Zhuhai roller coaster stops mid-ride

A roller coaster in Zhuhai’s Wulinyuan Theme Park, next to the Haiquan Bay Holiday Resort, stopped mid-ride Tuesday morning, keeping 16 passengers stuck up in the air for 20 minutes. No one was injured.

Cellphones came out and the unmoving roller coaster car, facing downward and full of screaming passengers, was caught on video, with one clip going viral online:

The video was uploaded by a Mr. Huang, who had two colleagues stuck in the stopped car.

The resort has confirmed the accident to media, maintaining that their rides, which recently passed inspection by the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, are safe.

A spokesperson for the amusement park has also said that following an investigation, it’s believed that the cause of the malfunction was small matter carried by passengers which after being dropped became lodged in the train tracks, triggering the system’s safety device.

According to Guangzhou Daily, the resort has apologized to those affected, and confirmed that the roller coaster has already resumed normal operations.

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