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Police Doing Spot Drug Tests at Beijing Bars

Posted: 08/11/2014 11:21 am

dos kolegas beijing barWarranted or not, Beijing bars have a notorious reputation for heavy alcohol and drug use. Just last month, photographs were taken of several expats seen mistreating a man who had fallen unconscious, while a Sanlitun drug bust in May resulted in the arrest of 30 suspects that included 10 foreigners. But are Beijing bars really that bad?

It seems Beijing police think so, and are willing to take extraordinary steps to crackdown on illicit drug use. A tweet sent by Twitter user Stephen McDonell suggests that Beijing police are going into local bars and conducting on-the-spot drug tests on anyone in the premises, both locals and expats:

McDonell describes the urine drug test:

In another tweet, McDonell said he was at Dos Kolegas, a popular local bar known for its live music performances, located north of Chaoyang Park and east of the Sanlitun bar street.

The FDA says a urine drug of abuse home test may be able to determine the presence of any of these drugs: marijuana, cocaine, opiates, methamphetamine, amphetamines, PCP, benzodiazepine, barbiturates, methadone, tricyclic antidepressants, ecstasy, and oxycodone.

Photo: Dos Kolegas

  • The master of none

    Good stuff. Should also do random tests at English schools.

    • Commander Jameson

      Piss off mate, the world is moving towards legalisation.

      • The master of none

        Only in your smoke filled world.

        • morganr

          You enjoy seeing people persecuted for making a choice to use a harmless product that doesn’t affect you in the slightest. What are you, some kind of sociopath? I’d love to see you held accountable for your vices too. Bet there’s more than a few skeletons in your closet…

          • The master of none

            6 skeletons last count.
            So people running around methed up chopping at innocent people with a machete is harmless fun?
            Supermen on Ketamine getting in everyones face is harmless fun?
            Date rape drugs dropped in your drinks harmless fun?
            Fire your bong up knock yourself out.
            Keep ya dealers in gold teeth and necklaces dopey.

          • morganr

            I can call you names too idiot. None of those activities you mentioned would even be remotely associated with marijuana use if it weren’t for the idiots like you who think pot and crystal meth are the exact same thing. In fact, that’s part of the whole problem. If you equate harmless drugs like pot, to very addictive and harmful drugs like meth, you create a lie that can lure people in to trying heavier drugs.

            For example, you’re an young person who’s been told that pot and meth are essentially the same thing. You see all of your friends smoke a joint, and they appear to have a good time, they don’t chop anyone up, they don’t rape each other, and none of the other stupid scenarios you mentioned above occur. So, you try pot for yourself, and not only does nothing bad happen, but you actually end up enjoying it (likely because there’s no tool-bags like you around to kill the mood). Now, what are you going to think about the other drugs you’ve been warned about? They’re just like pot, why not try those too?

            That’s the kind of result you get when you treat all drugs the same. The Reagans tried it in the 80′s by telling us to “Just Say No” to everything. Well, as you can see, lying to people about drugs, has done nothing to discourage their use, in fact, it’s been bolstered by morons who think just like you. Have you ever tried pot? Because you write like somebody that is not speaking from experience, but more like someone who is ignorant and prejudiced. Another closed-minded internet troll who just says no.

          • The master of none

            wow, you brain scrambled from all the smoking.
            We gone into dopy land logic.
            Kids take this as a warning!

            btw smoke some more you need it.

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  • Guest

    Piss off mate, the world is moving towards legalising not the other way around.

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