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Beijing Expats Photographed Tormenting Chinese Drunk

Posted: 07/14/2014 11:07 am

beijing foreigners expat drunk manhandleA group of foreign expats in popular Beijing nightlife district Sanlitun were photographed mishandling a drunk Chinese man who had passed out by the side of the road, reports MSN People.

A Weibo post published yesterday described six foreign men coming upon an unconscious Chinese man, assumed to be drunk, at around 5:30 on Sunday morning. The post includes four photos that show the expats carrying the unconscious man around and taking pictures with him. At no time did they appear to offer any help.

An eyewitness named Xu described the situation:

First they used their feet to step on the man’s body and head. Then, they took turns to hoist the man up by their shoulders, and then put him down. They took pictures throughout.

beijing foreigners expat drunk manhandleXu said the foreign men “fiddled” with the drunk man for 20 minutes. The men also displayed poor manners by displaying their middle fingers to pedestrians and using coarse language.

A rickshaw driver present at the scene said he saw the foreigners “torment” the unconscious man. He explained why no one went to help him by saying:

The drunk person must have come here on his own; he had been lying there for a long time, and no one went to take care of him.


Because there were many (foreigners), and they were acting aggressively, nobody dared to stop them.

The report points out that unconscious man had his shirt pulled up past his waist in an “undignified” way. Sanlitun police say they were not notified when the incident occurred. As a result, finding witnesses is difficult. They said they will, however, increase police patrols in the area.

beijing foreigners expat drunk manhandleNetizen reaction towards this news includes:

Foreigners in China can not act wantonly. If the police really wanted to investigate, they could find a way. Bring them to justice!

Fuck laowai, fuck the blind adolation of foreigners. Our country is not united together.

Foreigners in China’s capital are strutting around out of control and yet unexpectedly nobody tries to stop them. What a disgrace.

When a foreigner loses a bicycle, they will be able to get it back within minutes. Whenever a foreigner harasses someone, there’s always a difficulty about it, or that they’re afraid, or don’t have any self-confidence.


The pictures are so clear, and yet [the police] can’t find them? How can we allow foreigners to humiliate the Chinese people on our very streets?!

Make our (dancing) grannies occupy their countries.

Chinese people are all like this. (Upon hearing about it), they will angrily protest and say these people must be severely punished, but when actually encountering such a situation, they will hurriedly pass by.

beijing foreigners expat drunk manhandle

Photos: MSN People

  • ppq

    The last commenter hit the nail on the head.

  • The master of none

    More likely they know the dude.
    Who aint done this to a drunk buddie.
    No ones that retarded to do that to a stranger
    Even foreign foreigners.

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  • GuGuDolly

    I highly doubt these teenagers are ‘expats’ … there are plenty of respectable foreigners in Beijing, teaching your children, improving the efficiency of companies and making other people money. These are clearly tourists on vacation before heading to university. Expats and tourists are two completely different types of foreigners. Don’t base your opinions of all foreigners on a few news stories.

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