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Chinese Police Post Extraordinary List on How Not to Get Raped

Posted: 09/5/2014 9:18 am

wuhan iniversity policeAn increasing number of rapes, murders, and disappearances of female university students have been making headlines recently in China, stoking fears among students nationwide. Many people have asked how they can ensure their safety, so the Wuhan police have come up with a handy list.

The local Public Security Bureau for Wuhan University posted an extraordinary list of ways to avoid getting raped, which was then republished by Sina Guangdong. So, want to avoid having your dignity taken away? Here are nine suggestions from a Chinese police authority:

anti rape tips wuhan university policeDon’t take illegal cabs. (If you do,) get into the habit of memorizing the license plate. Sit in the back seat, and pretend to make a call.

Woman on cellphone in the back: Husband, come out and pick me up! The license plate of the car is xxx

anti rape tips wuhan university policeCarry a small spray bottle that contains Fengyoujing (a medicated balm lotion), and spray it into the eyes of an attacker.

anti rape tips wuhan university policeThrow your wallet somewhere far away instead of passing it over to the attacker.

Person throwing: Fly away!

anti rape tips wuhan university policeIf you want to take a picture of the bad man, you can pretend to be talking on the phone and surreptitiously record him by pointing the back of the phone towards him.

Be very careful using this one! If you are discovered doing this, you will die a grisly death.

anti rape tips wuhan university policeSometimes, teeth can be more effective than your own hands

Cannibal: If you’re not careful, you’ll have eaten the attacker.

anti rape tips wuhan university policeCut your fingernails into this shape. A blunt cut is fine; don’t make them too long or else they may break unexpectedly.

anti rape tips wuhan university policeUpon being raped*, you should defecate or urinate if you can, or stick your fingers down your throat to vomit.

An ordinary person will wilt at this sight.

anti rape tips wuhan university policeCarry a pen on your person (with the exception of a lead pencil). This is more convenient than a knife because you are able to pass through a security checkpoint.

anti rape tips wuhan university policeBe ugly; this is the safest way of all!


As it were, comments to this post have been rather uniform:

[laughing.emo] No. 9 is the truth.

The most harmonious one is the last one…

So violent and bloody! Seeing that pen stab into the brain, it looks so painful! [illness.emo]

The last one is the most practical!

* The word “rape” is censored in Chinese


Photos: Sina Guangdong, Wuhan University PSB home page

  • Toothless

    Awesome advice.
    Very truthful.


    hairy leg pantyhose work also

  • Charlie

    “Be ugly” isn’t valuable advice as rape isn’t about attraction as much as it’s about power.

    • Toothless

      Easy option for a western girls but really difficult for Chinese chicks, right?

      • Satchan

        Do you mean the “be ugly” part or the “power” part?

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  • Erin Hale

    Most people are sexually assaulted by someone they know, not a random person lurking in the street.

    • Toothless

      Yes my Chinese girlfriend is a repeat offender.
      No advice i see on how to fight Chinese girl off.
      Throw her phone out the window maybe?

      • Truthful

        Stop pretending you have a girlfriend. You were the one in the other thread about African immigrants complaining about how you were cuckolded back home by “them”… Now, you are a fat loser troll in China teaching English. Even the fugly ChinEasy girls don’t want you.

        Go peddle your BS elsewhere, little boi.

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  • Kevin McGeary

    The seminal book on the subject is “Against Our Will” by Susan Brownmiller. It’s amazing how common it was for most of human history. Even a large number of U.S. soldiers in Vietnam were guilty of it.

  • Kevin McGeary

    I think the best way of avoiding having perverts shout “Get your tits out” every time you pass a building site is to have them out on display at all times.

  • Charles Laughlin

    Wuhan again! This is outrageous on a number of levels, most of which have been mentioned. But why does the woman always appear to be naked (except when “ugly”?).

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