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Report: Uighur Terror Suspects Using Fake Turkish Passports to Leave China

Posted: 01/15/2015 8:00 am

border crossing shenzhen bayTurkey may be far from China, but there may be a connection between the two countries with the news that Shanghai police arrested ten Turkish nationals for supplying fake passports to ethnic Uighurs described as “terror suspects”.

The arrests were made in November when 11 Chinese nationals were arrested for trying to leave the country by paying RMB 60,000 for tampered Turkish passports, nine of whom are said to be “terror suspects” from Xinjiang.

A tenuous relationship between Uighur and Turkish interests can seen in other recent developments involving border crossings. Last November, a number of Uighurs escaped from a jail in Thailand after being arrested for attempting to enter the country on claims of being from Turkey, a claim that was not recognized by the local Turkish embassy.

In October, 155 Uighurs were arrested in Kuala Lumpur by Malaysian authorities for using fake Turkish passports.

A massive crackdown on terrorism in Xinjiang, a conflict that has claimed hundreds of lives, had recently led to a ban on the wearing of burqas by the local Uighur majority as a way to control public safety.

Photo: the Nanfang


Xinjiang Bans Burqa in Public Spaces

Posted: 01/12/2015 10:00 am

Xinjiang, a largely Muslim autonomous region in northwestern China, has passed a controversial regulation banning women from publicly wearing the burq

The regulation comes at a time when the country’s northwest region has seen an increased number of deadly terrorist attacks, with many blaming Islamic extremists. The recent terrorist attacks in France have also fuelled the Chinese government’s fear of increased violence, wrote BBC Chinese.

In 2011, the Xinjiang government launched an RMB 7 million beautifying campaign to educate local women about proper dress codes, including abandoning veils and burqas, wrote China Ethnic Daily. Its slogan was “show your beautiful face, and loosen up your beautiful hair,” the newspaper wrote. In 2010, the state newspaper had called the veils and burqas worn by muslim Uyghur women as “a part of Uyghur tradition and a city’s beautiful view.”

Last year, Karamay, another city in Xinjiang, initiated a ban on burqas, hijabs and face veils; but, the ban in Urumqi is the first approved by Xinjiang’s People’s Congress and its legislature.

Some experts in ethnic relations were concerned that such measures could invite a backlash and demonize ethnic Uyghur groups, the report said.

France passed a similar law in 2010; a few months later, a similar regulation came into force in Belgium.


Photos: China News 


Chinese Find Many to Blame for Charlie Hebdo Terrorist Attack

Posted: 01/8/2015 4:51 pm

charlie hebdo terrorist attackThe terrorist attack at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has galvanized China, with widespread coverage and commentary in social media.

Chinese news outlets mostly followed the western press in their characterization of the incident as a terrorist attack, with some offering an explainer of the French magazine and its tendency to attract controversy.

charlie hebdo memorial163 published a retrospective of many of the magazine’s lewdest covers, including the Virgin Mary in a compromised position as well as its infamous depiction of the Prophet Muhammad.

Sina provided an introduction to Charlie Hebdo, noting that French media has a long tradition of using satire with high-profile targets including royalty, government, police, and banks. However, it notes the magazine was provocative to win an audience because it was a relatively small publication.

Furthermore, Sina says the magazine’s objective is to challenge authority and satirize current political events, but noted the magazine was regularly criticized for being “vulgar” and “heartless”.

charlie hebdo memorialChinese Weibo users were very forthcoming with their opinions, with some people re-publishing the controversial cartoon depiction of the Prophet Muhammad. But not everybody sided with the magazine:

This time, Charlie Hebdo is not right.

Everyone could see what was coming from their provocative picture of the Virgin Mary.

Anti-intellectual, low-grade, timid, cruel, narrow-minded, extreme, blood-thirsty, perverted, frantic, ignorant, selfish, shameless, evil, lustful. These are (Charlie Hebdo’s) system of values.

Right now is a terrible time for print media.

Thanks to the author for posting these materials from Charlie Hebdo. It seems that core values can have cultural differences. Any system of values can not violate universal values.

Looks like the victims were very narrow-minded.

charlie hebdo memorialOne blamed the entire country of France:

This is a non-mainstream magazine in France with a small circulation and readership. Two years ago when US Americans filmed The Innocence of Muslims and were satirizing Muslims, Charlie Hebdo also got in on the action and published a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad. This caused a controversy that CCTV covered. During such sensitive times, France added fuel to the fire; they are the accomplices to the USA (referred to using a derogatory name), and have attracted the ire of France’s Muslim community. However you look at it, this is not a sensible thing to do as the spark for revenge has already been lit.

One went further, blaming all of Europe:

Europe was the one that sinned first. Several hundred years ago, Spain went on a violent crusade and drove all the Muslims out of Europe.

While others place the blame squarely on Islam:

I think that equal treatment is a basic principle. If other people insult you, then you can fiercely insult them back. If other people hit you with their fist, then you fiercely kick back with your foot. However, if you kill someone for insulting you, and you think that this person doesn’t have the right to insult you, then by this logic, how can your family and even your ethnic group be preserved?

(We) should attack evil cults.

Muslims are an evil cult, and are a cancer on humanity.

This attack has not made me comfortable with certain religions.

These ignorant, modern day zealots will soon be the demise of the Muslim religion.

Muslims say that if you aren’t a believer, then you can go to hell.

These people were on the fence:

There are limits to humor just as there are for leniency and punishment.

Is this something to teach to the younger generation, or just vulgar claptrap? A print media crisis, or moral crisis?

Here are a few more comments:

Deep veneration (for the victims)!

It’s not as though all Muslims want to kill these cartoonists. No matter if they are Muslim, Christian, Buddhists, or material atheists, they are all humans first.

Chinese people have a hard time understanding why foreigners would do things to harm others with no benefit to themselves after having satisfying their need for hunger and have nothing left to do. Wouldn’t it be great to be a French citizen with high welfare benefits? The reason to distinguish yourself (in society) is so that you can eat fine food, drink fine wine, and sleep with beautiful women. Everything you can want, beyond your capability to consume it. In fact, this is the only distinction between you and them: in this life, just what are you living for?

You can’t ridicule a belief in RPG’s and AK47, this is common knowledge.

The US dropped nuclear bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima; this signifies that the US is a terrorist country! Japan should take revenge against the US, this is a righteous action!

Photos: Peninsula Morning Report, Weibo


Find Terrorists, Win RMB 500,000 in Guangdong

Posted: 11/14/2014 10:00 am

Need some extra money? Now the Chinese government will pay you for finding terrorists.

People living in Foshan can report suspicious terrorist activity to the Foshan Police Department and get up to RMB 500,000.

The financial incentive is meant to encourage residents to be more vigilant, particularly regarding potential attacks from Xinjiang separatists. The announcement came just two days after a Chinese court sentenced 22 imprisoned rioters on charges ranging from rape and disruption of public order to illegal religious preaching.

An October 12, 2014 attack in a Kashgar farmer’s market left 22 people dead and dozens injured. Most of the victims were ethnic Han Chinese and the attackers were allegedly ethnic Uyghurs.




Don’t Hang Underwear on Your Balcony During APEC, or Beijing Police May Mistake You For a Sniper

Posted: 11/6/2014 4:12 pm

sniper rifleWith the APEC summit in Beijing fast approaching, the city is abuzz with excitement… if hiding in your own home out of fear of being shot counts as excitement.

This document comes to us from Facebook and while we can’t verify its authenticity, it has all the precautions and warnings Beijing residents have become familiar with whenever something important happens in the city.

The following appears to be an official notice posted in a public location:

notice apec


From November 6, 2014 until November 13, 2014, a world conference will be convening in Beijing. For this reason, precautions are being made to ensure the safety of every participating country from sniper attack from tall buildings located near the Third Ring Road.

Please refrain from wantonly opening your windows without restraint or hanging clothes from them in order not to be mistaken for an attacking sniper, thus leading to one’s injury or death. Be sure to pay attention to your own safety.

Office of On-Duty Staff

November 2, 2014

It goes without saying that if you are, in fact, a hostile sniper, you should turn yourself over to the authorities immediately before an innocent man hanging his underwear gets mistaken for you.

[h/t Brendan O'Kane]

Photos: Facebook, Guns America


US Angry Over Proliferation of Chinese-Made Fake ID Cards

Posted: 09/26/2014 9:02 am

us counterfeit id chinese madeUS officials are incensed over expertly-crafted, Chinese-made counterfeit identification cards they say are threatening the country’s security.

China has produced fake US ID cards for some time, but the country’s counterfeiters are getting better and better at their craft. A shipment of fake ID cards was recently seized by US customs agents, reported China Daily. The expertly-made forgeries were hidden in tea containers or jewelry boxes, and spread throughout several hundred cases.

The driver’s licenses are made in China and described as “authentic-looking”. Each counterfeit ID is worth $150 (RMB 920).

An official from Illinois expressed his outrage, saying something has to be done:

Reporter: When you look at the fakes that are coming in now, what’s your reaction?
Official: I’m amazed by it.
Reporter: This isn’t just forgery and fraud, there’s also a homeland security issue here too.
Official: That’s why I’m not going to stand idly by and allow this activity to continue without doing something about it.

When authentic-looking Chinese-made fake IDs were found in the USA in 2012, David Huff with Virginia’s Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control called them ”an affront to the very sovereignty and dignity of the states that issue them.”

A year before that In 2011, an officer from the Arizona Department of Public Safety called the Chinese-made ID cards “a national security threat”.

Still, it appears there is little the US government can do to stem the black market for counterfeit identification, said to be worth $100 million. Andrew Meehan, a policy analyst for the Coalition for a Secure Driver’s License, said:

Short of filing a complaint to the World Trade Organization, the request has to be made to the Chinese government.

obama fake id cardChinese netizens are proud of the country’s shanzhai culture that has produced countless counterfeit products:


The great home of counterfeits

The certification industry has finally gone international…

From out of the country, and into the world.

Even Alibaba, the e-commerce behemoth that recently listed in New York, is able to openly sell fake IDs on its e-commerce website — in English, no less.

alibaba fake id identificationPhotos: China Daily, mident solutions, Alibaba screenshot, What’s on Xiamen


Police in Henan Mistakenly Arrest Cosplay Students Thought To Be Terrorists

Posted: 08/10/2014 10:55 am

student cosplay terrorism anime police warning shotCould you identify a terrorist if you saw one? Police in Henan Province certainly think so as they arrested two students wearing cosplay costumes while walking in a park.

The Chengguan police sub-station in Luoyang received a report at 8pm on August 2 saying two suspicious people wearing dark clothes and carrying weapons in Nanling Park might be terrorists, reports Sina.

Police found the suspects walking at the park’s west gate. Bystanders were confused by their appearance and ran away, while one girl apparently cried at the sight of the two people. They were wearing black gowns and masks with a red “F” embroidered on the forehead, and were carrying objects that appeared to be scythes.

Police confronted the suspects and demanded they put down their weapons and raise their hands. The suspects mostly complied, but forgot about the “weapons” in their hands. This prompted the police to discharge their weapons and fire a warning shot into the air.

After the two were taken into custody, it turned out both suspects are high school students and fans of an anime show. The black robes are cosplay costumes that they had bought online and were  accompanied by fake toy scythes. After receiving the costumes they put them on and then went out to the park.

The pair were detained for five days for disturbing the peace. Because the two are minors, they will not face criminal charges. After being criticized by school authorities, the two were set free.

Photo: Sina



Nanfang Week in Review: June 15-June 21

Posted: 06/22/2014 5:00 pm

yulin dog eating festival controversy animal activistsLast week looked just like this here at the Nanfang:


Monday:g-string condom

Tuesday:massage unconscious paralysis shenzhen


Thursday:jiangmen student stabbing teacher

Friday:yulin dog eating festival controversy animal activists

Saturday:marilyn monroe statue giant guigang guangxi

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Report Suspected Terrorist Activity in Shenzhen and Win Big Money!

Posted: 06/18/2014 3:42 pm

If you think “snitches get stitches”, the City of Shenzhen wants you to know that reporting on suspected terrorist plots isn’t just a civic duty, but a profit-earning opportunity as well.

The Shenzhen municipal public security bureau has announced a program to reward citizens who report on terrorist activities as well as suspicious people, objects and vehicles.

But that’s not all: Shenzhen police don’t just want any old wive’s tale, but the juiciest, plum tip-offs. That’s why they’re willing to pay tipsters according to a sliding scale depending upon “how much damage would have been caused” by the suspected plot, reported Shanghai Daily.

READ: 100,000 Beijingers Are Trying to Find Out if You Are a Terrorist

There has been no precedent set to determine which reported act of terrorism will be rewarded with what amount of money, but the cash rewards begin at RMB 2,000 and range upwards to RMB 500,000.

However, the report subtly states that there are in fact no restrictions on how high the reward can get, presumably because, in the most horrifying and terrifying way possible, there are also no restrictions on “how much damage” can be caused by a terrorist act.

So don’t delay! If you spot potential terrorist activity call 110 (emergency services), send an e-mail, letter, text message, or leave a message on the local PSB website. You could always swing by in person, too.


Photo: indium


Guangdong Has The Worst Public Image Of All Provinces In China

Posted: 06/17/2014 5:43 pm

color river boluo county guangdong pollution waterWe’ve seen many awards handed to Guangdong province: it has the most livable city in China and cities with the best air in China, for instance. It even has some questionable awards, like having the most crowded place in the world.

However, Guangdong has now been given the dubious honor of being called the province with the worst public image in China according to a blue book report published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

The report compiled more than 2,000 media reports concerning public safety, social order, the environment, public services and the performance of government officials and ranked them in terms of public image, province by province.

Tang Jun, editor-in-chief of the report and director of the Crisis Management Center at Renmin University, told Xinhua that he believes the report is a warning of the risks of the country’s rapid transformation.

We can only surmise that the culmination of all these varied awards can means that it is nice to live in Guangdong, but you shouldn’t ruin it by thinking.

Related stories that may somehow pertain to Guangdong’s public image:

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