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Jackie Chan’s Son, Jaycee, Arrested on Drug Charges in Beijing

Posted: 08/18/2014 10:28 pm

jaycee chan jackie chanJaycee Chan, son of famous Chinese action film star Jackie Chan, and Taiwanese actor Kai Ko were arrested on drug charges last week, the Beijing police have just confirmed.

The arrests were made at Chan’s Beijing residence in Dongcheng District on August 14. An amount of marijuana over 100 grams was seized from the premises, reports Foshan Daily.

Both Chan, 31, and Ko, 21, confessed to using marijuana.

Both men were taken into police custody. Chan was detained for possession of the drug while Ko was detained for using it.

This year has seen a number of famous Chinese actors and directors get arrested for drug related crimes. They include Li Daimo, Zhang Yuan, Ning Caishen, Zhang Mo, He Shengdong, and Gao Hu.

Photo: Chinese Films


Dongguan Gets Its Mojo Back as Entertainment Venues Reopen

Posted: 07/30/2014 3:01 pm

ktv party girl dongguan prostitution crackdownDongguan seems to have its mojo back.

Dongguan entertainment venues say they are ready for business following a crackdown on illegal establishments, reports Southcn. Apparently 80% of the venues are back in business as legal entities.

That said, Dongguan says it will continue to enforce the law. Managers of entertainment venues across the city were gathered yesterday and warned not to involve themselves in the prostitution trade. They all had to sign contracts promising to keep their businesses clean.

At present, there are 38 saunas, 465 KTVs, and 631 foot massage venues legally operating in Dongguan. Called the “3 entertainments” to occupy your spare time, the city of Dongguan has a total 1,134 such establishments.

Ever since a crackdown on the city’s sex trade was initiated in February after a CCTV News report exposed the extent of the problem, Dongguan authorities have cracked 281 sex trade cases, found 530 venues involved in prostitution, arrested 700 suspects, and disciplined 1,552 criminals.


Photos: SZ News


Uber Expensive F1 Race Car Simulators Launch in Guangzhou

Posted: 06/20/2014 5:14 pm

cruden simulatorThe thrill of getting to drive a Formula One race car isn’t something that many people will ever get to do. But now, the next best thing is available in Guangzhou with the launch of F1 race car simulators at the D2L Entertainment Center (Huan Teng Technology).

Made by Cruden and available in China for the first time, eight of these Hexatech simulators will be linked up so that you can race in real-time with seven of your closest friends.

Valued at $191,000 back in 2009, these simulators will try to offer you something more than just the latest version of Gran Turismo or Forza. Tian Dong, co-founder of Huan Teng Technology, explains:

As Cruden designs all aspects of the simulator in-house, we are already able to plan making a city race track of Guangzhou.

A simulator? To allow you to drive around Guangzhou at over 250 km/h in a F1 car? That doesn’t just sound like a good idea to rock and roll with every night, but also one with which to party with every day.

Alas, like a tortoise shell lobbed from behind, there is a downside to this news: D2L is a private members club, so this isn’t your average arcade where you’ll only need a roll of quarters.

Anyone still not convinced of the newest best thing to do in Guangzhou can watch this video of a Cruden Hexatech simulator at work.

One thing is for sure: even if that thing fit in my living room, the missus would not stand for it.

Photo: Cision


In case you missed it: Chinese copycats target the Colbert Report

Posted: 01/28/2014 2:53 pm

Stephen Colbert has been “ripped off by the Chinese!”

Chinese bootleggers have done it again. American satirist Stephen Colbert was recently surprised to find that the Chinese news comedy show the Banquet (夜宴) has completely plagiarized his opening. From the epic “Iron Man jump” graphics to the theme song, “Baby Mumbles” by Cheap Trick. It’s a total knockoff.

Keeping in with his television character, Colbert’s vain persona was very happy to reach the potential Chinese audience of 400 million. “Folks, this is nothing more than wholesale theft… and I love it.” Colbert proceeded to hilariously pander to Chinese audience, sarcastically of course, by making them more comfortable with some familiar smog.

But Colbert (or his writers) made a bit of a laowai mistake, saying mantou are eggs.

He concluded by demanding that the Banquet invite him to China. Let’s wait and see if they take up his invitation.

The Atlantic has reported that some Chinese netizens were not amused. “This is down-right plagiarism: Absolutely shameless. I hate this kind of thing,” said a young woman on Weibo. “With the great popularity of The Colbert Report, don’t you know how easily Colbert can make a laughingstock out of China, and ensure the whole world knows about it?” remarked ‘Coolgirl1982’.

The Banquet apparently has taken those critiques into consideration and now has a new intro. Meanwhile, American comedy does seem to be growing in popularity in China. Saturday Night Live now being legitimately streamed on Sohu with official Chinese subtitles.

In 2012 fellow late-night host Conan O’Brian was also copied by Internet show Dapeng. He took it rather well after an apology was given and actually offered a free opening graphic for the perpetrator.

As the English chengyu goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Also on The Nanfang:


Photo credit: The Atlantic


World’s first Asian art curator forum set for Guangzhou

Posted: 09/4/2013 1:00 pm

The Guangdong Museum of Art (GDMA) in Guangzhou’s Zhujiang New Town is set to hold the world’s first International Asian Art Curator Forum between September 11-13, according to a report by Global Times:

About 80 chief and senior curators of top museums, galleries and art institutions from both Asian and Western countries will gather there and have dialogues about art development in Asia. This is the first time that the collective voice of the Asian art community will be heard by the world based on its own land…

This is no small-scale event. Some of the world’s most famous art museums have been invited by the National Art Museum of China to take part in the forum, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art in America and the Tate Modern in Britain.

“This is China’s appeal to the world at a high level event about Asian art as well as its thoughts and response to the global focus,” the Times added.

Meanwhile, The European Fine Art Foundation (TEFAF) reported that the worldwide art and antiques market fell by 7 percent last year, likely due to a slow down in demand from China where art sales tanked by 24 percent in 2012.

Yet Asian Correspondent wrote an article August 27 titled “Is China’s Art Scene on the Rebound?” In it they spoke with Paolo Mozzo, chairman of ARTantide, who said: “It is more of a cultural than an economic issue, as they are strongly tied to their own traditions.

“In short, it is a form of economic nationalism. But such nationalism could change as foreign customers focus on Asian art and Chinese ones increasingly look at the western market – not least for speculative reasons.”

Mozzo added that the Chinese art market may in fact be doing better than official studies and data implies, and a new push from the Chinese Central Government to “support artistic and cultural enterprises” without any focus on profitability will be welcomed by the country’s art lovers and artists alike.

The GDMA is located on the northern banks of the Pearl River in the centre of Guangzhou’s Tianhe District (the city’s Central Business District), and only finished construction three years ago in 2010. It consists of four large exhibition halls showcasing over 130,000 exhibits.

It is unclear yet whether the forum will offer any kind of public engagement, or whether it will be a strictly closed-door event. Either way, it’s an interesting development for China’s art world, and likely a positive sign of things to come.

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Two Zhuhai students launch Life of Pi remake, already viewed 200,000 times

Posted: 03/13/2013 4:26 pm

Two students at the Beijing Institute of Technology in Zhuhai have hit it big with their own mock version of the hit movie “Life of Pi”.

Their 4-and-a-half minute video, called “Life of Chun”, has already been viewed more than 200,000 times, according to QQ news.

Its creators, Chen Dachun and Du Lelian, told reporters the short film is meant as a commentary on the state of art in China — which is cryptic.

Unlike the movie, which recently won an Oscar for Taiwanese director Ang Lee, the “knock-off” version, which has appeared on Ku6, Tudou and Youku, involves a teenager, played by Chen, stuck in a life boat with a crab instead of a tiger.

The crab may be a symbol for “river crabs”, which is a synonym for harmony, the bane of many artists who seek to express themselves in mainland China.

The film has been popular with netizens. One said he just hopes Ang Lee can see it.


“Iron Mike” Tyson coming to the PRD

Posted: 08/24/2012 8:00 am

The former heavyweight world champion and the namesake of one of the greatest Nintendo games ever made is coming to the Pearl River Delta next month.

Iron Mike Tyson has been invited by CLSA, a brokerage in Hong Kong, to give talk at an annual conference, which is also a bit of a party.  The CLSA is known for bringing in unique characters for its events.  Sarah Palin came in 2009, marking her first visit to Asia (although she saw it from her house). George Clooney and Tom Jones are also past speakers.  None possess sound financial insight or dispense valuable wisdom on the OTC derivatives market, but they are entertaining.

The Wall Street Journal says Iron Mike will appear at the conference on September 12:

“It’s really our flagship event,” says Edmund Bradley, CLSA’s group head of research. “Our clients are obviously interested in hearing from remarkable people who’ve had a role in shaping culture—people who can offer something unique and memorable.”

But the paper notes there’s been a mixed response on Tyson’s visit among Hong Kong’s financiers:

“It’s a letdown. I don’t think I’ll learn anything from him,” said one local portfolio manager, who still intends to attend the forum, which runs from Sept. 10-14 and will include 40 other keynote and specialist speakers, including Acumen Fund founder Jacqueline Novogratz and Supachai Panitchpakdi, secretary-general of the U.N. Conference on Trade and Development.

“I guess it’d be comical the drunker I got,” said Jeb Altonaga, who heads Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services. “If he was in a celebrity boxing match, that’d be better, especially if they’d have one of their managing directors jump in the ring with him.”

Mike Tyson has come along way since his fighting days.  He’s settled into a stable relationship and recently launched his own one-man show in New York called Undisputed Truth.

If you’ve ever wondered how to TKO Tyson (not a problem for Buster Douglas) on Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, here’s a primer.



New Xichong beach bar opening this weekend – free buses from Coco Park

Posted: 07/20/2012 2:20 pm

Last year The Nanfang teamed up with Shenzhen Fresh to host the Endless Summer Beach Festival out at Xichong Beach, about 550,000 miles away from downtown Shenzhen (don’t quote me on that, but that’s what it felt like).

Xichong is a spectacular beach, and while making the 90 minute journey out there is well worth it, prepare to set aside at least a full half-day for the trip.

We expect many more people to be heading out to Xichong this Saturday for the soft opening of Barefoot Bar at St. Tropez Resort.  The bar – clearly a destination bar, as there isn’t much else nearby! – has its own private pool and terrace and serves up both western and Chinese fare.

If you’re interested in making the journey, a free bus will pick up partiers at Coco Park at 4pm on Saturday.  You can’t just show up though; you’ll need to call ahead to reserve a seat on the Barefoot Bar Party Bus (all the details can be found here.)

If you’re heading out that way this weekend, let us know how it is.  We’re looking forward to more spots in Xichong as the area begins to reach its full potential.




Zhuhai roller coaster stops mid-ride

Posted: 01/12/2012 2:21 pm

A roller coaster in Zhuhai’s Wulinyuan Theme Park, next to the Haiquan Bay Holiday Resort, stopped mid-ride Tuesday morning, keeping 16 passengers stuck up in the air for 20 minutes. No one was injured.

Cellphones came out and the unmoving roller coaster car, facing downward and full of screaming passengers, was caught on video, with one clip going viral online:

The video was uploaded by a Mr. Huang, who had two colleagues stuck in the stopped car.

The resort has confirmed the accident to media, maintaining that their rides, which recently passed inspection by the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, are safe.

A spokesperson for the amusement park has also said that following an investigation, it’s believed that the cause of the malfunction was small matter carried by passengers which after being dropped became lodged in the train tracks, triggering the system’s safety device.

According to Guangzhou Daily, the resort has apologized to those affected, and confirmed that the roller coaster has already resumed normal operations.

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