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Old Man Beaten to Death on Camera by Two Men in Huizhou

Posted: 06/6/2014 9:45 am

A garbage recycler in his 60s was beaten to death by two men in a residential building in Huizhou. No one came to the man’s assistance despite the presence of a security camera and security guards watching the feed.

The tragic incident took place on May 28 after 10:40pm in the hallway leading to the garage. Two men, who had arguments over garbage collection with the old man, ran into the victim in the hallway and left nothing to explanation by immediately beating him. Even when the old man collapsed onto the ground, the two men are still seen kicking him, Guangdong TV reported.

All three men were collecting garbage and plastic bottles for money in the building.

The old man as seen in the video was almost powerless: cornered into the end of the hallway by the two menacing and much-younger men, the old man did not strike back at all. According to the security camera footage, the beating lasted at least a minute and a half. When the old man’s family arrived on the scene, he was found lying on the ground with his head covered in blood, and blood dripping from his mouth and nose. When the doctors arrived, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

What most angered Ms Deng, the victim’s daughter, is the fact the assault was fully recorded by a CCTV camera located right above the hallway where the beating happened. It was watched by the security guards, but no one had come to stop the violence. When interviewed for the TV report, one of the security guards claimed they stopped the two suspects outside of the hallway after the beating, and called for police and medical assistance.

The two men were arrested by the police.

Home page and content page images: Guangdong TV


Beijing Metro Security Like “Going Through Airport Customs”

Posted: 05/27/2014 1:01 pm

beijing subway security check

Security has been dramatically tightened up in Beijing.

Today, the usual subway security check no longer involves just “putting your bags through”, as commuters now have to be checked as though they are going through airport customs.

This was the scene at Beijing’s Tiantongyuan North Station at the terminus of Line 5 this morning:

beijing subway security checkbeijing subway security check beijing subway security checkbeijing subway security checkbeijing subway security checkbeijing subway security check

Photos: Weibo


Paradise, Lost: The Lonely, Loveless City of Shenzhen

Posted: 05/13/2014 8:00 am

When the city’s lights dim and the snarling noises from the heavy-loaded trucks die down, Shenzhen, a city among the most populated places in the world, is more lonely than you could have ever imagined.

A recent report by Baihe Net entitled “Report on Shenzhen Residents’ Relationship and Marital Status” revealed that more than 70 percent of the city’s non-local residents find it hard to find their significant other, an opinion to which 69.1 percent of locals agree, reported Yangcheng Evening News on May 12.

It does not help matters when 85.9 percent of female respondents in Shenzhen and Guangzhou said they believe that a man with a monthly salary below RMB 5,000 ($800) should not even attempt to start a relationship, a salary already 8.4 percent higher than the national average, the report said.

And once in a relationship, marriage is the only thing keeping them committed because 72.2 percent of non-local Shenzhen residents believe marriage is the goal of relationships, an opinion 64.5 percent of locals seconded.

Not surprisingly, for the large pool of lonely souls, old maids and bachelors in the city, physical needs are self-actualized. 61.6 percent of bachelors in Shenzhen said their sexual needs were “self-sufficed and handled on their own”, and 29 percent of single women also took the matters into their own hands.

And don’t forget: China is still a country where men are pressured to marry in order to prove their manhood, and women marry for financial security. The pressure is mounting for Shenzhen’s singles, and none of the parties are happy about their status as singles; parents are constantly nagging them about potential marriage problems before the slightest opportunity for marriage had even arrived.

The report said 54.4 percent of local single males worry about regional cultural and custom differences in a cross-provincial marriage, and 39.8 percent worry about the trouble of commuting between the bride’s family and groom’s family during the Spring Festival.

Perhaps the only ones who are smiling after reading about the city’s large unwed population are the advertisers and shop owners who have perhaps, already started planning this year’s Singles Day retail campaigns on November 11.

 Home page and content page images: Sohu


Security Guards At Shenzhen Hospital Abuse Cat, Attack Reporters [GRAPHIC]

Posted: 04/16/2014 11:29 am

cat animal abuse shenzhen security guard hospital journalist beaten attack

[This article contains content and images that may prove to be offensive to some readers.]

Some people are evil. Some people are stupid. And then, there are those exceptional people who are both evil and stupid.

A clear-cut case of animal abuse happened in broad daylight on April 14. Mr Yu was just leaving the Shenzhen People’s Hospital in Futian District when he heard a loud mewing that had attracted the attention of many people in the area. When he noticed two on-duty security guards doing what they shouldn’t be doing, he began to record the following scene:

The text for this video gives more details about the incident: (translated by the Nanfang)

Two Security Guards from the Shenzhen Futian People’s Hospital Abuse a Cat
Yesterday afternoon at around 6pm
Two male security guards from the Shenzhen People’s Hospital in Futian District
used a transparent adhesive tape to tie up a 3-month old cat
and used it to drag the kitty around
Then they hang the kitty to play with it
before dragging the kitty around
Afterwards, they hanged the kitty from a tree
Attracting two small children to come over and ask
“Why have you tied up the kitty?”

Yes, children witnessed this act of animal cruelty as an adult accompanying them walked away. After the end of the video, the cat was taken down from the tree and dragged around before being hung again.

That was evil. Now comes the stupid.

After the video surfaced online, journalists from ten different newspapers and media outlets descended upon the Shenzhen People’s Hospital to confront these security guards. When negotiation with a person identifying themselves as the head of security went nowhere, the reporters went to the information desk to arrange an interview with the hospital’s public relations department.

And then in full view of people whose job it is to record things, security guards began attacking the reporters, reports Shenzhen News, Guangdong Yangcheng Evening News, JS China and other people with the bruises to prove it.

cat animal abuse shenzhen security guard hospital journalist beaten attack

Past stupid and well into Crazytown, security guards beat the journalists with kicks and punches. You’ll have to forgive the lack of clear images of the attack since security guards successfully destroyed cameras from two television stations. The fracas continued until police came to take away the offending security guards.

For the epilogue to this story, we leave Crazytown and depart for Ludicrous City. Lin Hanli, Deputy Director of the Shenzhen People’s Hospital, absolved his organization of any responsibility in regards to property destruction and attacks because the security guards have nothing to do with the hospital; they only happen to work there. Lin said:

“Property management is outsourced, and hospital security guards are the responsibility of property management.”

Back at the beginning of this story, it was a case of “evil” committing animal abuse. Now, by using bureaucracy to absolve responsibility — that hasn’t yet acknowledged the animal abuse — it may be that we’ve gone all the way through the cycle and are back around again at evil.

That, or we’re glimpsing the “irrational national” standard well at work.

Photos: JS China, Shenzhen Evening Post – Weibo account


Labour Unrest Grows in Guangdong With Two More High-Profile Protests

Posted: 04/15/2014 7:07 pm

galanz factory riot demonstration wages rampage labor

A day before Guangzhou hospital security guards were convicted for disturbing social order by protesting low wages, workers at a Galanz factory in Zhongshan rioted due to unfair wages.

Yesterday, a Weibo post (now deleted) reported a riot had broken out in the dormitories at the Galanz factory during the early morning of April 14. 2,000 workers were said to be protesting against a low wage standard that was below than that promised during recruitment, 21st Century Business Herald reported.

However, the management at Galanz gave a different version of the incident. They confirmed that a protest had indeed occurred at the factory by the workers. However, instigated by workers who had been drinking, only approximately 200 workers got involved in the unrest while those not involved presumably had a difficult time trying to fall asleep.

At present, the unrest is over and an investigation is pending after police were called in.

As for what could happen if protests are taken too far: Several hospital security guards involved in a high-profile labor protest in Guangzhou last year were convicted today, Reuters reports.

After negotiations between the Guangzhou Chinese Medicine University Hospital and other workers would leave them with nothing, the convicted security guards climbed to the roof and threatened to jump before detained by police on August 19 of last year.

All 12 accused were found guilty of “disturbing social order”, but received comparably light punishments with the longest sentence being nine months. A lawyer for one of the convicted guards, Duan Yi, explained that China’s leaders are still liable to crack down on labor activists:

“They are sending a signal to society at large which is that as workers protect their rights, if they are even slightly extreme they could receive criminal punishment.”

As a family member pointed out, none of the convicted had put any other people in danger, and yet they have been incarcerated up until the trial today.

It would seem that a dialog between both labor and management is the way by which a compromise can be achieved, and yet such an outcome is not assured when management like Galanz occupies an infallible position. They had explained their stance on the rioting workers’ demands by saying:

The company will do its best to fulfill all the rational requests of its employees.

If it ain’t rational, it ain’t being fulfilled.

Photos: Weibo


Shenzhen man stabbed to death while 3 security guards stand and watch

Posted: 06/18/2012 7:00 am

The problem of Chinese people failing to help strangers in trouble has been a hot issue in China since last year’s Wang Yue incident in Fo Shan. Many people believe that China is far behind other countries when it comes to helping strangers, this was underlined when a Brazilian man was beaten in Dongguan after intervening in a mugging while security guards watched. An opinion piece in Shenzhen Daily last week put this down to the fact that Westerners come from “developed civil societies”. The issue reared its head again in Shenzhen last week.

A man in the city’s Bao’an District was killed when he was stabbed in the throat and later ignored by three security guards, according to local television. Security camera footage shows the man, surnamed Yu, being suddenly stabbed by a man wearing black on the evening of June 6, just after 7 p.m.

Yu was out for a walk with his girlfriend surnamed Tan, when Tan’s ex-boyfriend, surnamed Gong, approached them. Gong pulled a fruit knife from behind his back and stabbed Yu in the neck before fleeing. Gong was later arrested by police in Shekou Park.

The initial police investigation showed that as blood gushed from his neck, Yu stumbled toward the nearest security guard’s office at the entrance of Fugong Business Park on Shajing Road, where he was ignored. However a further investigation by a journalist, showed that not only did the three security guards refuse Yu’s request for help, they watched the entire incident unfold without lending so much as a hand.

Public intellectual Jie Wenjin angrily denounced the security guards’ inaction, calling for individuals to do their duty and make China a better society. Some netizens berated the apathy of the security guards. Another opined that security guards seldom do any good.

One netizen defended the men, arguing they could not intervene in their capacity as security guards because the incident took place outside of their jurisdiction, and they had no training in how to deal with such an extreme case. Another netizen pointed to the complicated relationship between morals and the law.

The investigation is ongoing.

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