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Watch: No toilet, no problem: Lady poops in Shenzhen metro lift, man keeps a look-out

Posted: 04/24/2013 3:51 pm

A leaked video has found its way online after a lady in Shenzhen is caught on camera for pooping in a lift on the Shenzhen metro in a very unladylike manner.

The incident took place on April 22 in the middle of the afternoon, on a typical day, with travelers walking by in the background.

The man and woman duo work seamlessly as a team, as he keeps a lookout for any unsuspecting people who stumble across their act to ward off any embarrassment.

The woman makes a mess inside the lift, leaving it for a cleaner to deal with.

Some eagle-eyed netizens have taken to Weibo in the past to publicly name and shame those who have no regard for themselves or others around them.

A similar incident happened around two months ago on the Guangzhou metro when a high-school teen was happily using a trash can to empty his bowels without objection by the staff in the station.

Last November a boy was caught short on the train, and crouched down beside the door to relieve his bowel while his dad stood by.

However, in more recent times, we’ve had a mother letting her son poo in the middle of the airport terminal in Taiwan, and in February, a child was having a poo in the middle of an airplane aisle mid-air.

What do all of these incidents have in common? They are all related to transit. Perhaps this is symbolic of what China thinks of its subway, rail, and airplane services.

(h/t Shanghaiist)

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