this competitor, which only proves that Superbabies come in all shapes and sizes.

superbaby show foshan talent show children

Photos: Nanhai360


Chongqing Doctor Claims Child Abuse Can Cure Children of Autism

Posted: 07/17/2014 10:24 am

autism therapy chongqing he xiaoyan hate therapy autistic children cureMental health in China is mostly a taboo topic, one that must be hidden rather than addressed publicly. And yet, a Chongqing doctor has attracted controversy not just because of her unorthodox methods of treating mental illness, but because she seems to be getting results.

The prevailing view is that autism is incurable, but a 36 year-old Sichuan native named He Xiaoyan claims she can do it, reports the Chongqing Commercial Report.

He operates the Leyi Amalgamated Kindergarten in Geleshan County. Throughout the past ten years, the school has taken in 960 children, some of which are autistic. He says she has “cured” ten of them.

He uses forceful and violent methods to treat these children using what she calls “hate therapy”. She uses a simple idiom to describe the treatment: ”If violence is used by the child, then violence will be returned on the child.”

As difficult as this is for parents to accept in the beginning, they usually come around to it. Here are a few cases of autistic children and the treatment they received:

  1. Four year-old Xiaoxiao was prone to biting, both herself and other people including students and teachers. To remedy this, teachers first tried slapping Xiaoxiao’s hand. When that didn’t work, He purposely provoked Xiaoxiao in order to incite her to bite. When Xiaoxiao bit someone, she was bit herself, sometimes even by He. Xiaoxiao was told, “Whether you bite yourself or others, it will hurt.” Half a year later, Xiaoxiao stopped biting people.
  2. Five year-old Tongtong was prone to falling on the floor whenever he was angry, thereby hitting his head and causing it to bleed. To treat Tongtong, He wrapped up Tongtong’s head in protective material and allowed him to repeatedly fall on the ground. This way, He allowed Tongtong to hurt himself, but not harm himself. Also, because Tongtong was afraid of heights, He suspended him from a tree a meter off the ground as part of his therapy. After screaming for three minutes, Tongtong was let down. A month later, Tongtong’s behavior changed.
  3. Six year-old Feifei was prone to running into walls. If there was no one to prevent him from doing so, Feifei continues to run into walls until he was bloody. He treated this case by provoking the child to run into a wall in the presence of a parent. He then took the child’s head, and rammed it into the wall with the parent watching. Next, He asked for the parent to comply, but they refused, causing the parent to further cry in front of the child. After two months, Feifei’s behavior changed.
  4. Six year-old Liangliang loved playing with water to the extent that he would get his entire body wet. He took Liangliang to a pool where he immediately jumped in. As part of his therapy, He took Liangliang by the head, went to the deepest part of the water, and held his nose and mouth underwater for an extended period of time, twice. Later, if Liangliang was seen playing with water at the kindergarten, he was pelted with water from head to toe. A year later, Liangliang changed his ways.
  5. Five year-old Shuaishuai was prone to throwing things around. At first, striking Shuaishuai’s hand with a chopstick proved to be useless. Then, He devised a treatment: Shuaishuai was given a ball and allowed to to throw around. Later, when Shuaishuai reached out for the ball, He hit his hand. Shuaishuai then changed his behavior so that he only threw objects when no one was watching. At this point, He would hide and jump out whenever Shuaihshuai was about to throw anything. Six months later, Shuaishuai stopped throwing things altogether.

He Xiaoyan graduated in 2003 from Serious Medical Clinical Pediatrics. She also qualified as national second-tiered psychological consultant in 2012. In 2013, she received her PhD in teacher management studies from Beijing Normal University.

Credentials aside, He addresses the controversy against her treatment of autism in this interview:

Reporter: When undergoing your “violent” educational practices, have parents criticized your techniques?
He Xiaoyan: (laughs) Each time I’m about to employ a technique, I always notify the parents to ask if they have any suggestions. If they agree with me, I will execute the procedure. If they have any worries, I will not do it.

Reporter: Through your procedures, will the children suffer any harm?
He Xiaoyan: At the present time, there is no clear drug available that will cure children with autism. I am a doctor as well as a national second-tiered psychological consultant; one must have a firm grasp, not too hard and not too light, in order to apply the principles of these special education techniques. “Hate therapy” must be an organic synthesis of medicine and psychology which must be focused and creative in its application.

Reporter: Whenever you “get angry” and you hear a child cry afterwards, what is your feeling?
He Xiaoyan: Cruel, just mercilessly cruel. But, the goal is to cure them.

Reporter: How do you deal with all the criticism?
He Xiaoyan: So long as I have the parents’ approval, I will implement these procedures. They are the source of all my actions. I feel that by doing this I can save the children, save the family unit, and even the entire extended family.

autism therapy chongqing he xiaoyan hate therapy autistic children cureOne such child that has been successfully “cured” of autism is nine year-old Chunchun. Chunchun is currently enrolled in third grade at a regular school and was able to answer all of the reporter’s questions, even if she was a little shy.

Chunchun was rated on the Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS) at 16, in which a rating of 30 is judged to be autistic. Chunchun was also judged to have an IQ of 40.

Though details of Chunchun’s treatment weren’t revealed, he is said to have progressed so far at the school that he was able to sing the songs The Agreement of the Rainbow and Only Mother is Good in This World as well as perform the Cow Dance at the kindergarten graduation ceremony.

Because of successful cases like Chunchun’s, He has the support of her patients’ parents. Over 90% of the parents approve of  He’s procedures even though they consider them to be “cruel”. The parents believe as long as the child is cured, any method to achieve it is acceptable.

A Chengdu parent said:

When a child is afflicted with autism, it’s the whole family that must bear the pain. By sending the child here, there’s a hope that Miss He will be able to cure the child.

autism therapy chongqing he xiaoyan hate therapy autistic children cureMr Liu of Dadukou, Chongqing, had once gone to the kindergarten only to see his child’s condition flare up. That’s when he saw Miss He take the child’s head and ram it into the wall. Regarding the incident, Liu said:

As I watched, tears flooded my face and my heart felt wrenched out of my body. However, Miss He used the proper amount of force and didn’t allow my child to come to any harm.

Liu supports He to do the necessary job at hand. Liu said:

If it happens at home, we wouldn’t be able to act (like Miss He does against our child).

He has been rehabilitating autistic children with her “hate treatment” for some time now, and it looks like she will continue to do so as expert opinion remains divided upon the proper way to deal with autism.

Mei Qixia, Deputy director of the Chongqing Pediatric Growth and Development, supports He Xiaoyan and encourages “brave and creative” responses:

In regards to autistic children, if medicine will adversely affect the outcome of treatment, a normal way is to adopt training as the main method. Drugs can still be used to complement treatment during the procedure. After undergoing “special training”, the IQ and speech ability of some children can be recovered to the level by which some of them will be able to read normally. Speaking from a medical perspective, the methods of “violent” teaching can attempt or even encourage bravery or innovation. However, specific needs must be determined for each situation. They must be individualized and not treated the same way.

autism therapy chongqing he xiaoyan hate therapy autistic children cureTaking the contrary opinion is Dr Zhang Zhongming, Secretary-General of the Psychological Teaching and Work Committee of the National Psychological Association. Zhang stresses caution and calls for more research:

The causes of autism are not clear and I am against this type of “violent” rehabilitation. Through this training, the child can easily incur more hurt and harm, and does not bring about an easy application. Even though some cases have gotten good results, but we must first research the evidence.

With so much controversy surrounding her, we are reminded as to why He Xiaoyan opened a school to treat autistic children in the first place:

After seeing parents with tears running down their faces and a helpless expression, I made my decision.

Photos: Chongqing Commercial Report


Shenzhen Cops Teach Children How to Use Guns

Posted: 07/17/2014 9:00 am

shenzhen police kids with gunsChildren, if you’re finding this summer vacation to be really boring, the Shenzhen police have a suggestion for you: learn how to shoot a gun.

The Shenzhen Public Security Bureau recently wrote a post on its official Weibo account that told everyone about an event they were holding. Along with demonstrations of rappelling down the sides of buildings and showing off their robots, the Shenzhen police gave a hands-on demonstration for local children in how to wield firearms.

These guns may not have been loaded with ammunition or have been functional weapons, but they certainly look real enough that a Shenzhen child will never be able to touch a gun like it ever again under China’s gun ban.

shenzhen police kids with guns

That is, unless they become a police officer or soldier. Or a criminal.

Comments left on the Shenzhen PSB’s Weibo post include:

I don’t know if teaching children to use guns is a good thing. It’s hard to say.

Excuse me, but does your activity run for a couple of days? I want to bring my child down to have a look!

Kids, uncle (police officer) can’t use them; can you use them?

What kind of an activity is this?

Kid, stop with that sniping, that’s me! [goingwild.emo]

Here are more pictures of Shenzhen children, packing heat:

shenzhen police kids with gunsshenzhen police kids with gunsshenzhen police kids with guns


Photos: Shenzhen PSB

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