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Flying Fists at Row #27 After Crying Child Prompts In-Flight Melee

Posted: 12/18/2014 4:12 pm

chongqing hong kong airline fightIt seems there is nothing that can stop the disruptive behavior caused by Chinese passengers on international flights these days.

Yesterday morning at around 9 on Air China flight CA433 from Chongqing to Hong Kong, Chinese passengers started fighting. It began when two women objected to a crying baby behind them, while the baby’s mother was angry that the people in front kept reclining their seat. It erupted into flying fists not long afterwards.

Thankfully the airplane did not have to turn around because of the fight, like the Air Asia flight that returned to Bangkok after a Chinese couple threw hot water onto a stewardess.

Dealing with unruly passengers has become a problem. In this case, they were forced to pay a fine. But a tourist authority has threatened the Air Asia passengers with being put on a blacklist. There have been no criminal charges in either case.

Angry Chinese travellers seem to be popping up everywhere these days. In March, a video was taken of a fight between Chinese passengers when one’s luggage touched the other passenger’s foot. On a flight from Thailand to Beijing this past April, a fight broke out between three Chinese passengers over loud eating sounds in which cutlery was used as weapons.

In September during a flight from Zurich to Beijing, an airliner had to return to the Swiss capital when a fight between two Chinese nationals occurred over the positioning of a seat rest. Later that month, a fight between two Chinese passengers over an empty seat at the back happened on a flight to Shanghai.

If punishment can’t deter bad behavior by Chinese passengers, then maybe an appeal to their own personal safety will succeed where all else has failed.

Zou Jianjun, a professor at the China Civil Aviation Management Cadre Academy, warns against fighting on airplanes. Zou said the the balance and equilibrium of an airplane can be affected by physical altercations, and in serious cases can cause the plane to crash.


Photo: Yangcheng Evening Report, Sohu News

  • Zen my Ass

    I have a solution: tasers on board. Any time two Chinese start stepping out of the line, taser them till they drop unconscious.

    • dandmcd

      Yes, because arming a fragile little MeiNu with a taser is surely going to end well.

  • mfw13

    No different than behavior on the Beijing subway…..

  • Mangrove

    I’ve lost count of the times I’ve witnessed fights among Chinese tourists on airplanes or in line to board an airplane.

    Of course we all think this is because they are just only recently been allowed to travel internationally. I beg to differ. If you drive a car in China as I do, you see a totally different Chinese behind the wheel too. The REAL Chinese.

    How many nationalities fly for the first time? Now count how many times you see folks from other countries act like total A_ _ _ _ _ _s. Point made. NONE.

    China is eating itself up from the inside and if were not so disruptive and disgusting, one would have to take a perverse pleasure in watching it happen.

    But there is no excuses that can be made. Common sense, common courtesy, manners and civilized behavior are not part of the Chinese culture today. Simple.

    Disgusting behavior and it won’t be changing for a very long time.

    • cobbler

      hahaha i completely agree i also drive myself around for the last 7 years ,complete maniacs with their beloved carhorn

      , this is for me the most frustrating part , driving,and off course the sounds they make,walking ,eating,talking,try to walk 25 meters straight …..on don’t change your line ? impossible…also very annoying when you talk to somebody they just also start talking to the same person basic education and indeed they will never learn..don’t misunderstand me ..i live now 13 years in China,do speak Chinese and my wife is Chinese before some N.Chinese racist’s comments …

  • Mangrove

    And they think everyone is against them. Ha!

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