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Foreigner In Chengdu Grabs Steering Wheel of Moving Bus, Assaults Driver

Posted: 08/26/2014 3:50 pm

expat assaults bus driver chengduA bus driver in Chengdu is outraged after a belligerent foreigner grabbed his steering wheel and started pressing buttons after missing his bus top, putting himself and other passengers in danger.

Yang Tao, a bus driver with Chengdu Dongxin Public Buses, says he was shocked by the man’s behavour. “He has no sense of safety awareness at all,” he said.

The incident happened last Friday (August 22) after a foreigner boarded his bus. Yang describes the passenger as around 30 years old, slim, and with blond hair. “A classic European-American look,” Yang said.

The first sign of trouble happened the second the foreigner boarded. He only paid 2 mao rather than the 2 yuan fare, and then pretended not to understand Putonghua when the driver protested.  ”If he pretends not to understand me, then there’s nothing I can do,” Yang said. “The only thing left to do is to continue with the bus route.”

expat assaults bus driver chengdu

Yang said everything was fine until the foreigner came to the front because he missed his stop. The passenger wanted Yang to pull over and let him off. “I need to take care of the entire bus, so I rejected his request.” Instead, Yang tried using English by saying “Next.”

expat assaults bus driver chengdu

Unfortunately, the foreigner didn’t take it well. “I need to get off, and if you don’t allow me to get off then you are wrong!” he said.

The foreigner came over to the driver’s position, and started randomly pushing buttons on the dashboard in order to open the bus doors. Then he then tried to wrestle control of the steering wheel away from Yang while the bus was moving.

expat assaults bus driver chengdu

That wasn’t all: after finally reaching the next stop, the foreigner gave the bus driver a parting shot to the head. Yang was, to put it mildly, not impressed:

He was very impolite, and without any safety awareness at all. In the end, he hit me on the head. Even though his head strike did not cause any pain, he was still very insulting.

Yang said people from developed countries should have a better awareness of safety.

Chengdu may have a problem with foreigners behaving badly on public transit; another visitor was caught behaving poorly in this video.

Photos: Xinhuanet


Anger As Chinese Toddler Empties Bowels in Aisle of US-bound Flight

Posted: 07/24/2014 12:00 pm
delta airline child poop

From a previous incident that occurred in 2013.

When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go.

That was the case for one toddler on board a Beijing to Detroit Delta Airlines flight. The kid urgently had to go to the bathroom — so urgently, in fact, there was no time to go to the lavatory on board. So the kid’s father laid a newspaper down in the isle and the child squat and pinched.

Other passengers requested the child’s parents to take the child to the bathroom. However, the child’s grandfather, who was also on the flight, persisted in having the child make full use of the newspaper. Airline staff were unable to stop the airborne bodily evacuation from happening.

Fellow passenger Mr Wang from Oregon said the family made all Chinese people lose face, reports the World Journal.

[h/t @niubi]

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Not Again: Guy Pees On Shenzhen Metro Line 5

Posted: 05/30/2014 8:00 am

Almost two weeks after a man was caught answering nature’s call at Laojie MTR station in Shenzhen, another man riding on the Shenzhen Metro was filmed relieving himself inside a Line 5 subway carriage around midnight on May 27.

The man in red relieves himself inside a metro carriage

The 13-second video uploaded to Youku (now encrypted) was filmed by Mr Fan, a teacher at Shenzhen Tsinghua Middle School, who unfortunately witnessed the entire scene. Around 11pm, a man that appeared to be drunk and wearing a red T-shirt, a pair of black pants and a backpack, teetered and waddled to the last carriage of the train. To Mr Fan’s surprise, the guy did not find a seat and sit down in the empty carriage. Instead, he was seen standing close to the carriage’s door and going through the rituals that all guys are familiar with when nature calls.

This is however, not the first time ill-mannered commuters have been seen peeing or pooping on a metro station. In 2013, a high school student was seen sitting with his pants off on top of a trash can and pooping in the Guangzhou Metro.

Guangzhou recently introduced a bathroom-locator app for passengers who need to use public toilets. Perhaps, Shenzhen should consider introducing one too, the sooner the better. No one wants to read the next tragic headline: Man’s private parts caught by the metro door while peeing.


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Shenzhen government proposes punishing “uncivilized” behaviour

Posted: 07/4/2012 7:00 am

Despite China’s 5,000 years of civilization, authorities in Shenzhen have decided that the public need yet more civilizing, according to local television. On June 1, members of the city’s Standing Committee met to discuss introducing punishments for 49 types of uncivilized behaviour, such as spitting, littering and smoking in public places.

Until July 6, citizens will be invited to give suggestions about what types of behaviour should be punished, and what appropriate punishments would be, Chinese-language media have reported.

The measures may be introduced throughout the country, and as always, Shenzhen is the guinea pig. There will be three polls before any laws are introduced. The first, which ends June 6, is aimed at receiving suggestions about which types of behaviour should be targeted, such as improper disposal of chewing gum, and throwing litter from vehicles or buildings. Forty-nine is the magic number, so there is plenty of room for people to have their pet peeves tackled.

Those of us who have a lot of experience in China know that tackling uncivilized behaviour here is a herculean task. On July 1, a man in Shandong Province embarrassed his fellow bus passengers when he castigated a migrant worker for smelling bad. Subways are also host to all kinds of inappropriate behaviour.

After last year’s earthquake in Japan, many Chinese observed the civility of the Japanese people and asked themselves why Chinese could not be that way.

So, which ill-mannered things would you want put a stop to?

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