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Impatient Passenger Deploys Airplane’s Emergency Slide to “Get Off The Plane Quicker”

Posted: 12/15/2014 10:30 am

emergency slide sanya airport  china easternOnly days after a Chinese couple threw boiling water at a flight attendant and threatened to blow up the plane, another case has emerged involving a Chinese passenger who has a hard time following the rules.

When China Eastern flight MU2331 from Xi’an arrived at Sanya Fenghaung International Airport in Hainan, a particularly impatient passenger decided to open an emergency exit, and in the process, deploy an emergency slide.

When questioned by authorities about why he opened the door, he responded: “to get off the plane quicker.” He claims he did not pay attention to the safety briefing at the beginning of the flight, and did not know to only use the emergency slide in case of emergency.

emergency slide sanya airport china easternAs a result of the incident, the return flight MU2332, scheduled to leave at 9:50pm, was delayed until 11:41pm.

Aviation experts say the cost to repair and replace the opened cabin door and emergency slide is approximately RMB 100,000 (over $16,000).

emergency slide sanya airport china easternemergency slide sanya airport china easternPhotos: SohuXinhua


    BREAKING NEWS—-Chinese are selfish and stupid

    • Shawn7

      Just like the Americans and everybody else! Hooray for the human race!

    • honey

      All people are the same around the world,,,

      • Bettyboop

        Uh, no they’re not

      • pierrot

        nope, chinese are a piece of work in that matter… never saw so many stupid/selfish behaviours anywhere else

  • Zen my Ass

    Now, he plays dumb to avoid charges… stupid moron. If my flight were delayed because of this, I will sue his ass off…

    • Shawn7

      To be fair, he does have to be pretty dumb to have done it in the first place.

      PS: It’s “If my flight were delayed I WOULD sue his ass off”.

      • Zen my Ass

        I know, thanks. Sometimes I backspace and don’t proofread.

        • Max van Vliet

          You mean “Sometimes you space out and don’t think”?

          • Zen my Ass

            Nope, sometimes I make corrections and don’t check the grammar.

    • Clayton Bigsby

      You wouldn’t sue anyone. Do you even understand how a lawsuit works? Spending time and effort for months on end paying lawyer fees and retainers just because someone delayed your flight? Get off your high horse moron and stop acting like a drama queen.

      • Zen my Ass

        Tight underwear, anyone? What if you had lost an important meeting or a job interview because of this?Who would pay for your loss? Now, pull out that butt plug and learn how to engage people in a conversation.

        • FuckOff

          Go fuck a rat, I fucked your mom.

          • fuck fuckers

            I fucked you, how is that?

        • Max van Vliet

          If your meeting was that important you would make sure you got an earlier flight to guarantee you could get there on time. The flight departed less than 2 hours delayed, so you would not be entitled to any compensation what so ever… And as far as your job interview is concerned: You cannot sue for a hypothetical loss! Please reinsert your butt plug, you clearly get cranky without it!

          • FuckOff

            I agree, Dear Sir.

          • fuck fuckers

            I agree, Dear Sir, kiss ass fucker!

          • Zen my Ass

            Ever had to take a flight for a meeting? Sometimes you leave after work on the first available flight… go get your wumao now.

          • Max van Vliet

            Yes, many times! It is a question of priority…

            If my job is more important than the meeting I will go after work, but if the meeting is more important than my job I will leave work earlier. It really is that simple!

          • Bettyboop

            Why take an earlier flight? Who would expect that someone would do something as stupid as this? Oh, right..then again, I’m a flight attendant and the behavior of passengers never fails to amaze, stun or shock us

          • Max van Vliet

            As a flight attendant I’m sure you are painfully aware that flights can – and will – get delayed for a multitude of reasons… and it is with this in mind that you should always allow for extra time when traveling to attend important meetings, job interviews, or other things you simply cannot miss.

            A hypothetical: If you were traveling back to base on a confirmed ticket, but the flight got delayed and arrived to late for you to sign in for your next flight duty… what do you think would happen? That’s right… You’d be called in to the office on your day off to have a “coffee” with your line manager. Hell… Throw in the fact that the delay was only two hours and you might even find yourself searching for another job!

            (And yes, I’m a flight purser for a major international airline)

        • FuckOff

          fucking looser eat shit bitch ass nigger

          • fuck fuckers

            puny cock sucker, i just fucked ur dad!

        • FuckOff

          fucking hobo

      • Bettyboop

        No, the asshole should be sued..maybe next time he wouldn’t be such an asshole

    • FuckOff

      Piss shit, go sue your fag ass for being retarded.

    • Bettyboop

      Thank you. Most of the time we (flight crew) get blamed for things that are caused by others and completely out of our control

    • pierrot

      yeah right, sue a chinese for that, my ass you would or even could..

  • lacompacida

    Since he has great connections with the authorities, he doesn’t have to pay damages.

  • sdfqef

    Chinese ppl who are rich got rich too fast.

    • Kochigachi

      They’re rich in China but to the West they’re clowns.

  • fairhsa

    You are talking about farmers who were using horses to plough fields until quite recently – in fact still may be. Some of the complexities of flight are more than they can comprehend. Stop acting like everyone in the world knows how an emergency exit works – the guy probably just thought it was a door. It’s not stupidity as much as ignorance.

    • Bettyboop

      Even if it were a door, he’s not the one who opens it. In most cases, ground staff open it after confirming with the flight attendant at that particular door whether it’s safe to do so.

      • Guest

        But then again, there is no shortage of stupid people out there, and, having worked flights to China, I can honestly say the Chinese are pushy and often rude

  • Just_Banlas

    Mullets being mullets…is this news?

  • Daniel Oliver Jost

    Instant and unconditional execution of people like that. Drastic times require drastic measures.



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  • Howard Siow

    what a complete moron, i hope they threw him out the door

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  • Mangrove

    But of course … I’m Chinese, I do these kinds of things. What’s the problem? Shawn7 and honey … you must be on the passenger list. “all people are the same around the world”. lol

    I think we know where you’re from. Blind and ignorant, rude and throat clearing, Chinese tourist, no doubt about it.

    This is what it’s about, totally blind to what is happening around them. You do not exist in the Chinese tourist eyes. It’s just ME, ME, ME.

    Calling them animals is an insult to animals.

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