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China Losing Patience with Foreigners, Starting to Deport Them for Petty Crimes

Posted: 01/25/2015 12:00 am

arrest handcuffsForeigners who commit crimes in China are increasingly being deported and restricted from re-entering the country.

A pair of foreign nationals are facing deportation after being found guilty in two separate crimes involving assault and theft. The report doesn’t state where the foreigners are from.

Last July 17, a foreigner named Mr Sun had gotten into a physical altercation with a police officer after having too much to drink at a banquet. Sun, who was already covered in blood from a previous incident, struck the police officer in the eye with his right hand. Sun was sentenced to six months, and will be deported upon release.

In a separate case, a 30 year-old foreign woman only identified as Miss Ba was confronted by a store clerk who saw her steal perfume from a cosmetics store near Dongzhimen in Beijing. Ba refuted the allegations and said she couldn’t understand Chinese.

Police later found six bottles of perfume hidden in Ba’s handbag that included Bulgari, Gucci, and Christian Dior, with a total value of RMB 4,400.

Ba was sentenced to six months in jail like Sun, but has also been fined RMB 1,000. Ba will also be deported upon release.

Photo: Xinmin


Foreigner Fined RMB 500, Jailed 10 Days for Molesting Dalian Waitress

Posted: 10/22/2014 6:27 pm

jinzhou dalian A foreigner in Dalian found himself in a whole lot of trouble after he was arrested, fined, and jailed for sexual assault.

The foreign visitor, identified only as Ueda, 26, was with his father on a business trip on October 10 when he decided to eat in a private room at a seafood restaurant. The drinks started to flow, and eventually Ueda, in his words, “lost control of himself” and forcibly embraced a waitress named Zhang, who cried out.

Ueda then reportedly attacked other wait staff after they criticized him for his advances, destroying a restaurant chair in the process. A table of men nearly engaged to “teach the foreigner a lesson”, but rightfully ended up calling police instead. Ueda admitted to his crimes, was fined RMB 500, and was sent to jail for 10 days.

Dalian police emphasized they followed proper procedures in handling the situation. Ueda doesn’t understand a word of Chinese, which made the investigation more difficult.


Photo: agri


Foreigner Gets Whipped With A Leather Belt In Beijing Traffic Altercation

Posted: 09/9/2014 6:17 pm

beijing bmw traffic collision whippingAn unidentified foreigner has found out the hard way what it means to get involved in other people’s problems when he was assaulted during an altercation after a Beijing traffic accident.

The foreign man hailed a cab near Shuangjing with a female companion on September 6 around 9pm at south-east corner of Tianbian Street and Huili Road. However, a BMW was blocking the turning lane in front of the taxi. According to the cab driver and many eyewitnesses, the BMW went into reverse and collided with the taxi. That’s when everybody got out of their cars to talk it over.

Multiple witnesses say the two sides were just talking at first, but things escalated quickly when the expat kicked the front of the BMW. “Speaking honestly, the kick was not a heavy one,” according to one eyewitness, a Mr Wang.

beijing bmw traffic collision whipping

After that, Wang said the driver of the BMW, a woman, tried to kick the foreigner; then he pushed her down. More pushing and shoving ensued.

At one point, as the foreigner was picking up his things, the driver began to whip him with a leather belt. The foreigner’s friend pleaded with her to stop.

Many eyewitnesses describe the actions of the BMW as “excessive”, with one saying, “That he kicked her car isn’t right, but that doesn’t mean you can hit someone first.” Many are reported to be willing to provide testimony to the police in support of the foreigner.

Under police guidance, the two sides have negotiated a settlement. No charges by police are mentioned in the report.

This is a video that shows the foreigner being attacked with a belt and his female companion continuously pleading for it to stop:

Photo: iFeng


Mainlander Jabs Pregnant Hong Kong Woman in the Belly After Cutting in Line

Posted: 09/4/2014 4:37 pm

cutting in line cartoon

Hong Kongers will tell you they are tired of Mainland visitors cutting the queue. The territory still (mostly) adheres to the idea of one person lining up behind the other while waiting to be served, or board the city’s MTR.

If somebody cuts the queue, they might be admonished by others in the line. But one case got so testy it went all the way to court.

A judge in the city has fined a mainland Chinese woman HK$1,000 for her part in a fight she caused by cutting in line, reports China Youth Report.

At the end of July this year, 35 year-old Xie Qiaoling cut into a line to pay insurance fees at the Baocheng Insurance Building. Another woman in line – a Hong Konger – who was six-months pregnant took offense to Xie’s actions and snapped some photos of her on her phone. This infuriated Xie, who jabbed her in the belly with an umbrella.

Yesterday, Xie pleaded guilty to common assault at a a law court in Kowloon where the judge passed the sentence. The defending lawyer said his client admits to being impulsive at the time of the incident. He said Xie didn’t intend on hitting the woman’s pregnant belly, but was trying to point at the phone being used. The contact was unintentional, he claimed.

The judge noted the growing conflicts between Mainland and Hong Kong people, adding that everyone must respect the culture of the place that they are in. The judge reasoned that since Hong Kong residents have a habit of lining up, the act of cutting in line is offensive. However, he said using a phone to take a photograph of a person cutting in line is also offensive, while hurting a pregnant woman was the most idiotic behavior of all. That’s why Xie got slapped with the fine.

Hong Kongers aren’t too thrilled with the sentence, apparently. They say that taking a picture of a person cutting in line is righteous behavior that helps protect themselves.

Photo: Sina


Foreigner In Chengdu Grabs Steering Wheel of Moving Bus, Assaults Driver

Posted: 08/26/2014 3:50 pm

expat assaults bus driver chengduA bus driver in Chengdu is outraged after a belligerent foreigner grabbed his steering wheel and started pressing buttons after missing his bus top, putting himself and other passengers in danger.

Yang Tao, a bus driver with Chengdu Dongxin Public Buses, says he was shocked by the man’s behavour. “He has no sense of safety awareness at all,” he said.

The incident happened last Friday (August 22) after a foreigner boarded his bus. Yang describes the passenger as around 30 years old, slim, and with blond hair. “A classic European-American look,” Yang said.

The first sign of trouble happened the second the foreigner boarded. He only paid 2 mao rather than the 2 yuan fare, and then pretended not to understand Putonghua when the driver protested.  ”If he pretends not to understand me, then there’s nothing I can do,” Yang said. “The only thing left to do is to continue with the bus route.”

expat assaults bus driver chengdu

Yang said everything was fine until the foreigner came to the front because he missed his stop. The passenger wanted Yang to pull over and let him off. “I need to take care of the entire bus, so I rejected his request.” Instead, Yang tried using English by saying “Next.”

expat assaults bus driver chengdu

Unfortunately, the foreigner didn’t take it well. “I need to get off, and if you don’t allow me to get off then you are wrong!” he said.

The foreigner came over to the driver’s position, and started randomly pushing buttons on the dashboard in order to open the bus doors. Then he then tried to wrestle control of the steering wheel away from Yang while the bus was moving.

expat assaults bus driver chengdu

That wasn’t all: after finally reaching the next stop, the foreigner gave the bus driver a parting shot to the head. Yang was, to put it mildly, not impressed:

He was very impolite, and without any safety awareness at all. In the end, he hit me on the head. Even though his head strike did not cause any pain, he was still very insulting.

Yang said people from developed countries should have a better awareness of safety.

Chengdu may have a problem with foreigners behaving badly on public transit; another visitor was caught behaving poorly in this video.

Photos: Xinhuanet


Chengdu Battles Shanghai for “Most Whipped Husbands” in China

Posted: 07/29/2014 2:04 pm

marriage domestic assault love under coercionChinese men don’t always have the best reputation among the ladies, as we reported yesterday in a story on how men fail to match-up with their female counterparts in terms of fashion and hygiene. Now guys are getting hammered again, this time through another survey.

Another question has been vexing China recently, namely: “Which cities’ husbands are more subservient to their wives, Shanghai or Chengdu?” Sichuan Online decided to turn the question into an actual survey that has stoked controversy among Chengdu husbands who are not satisfied with the results.

While details of how the survey was done remain unclear, the results show that 36.8% of respondents said Shanghai while only 31.6% believe Chengdu men are more subservient.

However, Chengdu husbands are apparently not satisfied with their position at #2, despite their apparently familiarity with it. Comments criticizing the survey results include:

Simply can not accept this. We’ve been at it neck and neck with Shanghai men, and we’ve given all of our earnings over (to our wives).
This clearly destroys the image of the Chengdu husband! Could it be?
This is definitely a trick!

marriage domestic assault love under coercion

A ranking of cities by how afraid husbands are of their wives begins with Shanghai, and is followed by Chengdu, Wuhan and Chaozhou. But one Chengdu male said they are simply misunderstood:

This isn’t called ‘being afraid of one’s wife’, but ‘loving one’s wife’.

The meek behaviour among men around their wives or girlfriends comes from the phrase “burning ear”. It is used to describe when a wife punishes her husband by twisting his ear, but the husband remains too afraid to use physical force against his wife so quietly accepts his punishment.

There were other questions as part of the survey, too. One was: “Are Chengdu husbands willing to allow themselves to be coerced by their wives with the public fully knowing the extent of their emasculation?” Twenty-six percent answered “yes”, 15.8% said “no”, while 57.9% said husbands are willing to be coerced by their wives, but only in private.

When asked why this is a particular phenomenon in Chengdu, 20.8% of respondents said that “Chengdu women have a spicy attitude”, 20.8% said “Chengdu men are mild and amenable”, while 29.2% stated, “This is a modern trend.”

If this is a modern trend, we wonder where people get the idea that domestic abuse within a marriage is acceptable, or even humorous.

hui tai lang hong tai lang

He’s holding a yellow rose and saying, “I love frying pans.”

Photos: meilishuo, media.163news.tigercity


Video: Beijing Ferrari Driver Beats Taxi Driver in Middle of Busy Street

Posted: 07/25/2014 11:38 am

beijing ferrari owner beats taxi cabbie assaultA Ferrari driver in Beijing has been caught on video assaulting two people in the middle of a busy street, reports Sina News Video.

At around 11:30pm on July 23 in Beijing’s Chaoyang District near Liangma Bridge, a Ferrari sports car suddenly cut in front of a taxi. Then the driver of the sports car hopped out and moved toward the taxi.

As caught on video, the driver of the Ferrari is seen beating the taxi driver, then on his knees in the middle of the road. The Ferrari driver slapped and kicked the taxi driver and used foul language to berate him.

beijing ferrari owner beats taxi cabbie assault

Later, a male passerby tried to intervene, but he too was beaten and kicked by the Ferrari driver. Neither victim fought back. Both were seen bleeding from the mouth and fell unconscious.

The police arrested the Ferrari driver once the arrived, although the driver claims he was beaten by the cops.

The video was taken by a netizen named Wang, who recorded most of the five minute-long assault.

beijing ferrari owner beats taxi cabbie assault

The driver of the taxi is named Chen, 38. He suffered an ear injury and soft tissue injuries from the assault. The passerby that tried to intervene is named Yi, and he also suffered soft tissue damage and a swollen eye. He apparently now has difficulty walking.

According to Chen, the Ferrari driver had jumped in front of his taxi and said “You hit me!” while pounding on the hood. Another man with the Ferrari driver reportedly said, “He’s drunk; if you’ll come out and talk about it with him, I’m sure it will be all right.”

Here is a video of the incident:


Photos: Asia Today


Hong Kong Independence Activist Assaulted Outside Courthouse

Posted: 06/20/2014 1:14 pm

hong kong courthouse assault people first democracy independenceA member of the group “Hong Kong People First” was assaulted as he stood before a courthouse to stand trial for having trespassed upon a People’s Liberation Army military base, reports Sina News.

Zhao Xiancong and other members of Hong Kong People First gathered outside the Eastern Law District Office on June 19 and were shouting slogans like “Independent Hong Kong” and “Long Live Hong Kong”.

Then in full view of reporters at the scene, a middle-aged man suddenly charged at Zhao and struck him twice across the face, shouting in Cantonese, “Are you Chinese? What kind of country are you trying to establish?”

Zhao later stated he does not know the person who assaulted him.

Zhao and three other people, all members of Hong Kong People First, are charged for trespassing upon the Chinese mainland military base stationed in Hong Kong. Last year, on December 26, Zhao and the others burst onto the base waving the flag used by Hong Kong under the British colonial government.

Zhao was sentenced to two weeks in jail and given a suspended prison sentence of 12 month for his role, described as a “ringleader”. Two other people, Zhang Hanxian and Xie Yongwen, were fined HK$2000.

A fourth person was a minor at the time of the incident, and has had their case transferred to juvenile court. They will be tried on June 25.

Hong Kong People First is a group that opposes issues that concern mainland China such as the grey market of smuggling goods across the border.

Hong Kong is becoming more volatile ahead of a vote today on three proposals for full universal suffrage in Hong Kong. Beijing opposes all three options, and has warned a planned protest in Central this summer could destabilize the city.

hong kong courthouse assault people first democracy independencehong kong courthouse assault people first democracy independencehong kong courthouse assault people first democracy independencehong kong courthouse assault people first democracy independencehong kong courthouse assault people first democracy independencehong kong courthouse assault people first democracy independence


Photos: Sina, Southern Metropolis Report 


Old Man Beaten to Death on Camera by Two Men in Huizhou

Posted: 06/6/2014 9:45 am

A garbage recycler in his 60s was beaten to death by two men in a residential building in Huizhou. No one came to the man’s assistance despite the presence of a security camera and security guards watching the feed.

The tragic incident took place on May 28 after 10:40pm in the hallway leading to the garage. Two men, who had arguments over garbage collection with the old man, ran into the victim in the hallway and left nothing to explanation by immediately beating him. Even when the old man collapsed onto the ground, the two men are still seen kicking him, Guangdong TV reported.

All three men were collecting garbage and plastic bottles for money in the building.

The old man as seen in the video was almost powerless: cornered into the end of the hallway by the two menacing and much-younger men, the old man did not strike back at all. According to the security camera footage, the beating lasted at least a minute and a half. When the old man’s family arrived on the scene, he was found lying on the ground with his head covered in blood, and blood dripping from his mouth and nose. When the doctors arrived, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

What most angered Ms Deng, the victim’s daughter, is the fact the assault was fully recorded by a CCTV camera located right above the hallway where the beating happened. It was watched by the security guards, but no one had come to stop the violence. When interviewed for the TV report, one of the security guards claimed they stopped the two suspects outside of the hallway after the beating, and called for police and medical assistance.

The two men were arrested by the police.

Home page and content page images: Guangdong TV


Taxi Driver Violently Attacked by Foreigner in Shanghai [GRAPHIC]

Posted: 06/5/2014 5:01 pm

shanghai beaten cabbie taxi driver laowai foreigner[This story contains violent images]

Mr Zhang, a taxi driver in Shanghai, was on his way home last night when he stopped at a red light at the intersection of Jiangsu Road and Wuding West Road in Changning District at around 11pm. That is when he encountered something very strange: a cyclist on a motorbike stopped right in front of his car, blocking it.

As QQ reports, this person entered the taxi via the front passenger door and violently beat Zhang for a full minute. Zhang was unable to exit the vehicle, and could only try his best to defend himself. After the attacker escaped, Zhang was left with multiple injuries: his right brow is cracked, his nose broken, and he has suffered multiple contusions, especially to his hands.

Zhang said he has never met this laowai before, nor had he any reason to expect someone would want to assault him. Zhang described the attacker as a foreigner, but the report didn’t go into any other specifics.

Police say an investigation is underway.

shanghai beaten cabbie taxi driver laowai foreignershanghai beaten cabbie taxi driver laowai foreigner

Photos: QQ

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