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Chinese Police Post Extraordinary List on How Not to Get Raped

Posted: 09/5/2014 9:18 am

wuhan iniversity policeAn increasing number of rapes, murders, and disappearances of female university students have been making headlines recently in China, stoking fears among students nationwide. Many people have asked how they can ensure their safety, so the Wuhan police have come up with a handy list.

The local Public Security Bureau for Wuhan University posted an extraordinary list of ways to avoid getting raped, which was then republished by Sina Guangdong. So, want to avoid having your dignity taken away? Here are nine suggestions from a Chinese police authority:

anti rape tips wuhan university policeDon’t take illegal cabs. (If you do,) get into the habit of memorizing the license plate. Sit in the back seat, and pretend to make a call.

Woman on cellphone in the back: Husband, come out and pick me up! The license plate of the car is xxx

anti rape tips wuhan university policeCarry a small spray bottle that contains Fengyoujing (a medicated balm lotion), and spray it into the eyes of an attacker.

anti rape tips wuhan university policeThrow your wallet somewhere far away instead of passing it over to the attacker.

Person throwing: Fly away!

anti rape tips wuhan university policeIf you want to take a picture of the bad man, you can pretend to be talking on the phone and surreptitiously record him by pointing the back of the phone towards him.

Be very careful using this one! If you are discovered doing this, you will die a grisly death.

anti rape tips wuhan university policeSometimes, teeth can be more effective than your own hands

Cannibal: If you’re not careful, you’ll have eaten the attacker.

anti rape tips wuhan university policeCut your fingernails into this shape. A blunt cut is fine; don’t make them too long or else they may break unexpectedly.

anti rape tips wuhan university policeUpon being raped*, you should defecate or urinate if you can, or stick your fingers down your throat to vomit.

An ordinary person will wilt at this sight.

anti rape tips wuhan university policeCarry a pen on your person (with the exception of a lead pencil). This is more convenient than a knife because you are able to pass through a security checkpoint.

anti rape tips wuhan university policeBe ugly; this is the safest way of all!


As it were, comments to this post have been rather uniform:

[laughing.emo] No. 9 is the truth.

The most harmonious one is the last one…

So violent and bloody! Seeing that pen stab into the brain, it looks so painful! [illness.emo]

The last one is the most practical!

* The word “rape” is censored in Chinese


Photos: Sina Guangdong, Wuhan University PSB home page


Breaking: Wuhan Inter-City Bus Hijacked by Attacker With A Knife [UPDATED]

Posted: 08/8/2014 5:40 pm

wuhan bus hijack A passenger coach bus was hijacked by a knife-wielding attacker this afternoon in Wuhan, according to the Chutian Capital Report, in a situation that is unfolding now. A inter-city coach was filled with passengers heading from Wuhan to Xiantao, Hubei Province when it was hijacked by the man. Eyewitnesses say the suspect held the knife to the driver’s throat, and that the driver’s entire body was covered in blood.

The bus had stopped in middle of the Baishazhou Bridge in Wuhan when police and negotiators arrived on the scene. During negotiations with police, the man was said to have suddenly released the driver and then jumped outside the protective barrier of the bridge, where he remains.

All bus passengers have since been evacuated. There is no word on casualties. The attacker is described as a man in 30s with a flat-top haircut. Stay tuned to The Nanfang for updates.

wuhan bus hijack

UPDATE 9:34pm August 8: The suspect who hijacked a long distance passenger coach is seen clinging to the outside of a guardrail of the Baishazhou Bridge in Wuhan and demanding to see his ex-wife, reports CCTV News.

Police describe the man as agitated, and wanting to jump off the bridge. Three police negotiators have been dispatched to talk to the man.

The Wuhan Emergency Office said the driver of the bus only suffered light injuries in the incident. It also confirms all other passengers are without injury and have been evacuated from the bus.

The suspect is 43 years-old, divorced, and wants to see his ex-wife as part of his demands.

wuhan bus hijackwuhan bus hijackPhotos: Global Times, CCTV News


Wuhan Lovers’ Excited First Kiss Turns Into Hospital Visit

Posted: 08/7/2014 10:25 am

first kiss

What was supposed to be a romantic, memorable experience for a young couple in Wuhan turned into an embarrassing (and painful) hospital visit. As reported by Caijing, a first kiss turned into a nightmare.

An 18 year-old university student named Zhang was out celebrating with his girlfriend Xiao Wen on their first Qixi Festival together last Saturday. They did the usual lovebird-type things: Zhang gave her candy and took her out to dinner. Then they headed out into a secluded wooded area on campus where everything appeared right for that special moment.

Zhang, though, was a bit too excited. As he leaned in to kiss Xiao Wen, he collided with her using excessive force, causing her jaw to dislocate.  At around 9pm, red with embarrassment, Zhang took Xiao Wen to a hospital off campus to avoid running into anybody he knew.

The Deputy Director of the Oral Cavity Department Dr Zhang Fulan treated Xiao and properly reattached her jaw, allowing her to open and close it as well as being able to kiss, should she ever recover from her newest phobia.

Despite the sensational circumstances of this story, Dr Zhang said these types of injuries are quite common. He said jaw dislocations commonly occur from kissing, laughing, yawning, or eating an apple. He explained that because the jaw is relaxed, injuries resulting from force can happen.

To prevent such injuries, Dr Zhang recommends not opening your mouth too wide, laughing too loudly, biting into things that are too hard, and to exercise your chewing muscles.

As for kissing, Dr Zhang suggests not to “overdo it”.

Photo: Youtube


Pair Wiped Mold Off Used Chopsticks, Re-Sold Them to Restaurants

Posted: 07/29/2014 2:28 pm

wuhan used chopsticksAs first reported by Chutian Capital Report on July 27, a black market operation has been discovered in Wuhan that re-purposed previously used disposable chopsticks and sold them to local restaurants to be used again.

A husband and wife pair named Wang and Cui are said to have amassed 540,000 pairs of used disposable chopsticks and could be seen sorting them during the day by the side of the road near their home.

wuhan used chopsticks

A reporter confirmed a citizen’s allegation that the pair were engaging in illegal practices. The reporter purchased bags of re-purposed disposable chopsticks at 1 yuan each, a price that undercuts the normal price of disposable chopsticks at 2 yuan each.

Each bag was labelled “Environmentally-Friendly Bamboo Chopsticks”.

When authorities inspected Wang and Cui’s operation, they found the couple had no operating license, no health certificate, and were not in compliance with local regulations.

wuhan used chopsticks

At the time of inspection, officials found the couple were in the process of cleaning chopsticks. In the bathroom, a basin was full of chopsticks that had grown dark with mold. Wang admitted that once the chopsticks were clean of the mold, they would be sold to local restaurants.

However, the list of restaurants that purchased the reused chopsticks has not be revealed. wuhan used chopsticks

Photos: ctdsb


Girl in Shenzhen “hires” BF for CNY, they end up actually liking each other

Posted: 02/25/2013 8:00 am

Chinese New Year is a very stressful time for many, especially young people who are reluctantly put through matchmaking activities by parents who fear that their children will be left on the shelf.

Many young people get round this by paying other single people to act as their boyfriend or girlfriend for the duration of the holiday. One 27 year-old woman in Shenzhen who tried to do this had a happier ending than anybody had even hoped for.

Miss Yuan, who lives in Huanggang Subdistrict in Longgang District, is now preparing to return to her native Hubei with her “boyfriend for hire” to buy a house together, Chutian Metropolis reported yesterday.

In early February Mr. Zhou, 32, received a message in one of his QQ groups that a man was offering to act as a boyfriend for hire for just 38 yuan on Chinese New Year. A bachelor, Zhou jokingly forwarded this to all of his contacts and all of his groups, pretending to offer his own services.

Yuan did not see Zhou’s proposition as a joke and was in fact so keen that she offered to add an extra ’0′ to the end of the asking price.

Although not convinced that she was being serious, Zhou started to chat with Yuan on QQ and they had something of a meeting of the minds which led to the exchange of phone numbers.

On the evening of February 7, Zhou had to face his parents in Huanggang and explain that he still didn’t have a girlfriend. His father’s scolding led him to promise that he would bring a girl home the following day.

The following afternoon, Zhou, a white collar worker who is based in Wuhan but whose parents live in Huanggang, called Yuan and invited her to his home. It turned out they lived less than an hour apart. On February 9, they met and immediately liked each other. Zhou’s parents were delighted to welcome a girl to their home and his mother pulled out all of the stops to make sure Yuan enjoyed the meal of her life.

That day, Yuan, who works as a tutor, had lied to her parents and told them she was just going to town to do some shopping. But upon returning home, she told her parents everything that had happened.

She told her parents that she wanted to be with Zhou and they respect her decision, Yuan told the paper. Now she is set to move to Hubei where they intend to buy a house together.

I suppose at their respective ages they can’t afford the luxury of taking it slowly.


Shenzhen Airlines flight makes emergency landing after burning smell in cockpit

Posted: 01/24/2013 2:23 pm

Vehicles at the airport respond to the emergency

Better safe than sorry.

A Boeing 737-800 flight from Shenzhen to Beijing made an emergency landing at Wuhan Tianhe Airport yesterday after a “burning smell” was detected in the cockpit, CRI English reports.

The airport said on its microblog that there were no injuries. According to the airport, the flight was expected to arrive in Beijing at 7:41 p.m. but landed in Wuhan at 6:36 p.m.

All luggage was reportedly checked again, and arrangements were made for 150 stranded passengers to transfer to other flights to Beijing.

An initial investigation by aviation authorities indicated that there had been no mechanical failure. A follow-up inspection is underway.

Although this is about the worst time of year to be inconvenienced at an airport, it is a reminder that the aspect of air travel that really matters is safety.


Tests have begun on Shenzhen-Beijing high-speed rail, will cut travel time to 9 hours

Posted: 11/21/2012 9:14 am

The South China Morning Post reports this morning (behind a paywall) that trains are being tested on the final section of the Shenzhen-Beijing high-speed rail route, which could signal the route will open in the coming weeks.  It’s expected a test of the entire line will begin on December 20.

Passengers are currently able to travel from Shenzhen to Guangzhou, and on to Wuhan on high-speed rail.  The sections that still need to be completed are Wuhan to Shijiazhuang (part of this route, from Wuhan to Zhengzhou, is already complete), and Shijiazhuang to Beijing.

Planning experts said the new railway would boost economic development by linking the Bohai Rim economic development area in the northeast, the central plains’ economic zones, the Wuhan metropolis cluster and the Pearl River Delta, the 21st Century Business Herald said.

It would also integrate manpower, capital flow and logistics over a much wider area.

The ticket price from Guangzhou to Beijing is expected to be about RMB1,000, which is much cheaper than a comparable air ticket.  The story notes airlines have already begun to fret, as despite longer travel times, trains offer much more flexibility (dining cars, on board 3G) and are generally seen to be more comfortable.

The new high-speed rail will cut train travel times from Shenzhen to Beijing from 24 hours to only 9 hours.  While this is excellent news, the PRD might soon become inundated with northerners looking for some of our sunshine.




Shenzhen – Xi’an high speed rail to open Sept 28, cut travel time to 9 hours

Posted: 09/24/2012 7:00 am

A new section of railway that will eventually become part of the Shenzhen to Beijing high speed rail route will open on September 28, according to Shenzhen Evening News.

The section will connect Shenzhen and Xi’an, via Guangzhou and Zhengzhou. It iwll now take just 7 hours to go from Shenzhen North Station to Zhengzhou East, and just 9 hours from here to Xi’an, the historic capital of Shaanxi Province and home of the Terra-Cotta Warriors.

The journey also takes in Guangzhou South Railway Station, Changsha South Railway Station, and Wuhan.  The Nanfang reviewed the Guangzhou – Wuhan section last year.

Tickets for the new journey went on sale on September 22 at 10 p.m. Tickets from Shenzhen to Xi’an cost 891 yuan for a regular ticket and 1404 yuan for a first-class ticket. Tickets from Shenzhen to Zhengzhou cost 730 yuan for a regular and for 1148 yuan for a first class.

Tickets from Guangzhou to Xi’an cost 818 yuan for a regular and 1308 yuan for a first class. Tickets from Guangzhou to Zhengzhou cost 655 yuan for a regular and 1048 yuan for a first class, according to Guangzhou Daily.

The complete railway all the way to Beijing is expected to be completed at the end of the year. The high-speed rail will reduce the 2,372-kilometer journey from Shenzhen to Beijing to 8 hours from the current 24 hours, as we told you before.


From Shenzhen to Beijing in 8 hours? New rail line to open soon, but tickets pricey

Posted: 08/8/2012 7:00 am

Today, it takes 24 to 26 hours to get from Shenzhen to Beijing by rail. But as of the end of this year, that may be a thing of the past — at least for those who can afford it.

The Wuhan-Beijing section of China’s high-speed railway network is expected to open before the end of 2012, linking up with the Wuhan-Guangzhou and Guangzhou-Shenzhen sections.  When the full line goes into operation, the 2,372-kilometer journey will involve stops at Guangzhou, Changsha, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and Shijiazhuang and take only 8 hours, according to China Daily.

The high-speed rail is expected to be a threat to airlines, as an economy-class ticket between Beijing and Shenzhen can cost RMB1,750 according to the Shenzhen Daily. But questions have been raised as to whether the high-speed rail will be able to offer significantly lower prices.

The current price for high-speed railway tickets from Shenzhen to Wuhan is RMB840 for a first-class ticket and RMB540 for second class, according to China Daily, and the distance between Beijing and Shenzhen is double the distance between Wuhan and Shenzhen.

A journey on the slow-as-molasses-train currently costs between RMB257 and RMB720, so maybe the longer journey is more than an acceptable concession for a cheaper fare.

Meanwhile, the safety of the high-speed rail is an even more controversial than the price. There was much public anger last year after a botched government response to the Wenzhou high-speed rail disaster which claimed 39 lives, leading to accusations of cover-ups.

The aftermath of the Wenzhou Rail Disaster


High-speed train allows dinner in Shenzhen, drinks in Guangzhou

Posted: 03/30/2011 9:21 am

For many years, China has been building the world’s fastest and most expansive high-speed railway network. The maiden run linked Beijing with Tianjin, cities that are 147 kilometres apart, in only 29 minutes. (And yes, it’s so smooth there is barely a ripple in your tea as you fly along at 350 kilometres per hour.)

Guangzhou has already been linked with Wuhan under this new high-speed system, and soon Guangzhou and Shenzhen will be connected, cutting travel time from an hour down to only 30 minutes. That’s faster that most people’s commute home after work. And it’s only part of the vast transport network planned for this area, reports the Shenzhen Standard:

The high speed rail that links the Shenzhen Guangzhou and Wuhan and Hong Kong sections will be open on the eve of the Universiade games in August. The section was originally scheduled to open by the end of 2010 when the Shenzhen North Railway Section is completed.

But work on the Shiziyang tunnel was delayed, and was just completed two weeks ago. The tunnel that passes under the Pearl River was about 11 kilometers and is said to be the longest underwater railway tunnel in China. The tunnel is part of the 140 kilometer railway system that links Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The rail lines will be open in sections from now till 2016.

Hong Kong, the southern terminus of the national network, will be connected in 2015, allowing travel from the shores of Kowloon to Beijing in only 8 hours.

The national plan is to be able to travel between any two PRD cities within only one hour. This new railway line goes a long way to accomplishing that, allowing people to have dinner in Shenzhen and drinks later in Guangzhou.

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