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Save The Girlfriend or the Ex? Age Old Question is Real Life Tragedy in Chongqing

Posted: 10/31/2014 5:12 pm

jumping into riverA Chongqing man was forced to make a decision nobody wants to make when two of his girlfriends ended up throwing themselves into the Yangtse River after a dispute.

As Guangzhou Daily reports, a man and two women arrived at an unused spot next to the river near a launching area for pontoon boats yesterday afternoon. One of the women was his current girlfriend, while the other was his ex. All three worked in the financial sector in the city.

It’s believed the three were involved in a messy love triangle, and had arrived at the spot to sort it out. The ex-girlfriend apparently wanted the current girlfriend to leave so that she could continue her relationship with the man.

Around 4pm and still not having reached a consensus, the ex-girlfriend decided to throw herself into the river. The man, clearly concerned about his ex, jumped in after her. This demonstration of care clearly angered his current girlfriend, who then threw herself into the water too.

Eyewitnesses say they the man and his ex made it back to shore a few minutes later, but his current girlfriend wasn’t as lucky. A fishing boat found her body several minutes later.

Miss Tian, a service worker on the pontoon, witnessed the incident. When she approached the shivering man and his ex, Tian apparently heard the man say:

This is all because of you, all because of you…

Police have not released the names of the three people and are conducting an investigation.

Photo: Guangzhou Daily


Foreign Tourist Dives Into Nanjing Lake to Save Suicidal Woman [UPDATED]

Posted: 08/18/2014 2:25 pm

nanjing suicide rescue lake foreignerA Nanjing woman who tried to commit suicide by jumping into a lake has been saved by a foreign tourist who happened to be passing by on a tour boat, reports The incident occurred at around 2pm on August 17 on the east side of Fuzi Temple at Pingjiang Bridge.

The woman plunged into the river just a tour boat was passing by. The foreigner, on board the boat, noticed the woman in the water and dove in to save her. The woman’s boyfriend was also on scene and helped in the rescue effort.

Fortunately the woman appears to be okay.nanjing suicide rescue lake foreignernanjing suicide rescue lake foreigner

UPDATED 11:40am August 19: Here’s a video taken at the scene:


Photos: DQ Daily


Wuhan Lovers’ Excited First Kiss Turns Into Hospital Visit

Posted: 08/7/2014 10:25 am

first kiss

What was supposed to be a romantic, memorable experience for a young couple in Wuhan turned into an embarrassing (and painful) hospital visit. As reported by Caijing, a first kiss turned into a nightmare.

An 18 year-old university student named Zhang was out celebrating with his girlfriend Xiao Wen on their first Qixi Festival together last Saturday. They did the usual lovebird-type things: Zhang gave her candy and took her out to dinner. Then they headed out into a secluded wooded area on campus where everything appeared right for that special moment.

Zhang, though, was a bit too excited. As he leaned in to kiss Xiao Wen, he collided with her using excessive force, causing her jaw to dislocate.  At around 9pm, red with embarrassment, Zhang took Xiao Wen to a hospital off campus to avoid running into anybody he knew.

The Deputy Director of the Oral Cavity Department Dr Zhang Fulan treated Xiao and properly reattached her jaw, allowing her to open and close it as well as being able to kiss, should she ever recover from her newest phobia.

Despite the sensational circumstances of this story, Dr Zhang said these types of injuries are quite common. He said jaw dislocations commonly occur from kissing, laughing, yawning, or eating an apple. He explained that because the jaw is relaxed, injuries resulting from force can happen.

To prevent such injuries, Dr Zhang recommends not opening your mouth too wide, laughing too loudly, biting into things that are too hard, and to exercise your chewing muscles.

As for kissing, Dr Zhang suggests not to “overdo it”.

Photo: Youtube


“Are Chinese Men Suitable For Chinese Women?”

Posted: 07/28/2014 5:37 pm

chinese couples match men women fashion hygieneAs appealing as the darkest corners of the internet may be to netizens, news media have always remained above the lurid and sensational by remaining impartial and loyal to the truth. But when a topic online gets enough attention, news media are forced to look at the question more seriously.

Back on June 9, user “I am a Senior Snack Food” made a post on the Tianya forums titled: “Right now on the streets of Shanghai, it is very clear that the women are one class higher than the men.” He published the pictures seen here, and asserted that:

Women are more beautiful, while you can tell the men are losers at one glance.


The men are all dogs that are either unattractive mongrels or whipped puppies with their tails between their legs: there isn’t one among them that gives you any confidence. On the other hand, women have bettered themselves over and over.

chinese couples match men women fashion hygieneOver 800,000 hits later, this topic of conversation has crossed over to Weibo. Chinese netizens continue to debate the very important question of our time: “Are Chinese men suitable for Chinese women?”

Passionate discourse about this leading social issue includes sentiments like these (from the original post):

The reason is clear: some women are carrying brand name handbags, while some men are helping (them) carry clothes and purses.

The woman is so beautiful, but the man is clearly a loser.

How are you aware of these men’s hidden talents and capabilities?

I’ve long since discovered this to be true. It’s the same in Wuxi as well.

chinese couples match men women fashion hygiene

Yimobaby: (referring to the above image)
Shanghai girls have always been pretty.

lebao2030: (responding to above)
People, this is called “make-up”! This isn’t natural beauty; if you don’t believe me, ask them to try going without wearing make-up! Shanghai women need to put on make-up before going outside! I’ve lived in Shanghai for five years during which I’ve had Shanghainese friends.

chinese couples match men women fashion hygiene辣妹子啦啦啦:
This is pretty much true. I had previously gone to South Korea and had posted pictures of Korean pedestrians. Everyone theorized that they are all made-up. Women of Chinese first and second-tiered major cities have already attained the same level of fashion as that of Seoul, however, there is a huge, significant difference with the men. If Chinese men won’t pay any attention to improving their looks, then forget it; many of them aren’t even capable of maintain basic hygiene.

survey Chinese men match women

But while netizens argue, the Guangzhou Daily has tackled the question by conducting a survey. The paper asked 1,259 people (487 men and 772 women) this question: do you agree or disagree with the statement “Chinese men don’t look as good as Chinese women”? It turns out 56% of women agree while 68% of men disagree.

survey Chinese men match women

The survey also asked how much a man should spend on making himself “look better”. Again, the difference between the sexes is stark. Almost 87% of male respondents said zero to 20% of their income should be allocated to looking better, while only 43% of women suggested such a small amount should be spent. Thirty-seven percent of women said men should be spending 20 to 40% of their entire income on looking better.

With such a vast difference of opinion between Chinese men and women, we’re not sure how the two sexes can reach a consensus and get married.

Here’s some more pictures of couples below. What do you think?

chinese couples match men women fashion hygienechinese couples match men women fashion hygienechinese couples match men women fashion hygienechinese couples match men women fashion hygienechinese couples match men women fashion hygienePhotos: Tianya, Guangzhou Daily


Top 10 Complaints Chinese Women Have About Their Foreign Boyfriends

Posted: 07/21/2014 5:20 pm
mixed race couple

File photo from 2002.

For some foreigners, seeking opportunity in China is tied to finding love. For these Chinese ladies, being in a cross-cultural relationships means they must show their love in a specific way: by complaining.

China Daily has compiled this list of the top complaints Chinese women have about their foreign boyfriends. Reportedly provided by an unidentified Pakistani national, the list does a good job of simplifying the cultural differences between China and the rest of the world into two distinct homogeneous globs so that we can better understand them both.

This list was originally published in Chinese, but with the term “you” used so often to denote the Western boyfriend, we thought it was necessary to bring it to a Western audience.

Here then are the top ten complaints a Chinese woman has about her foreign boyfriend:

1. You Don’t Help Me Carry My Bag!

The majority of foreign boyfriends fundamentally think that carrying their girlfriend’s handbag is not masculine at all. However, this is the most common request of a Chinese girlfriend. Chinese girlfriends often put unnecessary things that are of no use into their handbags just so their boyfriends can help them carry it. And, foreign boyfriends don’t tend to carry bags (of their own) when they go out.

2. You Don’t Talk to Me Often Enough!

Chinese girlfriends often require you to communicate with them everyday: to call or text them them two to three times a day in order to show them you care. This is something that won’t change. Therefore, if you want to date them for a while, you must adapt to this.

3. You Don’t See Me Often Enough!

If you don’t see your girlfriend often enough, she will think that you are selfish. If you haven’t done what a Chinese girl wants you to do, she will think you are selfish. They will not miss any opportunity to criticize you for being selfish. However, the term “selfish” is not as serious of a complaint to foreigners. They (in all of their hundreds of cultures) think that being called “selfish” is very normal. This is not the case at all for Chinese people.

4. Stop Spending So Much Time With Your Friends!

Sometimes, Chinese girlfriends will complain that they don’t like your friends. However, that’s not the whole story: all they want is for you to spend less time with your friends so that you can spend more time with your girlfriend. They want a to live in a world with just the two of you, and not go out and see friends.

5. Why Don’t You Take Me Out With You to the Bars?

Whenever you go out to the bar, she’ll often complain that you don’t take her out with you. She will use every reason to criticize you for not taking her with you. She’ll say that you don’t like her being in a bar because she wants you to always remain by her side.

6. No Sense of Fashion

She wants you to dress according to what she thinks. Fashion styles in China are completely different from those of other countries and with which is difficult to comply, so ready yourself to confront this type of complaint day and night.

7. You Don’t Understand Chinese Culture!

Your Chinese girlfriend will often say that you need to learn Chinese culture better. 

8. Eat More!

It sounds very strange to hear, but is a fact: Chinese girlfriends will recommend you to “eat more healthily”. A Chinese proverb is “eating more is eating healthy”. They are following this rule to the letter, and take along their boyfriends for the ride.

9. Don’t Eat So Much!

Sooner or later you’ll start to eat more, but then you’ll begin to hear another complaint: you’re eating too much. Your Chinese girlfriend will tell you that you should start to eat less because it’s better for your health. All of a sudden, the aforementioned Chinese proverb and perspective will change.

10. Shopping

Finally, Chinese girlfriends will complain that you don’t take them out to go shopping. It’s true! They’re correct. Remember to take her shopping, but only go window shopping. She wants to go strolling with you. Sometimes, she’ll want you to spend a little money. Not long after spending it, she will say, “I had previously thought you to be selfish, but now you’ve shown me you aren’t.”

Photo: China Daily


Rejected by Woman, Zhongshan Man Stabs Himself in the Woods

Posted: 04/29/2014 8:00 am

We’ve heard tragic stories of spurned men turning to violence after being rejected by the object of their affections. One recent case is a 16 year-old American girl stabbed to death after turning down an invitation to a prom date. However, one 27 year-old man from Zhongshan, Guangdong instead turned the knife on himself after being rejected.

Ah Qiang recently met a woman online 15 years his elder and soon after began his mad pursuit. After being turned down by the woman because of their age difference, Ah Qiang threatened to kill himself over the phone in a desolate part of the woods nearby Tang Gan Village in Sanxiang, where he demanded the woman meet him, Nandu reported on April 28.

Frightened by the threat, the woman called the local police. But when the police arrived at the scene, Ah Qiang refused to come out despite efforts to appease him. Shortly after, a shriek was heard as Ah Qiang had stabbed himself in the stomach with a knife by the time police rushed in.

His dreams cut short, the budding Romeo was sent to a local hospital where he’s recovering.

Who knows how else this tragedy could have turned out. Seeing as they were in the woods, Ah Qiang could have escalated this to another level. But to really know for sure, you’d have to axe him.

Home page photo: Shenzhen Media Group


Huizhou Man Kidnaps Pregnant Girlfriend, Sets her On Fire [GRAPHIC]

Posted: 04/25/2014 1:18 pm

kidnapping pregnant woman immolation fire car boyfriend girlfriend

[This story may contain content that is offensive to some readers]

A disturbing story from the city of Huizhou, Guangdong: on April 24, a man kidnapped his six month pregnant girlfriend and forced her into her car that he set aflame, causing both of them to suffer serious burn injuries, iFeng reports.

The 36 year-old man, surnamed Li and from Lufeng, came prepared when he arrived at the woman’s Henan Anxiama apartment in Huicheng District yesterday morning. Li had brought along a container of gasoline as well as several natural gas canisters.

Li dragged the woman, identified as 21 year-old Xu from Boluo County, to her vehicle, a black Hyundai sedan. Then according to eyewitness accounts and photographs, Li would set the car aflame with both Xu and himself inside it.

After police arrived to put out the fire, both victims were take to hospital for treatment.

Here are some photos from the scene:kidnapping pregnant woman immolation fire car boyfriend girlfriendkidnapping pregnant woman immolation fire car boyfriend girlfriendkidnapping pregnant woman immolation fire car boyfriend girlfriendkidnapping pregnant woman immolation fire car boyfriend girlfriendkidnapping pregnant woman immolation fire car boyfriend girlfriend

Photos: iFeng


Media Backlash Against “Flip Kiss” Meme Means More Fail to Enjoy

Posted: 04/22/2014 3:29 pm

flip kiss stir fry internet meme stunt youth When we first brought to you news of the flip kiss (back when we over-zealously called it the “kiss stir fry”), we saw this internet meme as the perfect two second GIF that can be enjoyed by Chinese and Westerners alike.

Since then, however, the flip kiss has received a media backlash for being a danger to impressionable youth. Caijing has reported that injures sustained from the flip kiss include damages to cervical vertebrae. published pictures of victims with head injuries along with warnings from police and fitness experts. Sina pleaded with the public, “Don’t put your life on the line as a way to show off your conjugal love!”

Still, that hasn’t had a deterrent upon those who want to show their love via the flip kiss. While some places are showing you step-by-step instructions on how to correctly perform it, we thought we would showcase all the instances of flip kissing gone wrong—as a way to deter impressionable young people who must copy social trends, of course.

Click here to see how the flip kiss is properly executed; otherwise, watch the gallery below consisting of people being dropped on their heads:

flip kiss stir fry internet meme stunt youthflip kiss stir fry internet meme stunt youthflip kiss stir fry internet meme stunt youthflip kiss stir fry internet meme stunt youthflip kiss stir fry internet meme stunt youthflip kiss stir fry internet meme stunt youth

[The caption in the last GIF reads, "The class monitor is coming!"]

Photos: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)


Watch This: The “Kiss Stir Fry”, Your Chinese Internet Meme of the Day

Posted: 04/18/2014 11:29 am

Finally, a Chinese internet viral trend that Westerners can enjoy! Introducing, the “kiss stir fry“. This meme is so new that it doesn’t have an actual name yet, so we’re going to call it that until planking makes a resurgence on the mainland.kiss stir fry flip kiss meme china chinese youth


It looks like a variation upon an aerial lindy hop move, or perhaps a bobby sox that has caught up to the fast times of modern Chinese society. We surmise that the kiss stir fry will be big in China for these reasons:

  1. It’s an excuse to kiss for a society that frowns upon public displays of attention
  2. Like buying a house before marriage, it’s an established fact that all physical relations must be justified beforehand with work
  3. Though there is a lot of gender inter-mixing going on, this stunt reinforces gender roles: the man is strong, and the woman has dieted
  4. Upon starting the stunt, (with your head in someone else’s crotch), you’re committed to performing a kiss and upon completion; girls will be able to retain all titles of chastity as a result


Since this is a stunt, the kiss stir fry is actually much more enjoyable when it doesn’t succeed.

kiss stir fry stunt meme china chinese youth

To try to keep down loading times on this page, here are the rest in the gallery:

Photos: Guangzhou Daily Weibo account


New Chinese dating service comes with hefty membership fee for the guys

Posted: 03/7/2014 1:38 pm

Popular matchmaking service, Meimeng, is on a nationwide search for the top 100 single women in China. Last weekend, they held a recruitment session in Shenzhen. The finalists will receive a private matchmaking session and will be invited to attend a blind date party in Sanya this June in the hopes of meeting that special someone, Shenzhen News reports.

In an interview, Meimeng CEO, Zhang Rui, explained that both men and women can join the service for free, however if the men wish to contact any of the interested women they are expected to pay a membership fee of between RMB40,000 and RMB100,000. If that wasn’t a steep enough price tag, in order to qualify, they must also possess assets in excess of RMB5 million, equal to the cost of a house. “We are a company established by married women. Helping people get married is a good deed.” she says.

Close to one hundred singles aged 24-50 attended the Shenzhen event. Speaking to the event’s success rate, Mrs Zhang explains, “if both parties like each other and decide to be boyfriend and girlfriend, it’s deemed a successful match. Our current rate of success is between 70% and 80%.”

In order to qualify, every woman is subject to three tests: a face and palmistry test, a lie detector test and an overall quality evaluation. Mrs Zhang stresses that “the lie detector test is to encourage every woman in attendance to be honest and open.” Women are also tested for health, character, unique talents, and voice. If they meet the requisite standards, they are allowed to join the club for free.

Meimeng claims its members are the best singles in the world, and their popular app is available only to pre-screened and approved members. Miss  Zhou, one of the participants, told the reporter, “I’m not sure if the process is reliable but I am hopeful. I am most concerned about men’s overall quality. Money is not critically important. The key point is that we have common interests and like each other at first sight.”

Miss Xu, also a post 80s from Sichuan, is working in finance. She likes handsome men, and is hoping to find an educated and outgoing partner. “I am looking for someone who shares the same values and interests.” Miss Long, a freelancer from Hunan agrees, “It’s important for both parties to feel right about each other.”

Good luck to all singles.

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