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Flying Fists at Row #27 After Crying Child Prompts In-Flight Melee

Posted: 12/18/2014 4:12 pm

chongqing hong kong airline fightIt seems there is nothing that can stop the disruptive behavior caused by Chinese passengers on international flights these days.

Yesterday morning at around 9 on Air China flight CA433 from Chongqing to Hong Kong, Chinese passengers started fighting. It began when two women objected to a crying baby behind them, while the baby’s mother was angry that the people in front kept reclining their seat. It erupted into flying fists not long afterwards.

Thankfully the airplane did not have to turn around because of the fight, like the Air Asia flight that returned to Bangkok after a Chinese couple threw hot water onto a stewardess.

Dealing with unruly passengers has become a problem. In this case, they were forced to pay a fine. But a tourist authority has threatened the Air Asia passengers with being put on a blacklist. There have been no criminal charges in either case.

Angry Chinese travellers seem to be popping up everywhere these days. In March, a video was taken of a fight between Chinese passengers when one’s luggage touched the other passenger’s foot. On a flight from Thailand to Beijing this past April, a fight broke out between three Chinese passengers over loud eating sounds in which cutlery was used as weapons.

In September during a flight from Zurich to Beijing, an airliner had to return to the Swiss capital when a fight between two Chinese nationals occurred over the positioning of a seat rest. Later that month, a fight between two Chinese passengers over an empty seat at the back happened on a flight to Shanghai.

If punishment can’t deter bad behavior by Chinese passengers, then maybe an appeal to their own personal safety will succeed where all else has failed.

Zou Jianjun, a professor at the China Civil Aviation Management Cadre Academy, warns against fighting on airplanes. Zou said the the balance and equilibrium of an airplane can be affected by physical altercations, and in serious cases can cause the plane to crash.


Photo: Yangcheng Evening Report, Sohu News


State-Run Media Calls Chinese Air Asia Passengers “Barbarians”, Threatens Punishment

Posted: 12/15/2014 4:40 pm

thai airline stewardess instant noodle bomb threatA couple of Chinese passengers that threw hot water on a flight attendant and threatened to blow up an Air Asia plane will be “severely punished” by Chinese authorities, according to state run media, which branded the passengers “barbarians”.

The Nanfang was first to report the story on Friday, when the discount carrier’s plane was forced to return to the Thai capital because of a couple of unruly Chinese passengers:

Then in flight, the woman bought a bowl of instant noodles from the flight attendants and asked for boiling water. When she got it, she splashed it on the flight attendant.

During the fracas that followed, the man threatened to blow up the plane as his girlfriend threatened to kill herself. The couple finally calmed down once other passengers became involved.

After arriving back in Bangkok, police entered the plane and took the couple away.

There were actually four passengers singled out for causing trouble, and they paid a fine of 50,000 baht (RMB 10,000) to the airline. All four are now being investigated by the Chinese tourism agency.

The agency was unclear what punishment the tourists could face for the incident. However, a statement released by the agency suggested the travel agency used by the tourists could be held accountable for failing to teach them proper behavior. Furthermore, the tourists themselves could be blacklisted.

thai airline stewardess instant noodle bomb threatThere have been several other incidents of mainland Chinese getting into violent confrontations on international flights this year.

In March, a video was taken of a fight between Chinese passengers when one’s luggage touched the other passenger’s foot. On a flight from Thailand to Beijing this past April, a fight broke out between three Chinese passengers over loud eating sounds in which cutlery was used as weapons.

In September during a flight from Zurich, Switzerland to Beijing, an airliner had to return to the Swiss capital when a fight between two Chinese nationals occurred over the positioning of a seat rest. Later that month, a fight between two Chinese passengers over an empty seat at the back happened on a flight to Shanghai.

thai airline stewardess instant noodle bomb threat

Here’s a video of the incident on Air Asia. Fellow Chinese passengers can be heard complaining he has “lost face”:

Photos: opsteel, my drivers


Chinese Couple, Throwing Hot Water and Threatening to Blow Up Plane, Force Return to Bangkok

Posted: 12/12/2014 2:09 pm

thailand flight air rageRaucous behavior by some Chinese passengers on-board a Thai airliner from Bangkok to Nanjing resulted in some tense moments for passengers and a return to Don Mueang Airport in the Thai capital.

Witnesses on Air Asia flight 9101 say a man threatened to blow up the plane and his girlfriend told other passengers she wanted to commit suicide, which led to the decision to turn around. But the couple, in their 20s, had been drawing attention to themselves for a while by that point.

The couple loudly objected when they discovered they were not sitting together, which happened because they were part of a tour group and were seated in alphabetical order. A flight attendant fixed the situation and found seats for them together, but they still complained loudly.

thailand flight air rageThen in flight, the woman bought a bowl of instant noodles from the flight attendants and asked for boiling water. When she got it, she splashed it on the flight attendant.

During the fracas that followed, the man threatened to blow up the plane as his girlfriend threatened to kill herself. The couple finally calmed down once other passengers became involved.

After arriving back in Bangkok, police entered the plane and took the couple away.

thailand flight air ragePhotos: Weibo (2)


Bumbling Panda the Star of Controversial CCTV Ad to Promote Better Behaviour by Chinese Tourists

Posted: 10/17/2014 1:47 pm

pandas behaving badly chinese touristsTo see China’s national mascot as an unkempt bumpkin might be insulting to many, but that was exactly the point of an advertisement created by CCTV.

The controversial ad depicts pandas walking around in Australia urinating in public, littering, bumping into people, and hauling overstuffed shopping bags around. Locals show their disgust at the behaviour throughout the spot. It was made at Milson’s Point in Sydney, Australia.

pandas behaving badly chinese touristsThe commercial concludes with the words “Be a good panda. Be a good tourist,” but it’s the imagery that makes the deepest connection by showing behavior commonly associated with Chinese tourists. Even though many news outlets have reported that the commercial was pulled from the air, it’s not clear from which market is was pulled from.

pandas behaving badly chinese touristsChinese tourists have a notorious reputation for causing numerous incidents while traveling. A Chinese teenager defaced a 3500 year-old artifact in Luxor, Egypt last year, while Chinese tourists were photographed washing their feet in the fountain in front of the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

Here’s the commercial:

pandas behaving badly chinese tourists

Here’s the publicly urinating panda. Note the pixelation around his hands.

Photos: screencaps from Youtube


Anger As Chinese Toddler Empties Bowels in Aisle of US-bound Flight

Posted: 07/24/2014 12:00 pm
delta airline child poop

From a previous incident that occurred in 2013.

When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go.

That was the case for one toddler on board a Beijing to Detroit Delta Airlines flight. The kid urgently had to go to the bathroom — so urgently, in fact, there was no time to go to the lavatory on board. So the kid’s father laid a newspaper down in the isle and the child squat and pinched.

Other passengers requested the child’s parents to take the child to the bathroom. However, the child’s grandfather, who was also on the flight, persisted in having the child make full use of the newspaper. Airline staff were unable to stop the airborne bodily evacuation from happening.

Fellow passenger Mr Wang from Oregon said the family made all Chinese people lose face, reports the World Journal.

[h/t @niubi]

Photo: 163


China’s Ambassador to Tanzania Blasts Own Countrymen In Epic Rant

Posted: 07/15/2014 5:50 pm

Lu youqing

China’s ambassador to Tanzania Lu Youqing has unleashed a torrent of criticism at his own people in a rant during an interview. Lu said his job is much harder than other ambassadors because Chinese people give him a “headache”, they lack respect of the law, and promote disunity among Tanzanians.

Lu is presiding over a great expansion in trade between the two countries, which has seen an influx of Chinese people in the country. China is now Tanzania’s second largest trading partner with US$3.69 billion in trade last year. Still, Lu can’t stop complaining about Chinese people. In an interview with Southern Metropolis, he said:

There are about 70 embassies in Tanzania. No embassy of another country is like ours. All day (we’re) worried about consul problems involving Chinese nationals. No other country’s citizens are like our citizens who incessantly complain about unfair treatment, like during luggage searches at airport customs, being stopped by police in traffic… these incidences give me a headache.

Our personal bad habits have followed us! After coming to Africa, number one, there will definitely be internal strife and disunification in which a lot of people will have problems. A person on their own, or a company–that won’t be a problem. But if there are several (Chinese) people, or several (Chinese) companies, then they will steal from each other. A contractor will often fight with his own people, traders will try to poach from each other, and slander each other. It’s gotten to the point where Chinese companies here in Tanzania will search out a government representative to bribe and get them to stand for their interests. In 2012, two Chinese companies ruined a Tanzania transport department head and deputy department head. They provoked infighting between the two government officials, and in the end the president of Tanzania dismissed them both.

Secondly, they lack awareness of the law. We can’t reasonably insist that everybody be so, and also this is just a small minority of people, naturally. For example, ivory smuggling, rhinoceros horn smuggling, illegal mines; the local laws forbid the transporting of prohibited items out of the country. Each time Tanzania announces they are going to capture ivory smugglers, we (at the embassy) get nervous. However, it always turns out the same way. The governor of the province of Dar es Salaam told me he once saw a police officer bar the path of a Chinese motorist. The governor did not consider this to be a friendly way to treat Chinese nationals, and so he had a complaint made against the police officer. The police officer reported to his superior that there was a car that contained ivory; however, the Chinese motorist denied this. During an extensive search, the hood of the car was opened, and placed upon the engine was an amount of ivory. After this, the governor had less to say in support of Chinese people.

At the airport, Chinese nationals often have their luggage searched. In regards to this, I sought out the director for the Tanzania customs. He agreed that he didn’t want to have to do this, especially as it resulted in more work for his department. Our embassy staff was very nervous. Then he let me see a series of photographs: they were all of ivory smugglers. One woman even tried to smuggle ivory in her bra. Tanzania custom agents are no fools; if they find one person who doesn’t have any, or two, or ten, they will still search a Chinese person. As well, all of the people who get investigated have a speech to tell me: “Ambassador, we have helped them so much; how can they treat us like this in return?” They don’t have even a single bit of awareness of the law.

Remember, everybody: Lu is only complaining about a minority of Chinese nationals misbehaving in Tanzania. He isn’t an expat living in China complaining about a Bad China Day.

[h/t Quartz]

Photos: Sina


Mainland Passengers “Occupy” Hong Kong Flight in 18-Hour Protest

Posted: 06/24/2014 8:37 pm

hong kong airlines flight hx234When your flight is cancelled, then that’s it: you’re not going anywhere. But for a group of mainland tourists, the decision to “not go anywhere” doesn’t necessarily have to be made by the airline.

It was 9pm on June 20, and the departure of Hong Kong Airlines Flight HX234 from Hong Kong Airport to Shanghai was in jeopardy. The air traffic control at Pudong reported bad weather and ordered the plane to delay take-off.

So the plane waited for permission to depart while still idling at its original position next to the passenger terminal. For hours. At 2am, passengers began to request to leave the plane, but it wasn’t until 3am when the captain announced the flight would be cancelled, a full six hours after the original departure time of 9pm.

At this time, Hong Kong Airlines offered its 276 passengers HK$200 in compensation, dinner and breakfast vouchers, along with a flight to Shanghai later. Around 130 of the already boarded passengers accepted this offer, and disembarked the plane. However, about 70 passengers rejected the terms, and refused to leave.

hong kong airlines flight hx234Here’s where this story takes wildly different turns depending on which side of the Hong Kong-Mainland boundary you’re on.

The People’s Daily reported that the passengers had nothing to eat or drink for the entire 16 hours, during which the air conditioning was reported to have been turned off. The paper said the airline staff also left the plane during the passengers’ protest.

This report refers to the passengers as being “detained; while the passengers were not allowed to leave the flight before it was cancelled at 3am, the passengers refused to leave the plane after 3am once the flight was cancelled.

hong kong airlines flight hx234

On the other hand, the airline states that water was provided to passengers throughout the incident, during which time the air conditioning was on, reports the Hong Kong Standard.

But it gets uglier. Passenger Mr Hua said the protesters were not seeking compensation, but rather wanted to complain about how they were being treated. But airline staff have a different story.

Stewardess Candy Tong made a post on Instagram in which she affirmed that airline staff gave food and drink to the passengers. Furthermore, Tong stated that during the delay, airline staff had lent passengers their own personal cell phone chargers. Passengers used their recharged batteries to take pictures of the flight attendants.

The following photograph was posted to Facebook with the text, “#1320 Thanks for telling me there is no food and drinks in HX 234.”

hong kong airlines flight hx234

The whole standoff finally came to an end at 3pm on the 21st — after passengers had stayed on the flight for a full 18 hours — when Hong Kong Airlines decided to increase compensation to HK$800 per passenger.

Hong Kong Airlines has experienced similar protests by mainland passengers before. Two months ago, 31 passengers refused to leave a flight leaving Bali. Back in 2011, 21 passengers refused to leave a Hong Kong Airlines flight after a nine-hour delay in Singapore. Seventeen passengers refused to leave a flight departing from Shanghai in 2012 after an 18-hour weather delay.

A “language strike” by Hong Kong Airlines flight attendants is now planned for July 1 in which staff will refrain from speaking Putonghua. July 1 is also the annual day of protest in Hong Kong, which also coincides with its handover of sovereignty back to Mainland China.

hong kong flight 234 protest

Photos: People’s Daily, Facebook


Tourists Throw Slippers At Lychee Trees To Get Free Fruit In Shenzhen

Posted: 06/12/2014 7:59 pm

As a native of the Pearl River Delta, you take things for what they are. Sure, you live with the combined menace of avian flu and naked officials, but you also enjoy fresh air and the convenience of soon-to-be-arriving FamilyMart stores.

Let’s not mince words: as a Pearl River Delta resident, you can appreciate the very best thing about the PRD: lychee fruit—the proverbial cherry on top of the sundae with Chinese characteristics. However, the lifestyle you take for granted is what makes tourists to Shenzhen lose all semblance of civility.

Apparently, some people can’t go to the park except as a means to exploit its natural resources. On June 10, tourists to Shenzhen’s Lychee Park lost their shiznit over the fact that lychee are being grown on a tree and are free—FREE!—for the taking.

As People’s Daily reports, tourists employ a variety of creative (read: violent) methods to harvest the lychee fruit: throwing plastic bottles, throwing slippers, and shaking the tree. And then there’s climbing the lychee tree itself, thus rendering hobbies that require buying stuff like frisbees and kites redundant from their lack of harvested fruit.

At this rate, thongs are never coming to China.

lychee picking tourists shenzhenlychee picking tourists shenzhenlychee picking touristslychee picking tourists shenzhen

Photos: People’s Daily



Hong Kong May Restrict Mainland Visitors by 20%

Posted: 05/30/2014 11:53 am

shenzhen hong kong borderMainland tourists: your days of peeing on the streets and eating in the subways of Hong Kong may be numbered. A proposal has been made to the Commission on Strategic Development to reduce the number of Mainland visitors allowed into Hong Kong by 20%, reports the SCMP.

Tensions with Mainland visitors has finally drawn the attention of Hong Kong’s lawmakers. Years of “locust” references, pee controversies, subway fights, and retail favoritism have recently culminated in Hong Kong street demonstrations that have called on the government to close the border to the north.

Protestors want the government to restrict entry to mainland visitors to Hong Kong under the independent traveler plan. There were 40 million mainland visitors to Hong Kong last year, which now accounts for a full two-thirds of all inbound tourists.

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Considering Limiting Visitors

And what do you know: it seems like demonstrations do work. Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said the government is interested in listening to “the views of the public, businesses and the tourism sector”, an overall sentiment that has coalesced into this proposal to deny entry to eight million mainland visitors.

And to ensure that the process of governing is working properly, lawmakers disagreed. One unidentified member of the council said, “Everyone [is] opposed [to] such a drastic cut,” while Ben Chan Han-pan voiced his doubt that individual mainland visitors under the plan in question are the source of the problem.

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Hong Kong Border Crossings

Local tourism may suffer if the proposal goes through. First to be affected will be luxury stores that employ guys with white gloves who follow you around the store until you leave.

Since Hong Kong lawmakers are debating the will of the people, we can’t wait until this contentious issue is boiled down to this: Are crude manners tolerable in order to accept mainlander money, or will an adherence to introverted regionalism in fact stagnate Hong Kong’s progress?

Photo: Welcome to China


Old Guangzhou couple arrested after fight near Capitol Hill

Posted: 09/6/2013 4:46 pm

A Guangzhou couple in their 60s had to spend a night in a jail cell after they got into a fight over a photograph pose near Washington’s Capitol Hill on Aug. 30, Phoenix News reports.

The couple were fulfilling a lifelong dream by travelling to the United states for a holiday. Although charges were not pressed against them, the experience of having to spend a night locked up with drug dealers and prostitutes turned their dream very much into a nightmare.

After the couple couldn’t agree over where to stand while posing for a photograph, the wife hit her husband over the head with her handbag. He retaliated with his bag and they got into a loud argument in a language the locals couldn’t understand. Around 10 policemen were called over to subdue them.

According to their tour guide, surnamed Du, the couple were kept in separate cells and wept after being released the next day.

This is the latest in a long line of incidents that has given tourists from the Chinese mainland a bad name. In May this year, former Guangdong Party Secretary Wang Yang said:

“They speak loudly in public, carve characters on tourist attractions, cross the road when the traffic lights are still red, spit anywhere and [carry out] some other uncivilised behaviour. It damages the image of the Chinese people and has a very bad impact.”

A proposal was issued by the China International Travel Service on behalf of the industry on Aug 1, calling for good manners for tourists and tour guides, according to China Daily.

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