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China Marks International Car Free Day With Massive Traffic Jams

Posted: 09/23/2014 5:07 pm

car free day international China cities traffic jam

China has a strange way of celebrating Car Free Day.

Yesterday was the day people were supposed to ride public transit or bicycle to their destination, but instead major cities in China saw huge traffic jams. The worst were in Beijing, Xi’an, Hangzhou, and Zhengzhou, reports CCTV.

These photographs show traffic around China yesterday during Car Free Day. Organizers of the annual event say the slogan is “our streets, our choice”. It looks like Chinese city dwellers have definitely made theirs.

car free day international China cities traffic jamcar free day international China cities traffic jamcar free day international China cities traffic jamcar free day international China cities traffic jamcar free day international China cities traffic jamcar free day international China cities traffic jamcar free day international China cities traffic jam

It’s not all bad, though. In a sign of development, Chinese people have finally realized the dream of complaining about traffic while sitting idle behind the wheel. 

Photos: CCTV,


Photos of Horrific Animal Abuse in Guangdong Hit Major Chinese Media

Posted: 09/22/2014 3:45 pm

dog dragged behind car shantou guangdong animal cruelty

Photographs of a dog being dragged behind an SUV on a street in Shantou, Guangdong were uploaded by the Weibo account “Love in Shantou” on September 20, and have been reported by news outlets as varied as the People’s Daily Online, Caijing and Sina.

Details regarding this story are scarce, but the photos are horrific. They depict the dog, tied to the bumper of the SUV, dragged through busy city streets. While widely available, The Nanfang has decided not to publish them here because of their gruesome nature.

China does not have any animal anti-cruelty laws. If the driver of the vehicle with Guangdong license plate D K0213 is eventually caught and charged with a crime, it won’t be for dragging a poor animal behind a vehicle.


Photos: Sina News User Contributions


Discrimination or Fair Play? Car Model Dismissed Because Breasts “Too Small”

Posted: 09/16/2014 9:22 am

car show model breastsThe firing of a model from a car show in China had drawn media attention after the woman returned to confront the firm that let her go — with TV cameras.

The organizer of the car show fired the model, Xiaowang, admitting openly that she was dismissed because her breasts were “a problem” and were not up to his organization’s standards. The problem, at least for him, is the model was fired after she had signed a four-day contract, and had already worked the first day.

The university student and part-time model was incensed at the breach of contract, so came back to the car show with a TV news program in tow. They tracked down this guy, named Xie:

Breasts, it was a problem with her breasts
We had already accepted her,
(and then we found) there were many layers of padding (inside her bra)
to prop it up
But there was no way, all we could do was fire her

Xie said he was forced to go with another model with better “experience” that can fill in the role.

Xie was unwilling to pay Xiaowang the complete salary for four days of work according to the signed contract, instead paying her for three days.

Video of the exchange can be seen below, but Xie doesn’t go into detail about any of his explanations.

Photo: Sina News Video


The Days This Month When Beijing Traffic Will Become Downright Awful

Posted: 09/2/2014 1:00 pm

beijing traffic jam gridlockLong ago, benevolent leaders in China would inform their subjects of which days of the year were optimal for sowing seeds and harvesting crops. That tradition continues in 2014, but the focus has changed to something much more modern: now leaders are informing citizens which days to avoid Beijing traffic.

While the capital is already infamous for its traffic congestion, September is expected to be absolute worst month due to the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, the beginning of the school year, fall promotions in malls, and visiting relatives.

In fact, the Beijing Municipal Commission on Transport can even pinpoint particular days to avoid. They are September 4, 5, 15, 22, 26 and 28, 29 and 30.

To try to combat the girdlock, local authorities will be trying a bunch of different strategies including launching a Public Transportation Promotion Week, No Car Days, new private bus lines, and shortening the length between subway cars to just three minutes on Beijing Metro Line 6 between 5pm and 7pm,

[h/t WSJ China Real Time]

Photo: etu6


Fujian Toddler Dies After Being Forgotten in Car for 12 Hours

Posted: 08/12/2014 4:27 pm

child left in car fujianA two year-old Fujian girl is dead after being forgotten in a hot car overnight, reports the Shenzhen Police.

The girl, only identified as Xiaohuan, was sleeping in the back seat of the car with her cousin as her aunt and uncle drove her home. But after they got there, the aunt took her own daughter out and apparently told the uncle to get Xiaohuan. The uncle thought the child was with the aunt, so he locked the car doors and went inside to bed.

It was only the next day when the family discovered the child had been left in the car for 12 hours. She had already passed away by the time they found her.


Photo: Shenzhen Police


Jerk Shenzhen Drivers Forced To Stare Into Own High Beams for 5 Minutes

Posted: 08/5/2014 6:39 pm

shenzhen high beam drivers punishedThe Shenzhen Police are taking the old proverb “an eye for an eye” quite seriously.

The police want to stop drivers from blasting their high-beams at oncoming traffic, and they think they’ve found a novel way to do it: by forcing offenders to stare at the same bright lights for five minutes.

shenzhen high beam drivers punished

The police explained the rationale behind the punishment in a Weibo post:

shenzhen high beam drivers punished

Two looks, two considerations, one penalty
Do you use high beams improperly? The Shenzhen Traffic Police will deal with it like this. 1. Two looks: to make the violator personally experience what high beams look like on his car or on another car and feel the pain involved. 2. Two considerations: police ask drivers, why do you put on your high beams? How do you use them properly? These answers are explained to them. 3. Punishment: RMB 300, 1 demerit point. Last night, the Shenzhen Traffic Police caught 61 drivers using their high beams improperly, and taught all of these violators a lesson by experiencing it themselves

shenzhen high beam drivers punished

While some many call this technique heavy-handed, netizens on  Weibo have no complaints. In fact, most people are wholly enthusiastic about the punishment:

The punishment is too light!

Hope you can thoroughly implement this; it’s very annoying!

Very good. Those drivers who always turn on the high-beams are the worst. If your eyesight is poor, then don’t drive a car.

This is to the satisfaction of everyone! Support this all the way!

How do you properly use high-beams?

shenzhen high beam drivers punishedshenzhen high beam drivers punishedPhotos: Sina, Foshan Daily, Shenzhen Traffic Police


[Photos] Astonishing Six Car Pile-Up In Shenzhen

Posted: 08/4/2014 4:53 pm

shenzhen six car pileup traffic accident A traffic collision of near-Blues Brotherian proportions happened today in Shenzhen, and here are the pictures to challenge you to figure it out.

The six car pile-up occurred at 1:50pm at Nigang West Road and City No.2 Hospital Road, according to the Shenzhen Traffic Police. Two people have already be taken to hospital for medical care.

A large truck at the rear of the pile-up is marked as belonging to the Shenzhen Benda Electric Cable Company. According to police at the scene, the truck driver said his vehicle lost control of its brakes.

At the very least, we hope Jake and Elwood are able to save the orphanage.

shenzhen six car pileup traffic accidentshenzhen six car pileup traffic accidentshenzhen six car pileup traffic accidentshenzhen six car pileup traffic accidentshenzhen six car pileup traffic accidentshenzhen six car pileup traffic accidentshenzhen six car pileup traffic accidentshenzhen six car pileup traffic accidentshenzhen six car pileup traffic accidentshenzhen six car pileup traffic accidentshenzhen six car pileup traffic accident

Photos: Shenzhen Traffic Police (2), Weibo


Bigwigs Demand Bikini-clad Babes Buff BMWs in Beijing

Posted: 07/24/2014 4:52 pm

bikini car wash beijing sexist

bikini car wash beijing sexist

A car wash in Chaoyang District of Beijing is now offering its clients a special, priority service. For the low low price of RMB 880, clients can watch as bikini-clad attendants wash the car, providing care and attention to all of your tailpipes and rims. The catch? It’s by appointment only.

One could see this as a shrewd marketing move, but the origins of this service are much more humble: it started because clients wanted it.

We’re sure there’s some logic there, somewhere: you’ve amassed a fortune in order to purchase an extremely expensive luxury item, and now you want to pay top dollar to have someone take care of your investment based upon how skimpy their work uniform is.

Check out the photos below.

bikini car wash beijing sexistbikini car wash beijing sexistbikini car wash beijing sexistPhotos: Asia Today, People’s Daily Online


Not Even A Car Can Stand In The Way Of China’s Dancing Grannies

Posted: 07/10/2014 1:32 pm

henan dancing grannies move carThe dancing grannies will not be denied. As their culture spreads to Australia and Russia, it seems nothing can stop them from fulfilling their desire of dancing in unison to loud musical accompaniment.

So when a car was rudely parked on their ‘dance floor’ in the city of Xinyang, Henan Province, the dancing grannies didn’t want to dance around it. Instead, they decided the car had to go.

And so, under the steely direction of the dancing grannies, a dozen or so people pushed this parked car a total of four to five meters, reports Sina News Video.

READ: Beijing Dancing Grannies Wield AK47s in Anti-Japanese Performance

Mr Guo, the owner of the car, took it all in stride. He accepted the blame and said he was careless parking where he did.

henan dancing grannies move car


Photo: Sina News Video


Ferrari Closes Dealerships As Luxury Car Sales Fall Across China

Posted: 06/12/2014 5:50 pm

ferrariIt’s tough being rich. While your average Joe Qingdao-sixpack is concerned with today’s news that sales of new homes in Shenzhen have plummeted 48.8% from one year ago, there’s more worrying news for those with the money for the finer things in life.

Ferrari’s sales company has abruptly terminated sales and cooperative agreements with two dealerships, one of which is in Dongguan, reports Beijing Business Today.

Furthermore, other reports say Ferrari-Maserati China has broken similar agreements with two other Chinese dealerships, leading some analysts to speculate the company is looking to reduce its Chinese sales and marketing operations.

Photos: Gold Lamborghini Spotted in Guangzhou

A general malaise has hit China’s luxury car market with Bentley, Ferrari and Lamborghini all reporting sales slumps. Autonews reports Lamborghini sales in China fell 16.7% in 2013, while those of Ferrari fell by 33%.

The hard times of the Chinese luxury car market can be mostly attributed to recent austerity and anti-corruption measures. However, for the rest of us, the fewer luxury sports car dealerships that remain in the PRD will mean there be fewer sightings of this:



Photos: Weibo, 16888

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