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Shekou to undergo major transformation

Parts of Seaworld Square in Shenzhen have been covered in hoarding or bamboo scaffolding for years as their area recovered from a devastating flood in 2007 and the opening of a new metro station. But that will pale in comparison to the renovations now underway, which will turn the sleepy seaside community into a high-end entertainment and dining hot spot. Continue reading

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The Spin Doctor – PJ Harvey, Let England Shake

This week the Spin Doctor explores PJ Harvey’s triumphant return, Let England Shake. Continue reading

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The Nanfang will be out in Dongguan this weekend… come say hi

We’re hopping the high-speed train this weekend for one night in Dongguan. We’ll be checking out various bars and restaurants to add to our database, so if you spot us taking notes or snapping photos (or drinking a tall draft beer), come and say hi. Continue reading

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The Bieb to serenade pre-teen fans in Hong Kong

Scores of young, ear-splittingly loud pre-teen girls will no doubt be on hand when Justin Bieber graces the fair shores of the PRD with a concert at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong. Continue reading

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Some Chinese perplexed, confused by laowai: survey

We all know this anyway, but now it’s finally been confirmed in a survey of 161,000 Chinese people in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen: Chinese people who work alongside laowai find them confusing, and their jokes unfunny. Continue reading

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Is this the iPad 2, spotted in Shenzhen?

We know that Apple has a huge factory in Shenzhen run by Foxconn, so those much-anticipated iPad 2s must be floating around the city somewhere. We got our hands on a few photos sent to us from an anonymous tipster, who insists these photos are the real deal. Continue reading

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The Spin Doctor – Iron & Wine, Kiss Each Other Clean

The Spin Doctor delves deep into Iron & Wine’s follow-up to The Shepherd’s Dog titled Kiss Each Other Clean. Continue reading

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If you have cheap rent, lock it in

Those who signed their rental leases a few months ago are among the lucky ones. With inflation hitting 5% in China, rental rates are skyrocketing. Rents are up an average of 10% in Beijing, Shanghai, and here in Guangzhou. Continue reading

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Shenzhen residents advised to get vaccinated for A/H1N1

One person is dead from A/H1N1 in Shenzhen, and the flu season is just coming into full swing. With this in mind, health officials in the city are advising everyone to get vaccinated against the flu. The cost is RMB 40 for the local vaccination, or RMB 80 for the imported variety. Continue reading

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Don’t get caught without a plan! Some last minute Valentine’s Day ideas

It’s a day of either love or dread, depending on our own individual situation. And while those singletons among us might feel dread at not having a date, the feeling is magnified if you *do* have a date, but haven’t yet made plans (and if that’s you, you’re cutting it awfully close). For some last minute ideas, we’ve thrown together a list of some of the best special dinners and events in the PRD for Valentine’s Day. Continue reading

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