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Global Times: “All iPhone 6 Owners Deserve to Be Despised”

Posted: 09/28/2014 11:53 am

iphone 6 retail saleChina’s firebrand mouthpiece has published an editorial advocating open hostility towards anyone who owns an iPhone 6, which still isn’t officially on sale in China.

The nationalist newspaper Global Times said lust after the product and the opportunists that are trying cater to it have both made China lose face on an international scale; “face”, of course, being the ancient concept that the respect of a person or entity is entirely dependent upon what others think of you/it.

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The Global Times points to three individuals arrested for fighting outside an Apple store as an example, noting all three are “Chinese nationals”. In fact, the paper even printed this passage:

A US police officer insulted (the Chinese people waiting in line), saying, ‘Haven’t you people ever heard of soap?‘ After this incident comes to be known in China, it will be an embarrassment for many people here.

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So what does the Global Times think of iPhone 6 owners?

Most people do it for vanity so that they can show it off. It’s as though having an iPhone 6 right now is so awesome, as if it were trendy, cool, and impressive. But in fact, the people that now have the iPhone 6 aren’t what they think they are.

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The reckless drive for profit is not just something that Chinese have done, but Marx described how profit can warp human nature. At the time he said it, he was referring to Westerners.

To borrow a phrase, “If there is no buying or selling, then there is no loss of face.”

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The op-ed concludes by saying why Chinese people should be ashamed:

Many people say the iPhone 6 exploits the Chinese people by performing mental experiments in the form of number of marketing tricks, thus proving that there are fools with too much money in the Chinese market. This is the place where there is a real loss of face. That’s why whomever has an iPhone 6 deserves to be looked down upon with despise.

With the blame fully doled out, no mention was made in the op-ed of the reason behind the delayed launch of the iPhone 6 in China. As reported by AsiaOne, Beijing’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology did not list the iPhone 6 as having been approved for the Chinese market before its worldwide launch.

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Though the iPhone 5s launched in China simultaneously with the rest of the world, this iPhone hit a snag when CCTV accused Apple of threatening national security by being able to track a user’s location. However, rumors are the iPhone 6 is set to go on sale in China on October 10.


Photo: Reuters

  • Toothless

    Seems fair enough conclusion.
    What’s even sadder they are now selling case skins to make a iPhone5 look like a 6 .
    NSA tracking device. Best to avoid .

    • lacompacida

      How does NSA track anything before iPhone 6 ? Will the same trick work with other non-iPhone 6 phones ? What are you going to use ? Any thing ?

      • Toothless

        Two tin cans a wet piece of string in a basement.

        • Truthful

          “Two tin cans” is all you can afford on your English teacher salary, trollboy.

          • Toothless

            Go make the tea office boy.

          • Truthful

            You are an English teaching loser: your opinion – like your very existence – is completely worthless.

            English teachers like you are such pathetic losers, so jealous of us professional, successful expats.

            Get back to your kindergarten class, little boi.

          • Toothless

            Hows the tea making lifestyle going back home?
            You wishing you could stay i bet.
            Being a btch tea boy in China is well a btch.

          • Truthful

            Seriously, nothing you say makes any sense.

            You are an English teacher. You have no money or real assets. You also clearly have no life, as evidenced by your numerous trolling accounts from previous article threads (“the master of none” etc.) that you so cowardly deleted when you were exposed for being a dickless jealous little Eurotrash worm.

            Your constant need to validate your worthless existence online by posting insignificant garbage just shows how irrelevant you really are.

          • Truthful

            Oh woops ! See what i did there>

          • Truthful

            @”Toothless” aka “the master of none” aka Cocksucking English Teacher Loser Troll:
            You are such a sad, pathetic piece of shit. You had no legitimate response to me calling you out in the other threads, so now you’ve just decided to hijack my name to cause confusion? You’re really that sad?

            You are such a loser it defies description. Eurotrash faggot, I already told you that I know who you are (change your name as much as you want, but your IP is still the same, jackass!)

            I doubt you’ll be able to handle what’s coming your way…

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  • ScottLoar

    “A US police officer insulted (the Chinese people waiting in line), saying, ‘Haven’t you people ever heard of soap?’”

    That remark, or as quoted in Chinese 真是臭死了, is undoubtedly false but crafted by the newspaper to incite readers.

    • Truthful

      You obviously didn’t watch the linked video. The NYPD officer definitely DID say that.

      • Toothless

        When you back in China?
        Tea needs making.

      • ScottLoar

        I’m in Shanghai and can’t bring up the video link. But so saying, the officer was way out of line for making such a comment.

        • Toothless

          That was nothing. You should see the police bullying and arrest.
          On old Chinese people who are just earning some money to buy phones for people who have no time to.
          HK people should be grateful they not got America police dealing with them.

    • Foreign Devil

      Actually it was not fabricated at all. . You can see the video on Youtube of a whole bunchy of older Chinese people at the front of the line camping out for days at an Apple store in NYC. A cop working the beat is shown saying those exact words and at some point the cops arrest a chinese lady after some dispute amongs the people waiting. The cops where extremely rude and the people in line obviously shills who have no personal interest in the iphone except to get paid for their time and the phones will go off to the black market in CHina.

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