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Shenzhen bar throws 9/11 party with terrorists shooting Americans

Posted: 09/12/2013 9:44 am

There’s theoretically always a reason to throw a good party, but a bar in Shenzhen may have picked the wrong one.

Angel Baby, in Shenzhen’s Futian District, threw a “party” last night to mark the 12th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States.  The party featured people dressing up as Muslim terrorists shooting other bar-goers dressed up as US marines.

We’ve posted a selection of the images below.  Bad taste, or all in good fun?


  • Amanda R.

    Very, very bad taste. I will never patron this bar.

  • beyondchinatown

    Wow, here in the States, we got mad when a mobile phone company tweeted an image of the memorial lights as seen through a camera phone screen. The image wasn’t even an ad nor did the phone show any branding.

  • Molly H.

    If this is all just in “good fun” then I’m looking forward to their Nanjing party where people can dress as Japanese soldiers shooting, stabbing and raping people dressed as Chinese civilians. There’s dark comedy and things that push boundries, and there’s a total lack of sensitivity and poor taste. Considering that not all the people killed on 9/11 were Americans, which made it an attack against all the people of the world, not just the USA, this is really just stupid.

  • terroir

    To everyone that’s upset with story: I’d be more upset with this reporting.

    This isn’t an expose or some clandestine sting to ferret out subterranean douchebagging – this is a direct and concerted effort to promote this club. Most of the outrage will come from overseas, but this will translate into hype for the locals that will frequent this place.

    The club’s name is burned into every picture – watermark, the sign, even a handy code for your camera phone. With the publishing of this story, the immoral club promoters are rubbing their hands with glee. Same with the hits this story will generate here.

    • Cam MacMurchy

      We note your point. But I think if we avoided identifying the bar, we’d be criticized for that (or had conspiracy theorists wonder if we made it up). The bar had no problem hosting the party and sharing photos of it, so we had no problem identifying it. When in doubt, transparency usually wins.

    • Amanda R.

      I hear you. I am in agreement that, usually, there is no such thing as bad publicity (Miley Cyrus is a good recent example of someone greatly benefiting from “bad” publicity), but I don’t think the same will ring true here. Yes, it will get the name of the bar out there, but do you think it will generate *more* business? I don’t think so. I am moving to SZ next month and I can tell you that I will never patron this bar. Hopefully other people will follow suit.

    • Anomonous

      And also the hits and controversy on this site that they love to stir things up on.

  • Tait

    A lot of Americans will hate this. I’d think terrorists would hate it even more – if Americans in bars can joke around like this, the terror has worn off on them.

    For marketing purposes… well, let’s see how many comments it generates. :) The bar isn’t a big brand. They can risk negative media to promote their edgy image. As long as it’s not sensitive enough to majorly piss off Chinese people that is. So I’ll say they’ll profit from this publicity effort.

    • Amanda R.

      “if Americans in bars can joke around like this”
      Do you really think any of the foreigners in those pics are Americans?

      • Andao

        There are some pretty dumb Americans out there. I wouldn’t rule it out

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  • Ben

    Is there even a need to ask if this bad taste or “all in good fun”??????? I know you’re trying to be an objective blogger, but really man? No shit this is in bad taste and you know it.

  • Jones

    The overall idea is terrible and obviously in poor taste, but what’s mostly wrong and even more inaccurate with this event, is that for the simple fact that “Muslim Terrorists” don’t attend parties!!! And if they do; girls and booze are not in the house! Only a bunch of knobs and wankers.

  • Shenzhensooner

    Wow, I’m not even one to really get offended, but this is FUBAR. I will direct as many people as I can away from this establishment. Poor poor taste

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  • Ray

    Wow, I’m going to say that leans towards the bad taste side. There is a right way to satirically joke about 9/11 (maybe the Onion has done it a few times) but this is just being offensive for the sake of offensive. Welcome to the Chinese club scene.

    Good publicity or not, I appreciate the Nanfang sharing this and they have to identify the bar.

    And who were those asshole foreigner models playing along?

  • Mohammad

    It’s really stupid idea and bad taste of party , I’m wondering who is the stupid organizer of this terrible shit

  • ogami_ito

    You know… I’m down with this. I think it could be fun.
    I would invite a bunch of hot girls… or maybe a bunch of working girls… and have them wear burkhas and nothing else. Get a game of “find the suicide bomber” where we have to figure out which girl has the bomb… if guess correctly guy has to go inside the burkha to diffuse.
    OK. Imagination is getting carried away.
    On a more serious note… I really am OK with this. After all, the memory of 9/11 is already exploited for all sorts of stupid purposes, including:
    -selling SWAT equipment to rural towns
    -spying on US citizens
    -creating wars all over the world
    -fear-mongering to fund a military budget significantly larger than what was spent to face off against the Soviet Union.
    In light of this, 9/11 does not have any “sanctity” left. It was an event created to use fear to manipulate people , and it continues to manipulate people at using fear. So why not use the event to promote drinking and raunchy sex with women wearing burkhas?

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  • billy

    who cares

  • Michael de Waal-Montgomery

    My, my… this post has generated quite some debate!

    • Michael de Waal-Montgomery

      Also, I think another website linking to this article suggested it was Counter-Strike (video game) costumes…

      • Amanda R.

        I think the big 9/11 sign in the last picture defeats that argument.

  • Mark

    And celebrating Thanksgiving is perfectly fine. #murica

  • Merica Johnson

    Lol funny seeing all the people with panties in a bundle over this. You people ever hear of satire or Halloween? Thank god you won’t ‘patron’ this bar – you’d be about as fun as a wet blanket to party with.

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  • Bending the truth

    Dont bending the truth
    look at the last photo
    the billboard says”911 Wednesday ……to fight against Terrorism”

  • USexpat

    That’s china for ya….bad taste for sure.

  • Chris

    Don’t see the problem here. I was in Chicago, most bars sold a shot/cocktail called an Irish car bomb. They thought it was hilarious.

  • Izi Ningishzidda

    People do this every year to Native Americans, it’s called Thanksgiving

  • Biffski

    How about some Abu Syyaf (ASG) militants from Jolo and the Sulu Archipelago of the Philippines stop by this bar and provoke some real terrorism? Or how about some pissed off Japanese who are annoyed at the Chinese for the recent island disputes and may do some Nanking reenactments? Do close for comfort? It has taken well over one hundred years for people to think Pirates of the Caribbean (not Somalia) are fun to be around at a party. It will take well over that to think the Taliban are a fun crowd as well.

  • emmy

    Extremely bad taste!! The westerners that are in the pictures are an example of the trash that is commonly recruited from the west to work in the Asian EFL industry. In regards to that I would like to quote a comment of a friend of mine that has been a Foreigner English teacher in China for a while:

    “All of us who work in the EFL industry and take our jobs seriously should be concerned about this behaviour because it reflects negatively on us. Ordinary Chinese people returning home from work who see a drunken foreigner smashing empty bottles on the street, as I have heard foreigners in China brag about doing, tend to generalize and believe that ALL foreign teachers are little more than drunken clowns.”

    As an American teaching in China shames me the poor and trashy behaviour of most young westerners that come to China not to teach but just to get drunk, date Chinese girls and have fun in general. Where are the ethics of our good western civilization that we like to brag so much? How can we call ourselves “civilized” when our behaviour in countries like China is so beastly? This “party” was not fun! It was un-moral and disrespectfully.

    As for the Chinese participating in this disgraceful party perhaps a lesson in empathy is needed, how would you feel if someone in America held a “Rape of Nanjing party” which featured party goers dressed in Japanese Uniforms shooting others dressed as Chinese civilians.

  • Ricky

    I think the next party should be an Sichuan “earthquake” party….or maybe go for nostalgia and have a late 30′s “Nanjing” bash……or maybe make it a “road trip” and call it the “Thrilla in Manila”…chinese tourist style…….all good party ideas

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