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Jerk Shenzhen Drivers Forced To Stare Into Own High Beams for 5 Minutes

Posted: 08/5/2014 6:39 pm

shenzhen high beam drivers punishedThe Shenzhen Police are taking the old proverb “an eye for an eye” quite seriously.

The police want to stop drivers from blasting their high-beams at oncoming traffic, and they think they’ve found a novel way to do it: by forcing offenders to stare at the same bright lights for five minutes.

shenzhen high beam drivers punished

The police explained the rationale behind the punishment in a Weibo post:

shenzhen high beam drivers punished

Two looks, two considerations, one penalty
Do you use high beams improperly? The Shenzhen Traffic Police will deal with it like this. 1. Two looks: to make the violator personally experience what high beams look like on his car or on another car and feel the pain involved. 2. Two considerations: police ask drivers, why do you put on your high beams? How do you use them properly? These answers are explained to them. 3. Punishment: RMB 300, 1 demerit point. Last night, the Shenzhen Traffic Police caught 61 drivers using their high beams improperly, and taught all of these violators a lesson by experiencing it themselves

shenzhen high beam drivers punished

While some many call this technique heavy-handed, netizens on  Weibo have no complaints. In fact, most people are wholly enthusiastic about the punishment:

The punishment is too light!

Hope you can thoroughly implement this; it’s very annoying!

Very good. Those drivers who always turn on the high-beams are the worst. If your eyesight is poor, then don’t drive a car.

This is to the satisfaction of everyone! Support this all the way!

How do you properly use high-beams?

shenzhen high beam drivers punishedshenzhen high beam drivers punishedPhotos: Sina, Foshan Daily, Shenzhen Traffic Police

  • The master of none

    I was in car one day with this girl. She had her high beam on full. I said dip them its blinding the cars coming towards us. She said no they not dipped. So i dipped them for her. The other drivers then also dipped. She was amazed.
    Then you get fckin idiots no lights at all.
    5000 years in the dark.
    Truly retarded nation.

  • cobbler

    Finally …after driving 8 years myself in China somebody did something,now the rest of China, i am anyway incredible annoyed every day by the way the Chinese drive,not following any rules,take an exit at the last 2 meters and even stop on the highway,non stop on the phone and reducing their speed by talking to zero km almost , i see everywhere police and they do SHIT !!! yes a parking ticket,speeding cameras they don’t have to do anything for that ,if you drive for example Hangzhou Wenzhou new high way you are allowed 100 km,there are 6 lanes ,you can easily without any danger increase to 120 …noooooh so you buy a speed control in your car which you buy everywhere , the big QUESTION ….WHY EVERYBODY DRIVES IN THE LEFT LANE ???? this lane is to take over ,can anyone give me a reply ?? i also do but with take over speed and then return to the right lane…i will never,ever get used to this..the WORST drivers in the world..and YES even in INDIA where i worked 5 years and also drove a car is better !!!

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