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A post-riot look at PRD migrant workers

Two new reports from Reuters look at the situation of young rural migrant workers in the PRD area in the aftermath of three days of riots on the outskirts of Guangzhou earlier this month. Continue reading

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Shenzhen pulls back from experimental Qianhai development

What was to have been a bold political experiment in Shenzhen, complete with independent legal system, anti-corruption bodies and tax regulations, has been shelved by the municipality. Continue reading

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International beer festival hits Guangzhou

The south gate of Tianhe Sports Centre is being transformed into a giant beer garden for the Guangzhou International Beer Festival, which kicks off next month. Continue reading

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More police cars than naked riders at yesterday’s bike ride

Citing personal reasons, the organizer of yesterday’s naked bike ride around Guangzhou’s University City tried to cancel the event, but it went on more or less as authorities felt it should. Take a look at the photos. Continue reading

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China neuters the Net Nanny…. in Chongqing

No Youtube, no Twitter, no more. In a case of money being more important than censorship, China has decided to lower the Great Firewall in Chongqing to facilitate the construction of a new cloud computing zone. Continue reading

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Guangzhou: ‘Nude’ ride at University City tomorrow

Looks like the Hashers have some competition: Rain or shine, says the organizer of what is likely Guangzhou’s first naked bike ride, we will push on, and hopefully help lower carbon emissions in the process. Continue reading

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The Spin Doctor – Bon Iver, “Bon Iver”

This week the Spin Doctor reviews Bon Iver’s self-titled release. Ambitious in scope, “Bon Iver” combines folk-rock sensibility with experimental pop, and makes a compelling argument for why Justin Vernon is one of the more exciting and versatile artists around. Continue reading

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Dongguan bosses live the high life in city’s “Zhongnanhai”

Beautiful villas overlook a clear-blue reservoir in Tangxia District in Dongguan, a short five-minute commute to government offices. The fact government officials paid only 500 yuan per square metre for this land has drawn the ire of locals and prompted an investigation into claims of corruption. Continue reading

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This takes “shanzhai” to a whole new level

The picturesque town of Hallstatt in Austria will soon be reproduced, in its entirety, in the PRD town of Huizhou: “Every detail, statue, and doorknob will be replicated,” according to one report. Needless to say, the Hallstatters aren’t too amused by the idea. Continue reading

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Guangdong tightens grip on “foreigner management”

A new initiative in Guangdong Province aims to keep a closer eye on the movement of laowai. Aside from encouraging people to report foreigners suspected of any suspicious activity like overstaying their visa or not registering their apartment with the PSB, the initiative also begins directing which industries are most suitable for the hiring of foreigners. Continue reading

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