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Chef Ken Hom cooks up a TV treat in Guangzhou

Posted: 05/6/2012 11:41 am

Chef Ken Hom filming in Shamian Island

World famous chef and television personality Ken Hom appeared in Guangzhou for the filming of a BBC documentary.

The 63-year-old was spotted last month by The Nanfang shooting the last leg of the Eat, Drink, Cook China in Guangzhou’s well-known historical hotspot Shamian Island in Liwan district.

Billed as an “epic culinary adventure,” the American-born Chinese chef is returning to his ancestral roots with co-host Ching-He Huang, 33, on a journey sampling a range of original dishes and flavours across the country.

From Beijing in the north, to Sichuan province in the west, to Guangzhou, Hom described his travels as a “great discovery” in which he has come across “fantastic food” on his trip.

He added: “I’ve travelled to China many times but this time I’ve discovered food from the four corners of China.”

The chef also said he felt “of all the places in China,” at home in Guangdong province – where he can trace back his ancestry to the coastal city of Taishan.

His new television show – four one-hour programmes – on BBC Two, coincides with the release of his new book, co-authored by Huang, will be released in June.


The Nanfang will be out in Dongguan this weekend… come say hi

Posted: 02/24/2011 4:00 am

To celebrate one month of The Nanfang being live and on the interwebs, we’ll be out and about in Dongguan this weekend, taking notes, snapping photos, and expanding the content we offer in our bar and restaurant listings.

While we’ve been to many of the bars and restaurants in Dongguan already, we’re looking forward to hitting up the ones that have escaped us. One of the ones on our agenda is Woodstock, as well as Beijing Bar and Hollywood Baby Too. Of the three main cities in the PRD, expats calling Dongguan home have the fewest online resources — all the more reason for us to make our listings even more comprehensive.

For those Shenzhen and Guangzhou residents who fancy a night’s stay in Dongguan, you could do worse than giving this a read for a primer on Dongguan’s nightlife. We may also use this as a general guide.

Hope to see you around this weekend.

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