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Jackie Chan’s Son, Jaycee, Arrested on Drug Charges in Beijing

Posted: 08/18/2014 10:28 pm

jaycee chan jackie chanJaycee Chan, son of famous Chinese action film star Jackie Chan, and Taiwanese actor Kai Ko were arrested on drug charges last week, the Beijing police have just confirmed.

The arrests were made at Chan’s Beijing residence in Dongcheng District on August 14. An amount of marijuana over 100 grams was seized from the premises, reports Foshan Daily.

Both Chan, 31, and Ko, 21, confessed to using marijuana.

Both men were taken into police custody. Chan was detained for possession of the drug while Ko was detained for using it.

This year has seen a number of famous Chinese actors and directors get arrested for drug related crimes. They include Li Daimo, Zhang Yuan, Ning Caishen, Zhang Mo, He Shengdong, and Gao Hu.

Photo: Chinese Films

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