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New Chinese dating service comes with hefty membership fee for the guys

Posted: 03/7/2014 1:38 pm

Popular matchmaking service, Meimeng, is on a nationwide search for the top 100 single women in China. Last weekend, they held a recruitment session in Shenzhen. The finalists will receive a private matchmaking session and will be invited to attend a blind date party in Sanya this June in the hopes of meeting that special someone, Shenzhen News reports.

In an interview, Meimeng CEO, Zhang Rui, explained that both men and women can join the service for free, however if the men wish to contact any of the interested women they are expected to pay a membership fee of between RMB40,000 and RMB100,000. If that wasn’t a steep enough price tag, in order to qualify, they must also possess assets in excess of RMB5 million, equal to the cost of a house. “We are a company established by married women. Helping people get married is a good deed.” she says.

Close to one hundred singles aged 24-50 attended the Shenzhen event. Speaking to the event’s success rate, Mrs Zhang explains, “if both parties like each other and decide to be boyfriend and girlfriend, it’s deemed a successful match. Our current rate of success is between 70% and 80%.”

In order to qualify, every woman is subject to three tests: a face and palmistry test, a lie detector test and an overall quality evaluation. Mrs Zhang stresses that “the lie detector test is to encourage every woman in attendance to be honest and open.” Women are also tested for health, character, unique talents, and voice. If they meet the requisite standards, they are allowed to join the club for free.

Meimeng claims its members are the best singles in the world, and their popular app is available only to pre-screened and approved members. Miss  Zhou, one of the participants, told the reporter, “I’m not sure if the process is reliable but I am hopeful. I am most concerned about men’s overall quality. Money is not critically important. The key point is that we have common interests and like each other at first sight.”

Miss Xu, also a post 80s from Sichuan, is working in finance. She likes handsome men, and is hoping to find an educated and outgoing partner. “I am looking for someone who shares the same values and interests.” Miss Long, a freelancer from Hunan agrees, “It’s important for both parties to feel right about each other.”

Good luck to all singles.

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