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Beijing Taxi Fares Among the Cheapest in the World

Posted: 09/24/2014 3:25 pm

beijing taxi gridlock traffic jamBeijing, once famous for its garlic-smelling cabs, has the cheapest taxi fares in the world among major international metropolitan cities, according to Focus, a German publication. Beijing taxis only charge 3.87 Euros (RMB 29.8, around $4.97) for a 10 kilometre trip.

At the other end is Tokyo, where taking a cab is downright prohibitive. A 10 kilometre ride in the world’s largest city is 25.39 Euros (RMB 200.1, approximately $32.64), 6.7 times more than Beijing.

The taxi services of other world cities fall in between. A ten kilometer taxi trip in London costs 22.5 Euros (around $28.93); in New York City, it costs the equivalent of 13.98 Euros (approximately $17.97); and in Paris, such a trip will set you back 12.20 Euros (about $15.68).

Wang Limei, secretary of the Chinese National Raod Transportation association, explained that these European and American cities have higher taxi fares because “foreigners have higher salaries”.

Traffic expert Zhang Haitao said Beijing fares couldn’t ever get as high as those overseas:

From downtown Washington to the airport, it will cost about $100. This is too expensive for locals, and removes the effectiveness of (the taxi) by its price.

Caijing explained that taxis in these other countries are used as an emergency measure, and not regularly used for commuting like in Beijing. Residents of the USA and Europe also take fewer taxis because they have a convenient and effective public transportation system. (The fact that many Europeans and North Americans also own cars wasn’t mentioned).

Caijing went on to say each of these world-class cities have subway stations within a 100 to 200 meter walk, and that it is even convenient to take luggage on the subway .

At the end of it all, you get what you pay for. You get cheap fares in Beijing, only to sit in the worst traffic in the country.


Photo: roll.msn


Shenzhen Named Mainland China’s Most Pedestrian-Friendly City

Posted: 09/13/2014 10:00 am

‘Spring Flower’ footbridge in Nanshan District in Shenzhen drew a whopping investment of RMB 50 million.

Shenzhen, the southern boom-town of Guangdong, was recently voted mainland China’s most pedestrian-friendly city, according to a report by the Natural Resources Defense Council, a New York-based environmental advocacy group.

Guangzhou followed Shenzhen, ranking No. 4. The council surveyed a total of 35 cities in China; Shenzhen scored 67.83 points out of a possible one hundred in terms of walking safety, comfort, convenience and government management, reported Jing Daily on September 11.

Although not part of mainland China, Hong Kong took the top prize for being a walkable city, based on its sound infrastructure and public facilities. Shanghai placed 3rd, while Dalian placed 5th.

A number of specific locations were also recommended by the newspaper. The 14 areas include: Qian Hai, Shekou, Nanshan commercial culture center, Gaoxin District, Huaqiao City, Windows on the World, Shenzhen Bay, Chegong Temple, Central District, Huanggang Port, Huaqiang North, Luohu commercial district, Shatou Jiao and Daxiao Meisha.

Many local residents, however, continue to complain that Shenzhen’s facilities are less than ideal, citing narrow sidewalks, uneven surfaces, poor traffic lights and maintenance as primary problems.

What do you think? Does Shenzhen live up to being rewarded as mainland China’s most pedestrian-friendly city?

Photos: Shenzhen Jianxu Testing Engineering Services Co Ltd


Top 10 Complaints Chinese Women Have About Their Foreign Boyfriends

Posted: 07/21/2014 5:20 pm
mixed race couple

File photo from 2002.

For some foreigners, seeking opportunity in China is tied to finding love. For these Chinese ladies, being in a cross-cultural relationships means they must show their love in a specific way: by complaining.

China Daily has compiled this list of the top complaints Chinese women have about their foreign boyfriends. Reportedly provided by an unidentified Pakistani national, the list does a good job of simplifying the cultural differences between China and the rest of the world into two distinct homogeneous globs so that we can better understand them both.

This list was originally published in Chinese, but with the term “you” used so often to denote the Western boyfriend, we thought it was necessary to bring it to a Western audience.

Here then are the top ten complaints a Chinese woman has about her foreign boyfriend:

1. You Don’t Help Me Carry My Bag!

The majority of foreign boyfriends fundamentally think that carrying their girlfriend’s handbag is not masculine at all. However, this is the most common request of a Chinese girlfriend. Chinese girlfriends often put unnecessary things that are of no use into their handbags just so their boyfriends can help them carry it. And, foreign boyfriends don’t tend to carry bags (of their own) when they go out.

2. You Don’t Talk to Me Often Enough!

Chinese girlfriends often require you to communicate with them everyday: to call or text them them two to three times a day in order to show them you care. This is something that won’t change. Therefore, if you want to date them for a while, you must adapt to this.

3. You Don’t See Me Often Enough!

If you don’t see your girlfriend often enough, she will think that you are selfish. If you haven’t done what a Chinese girl wants you to do, she will think you are selfish. They will not miss any opportunity to criticize you for being selfish. However, the term “selfish” is not as serious of a complaint to foreigners. They (in all of their hundreds of cultures) think that being called “selfish” is very normal. This is not the case at all for Chinese people.

4. Stop Spending So Much Time With Your Friends!

Sometimes, Chinese girlfriends will complain that they don’t like your friends. However, that’s not the whole story: all they want is for you to spend less time with your friends so that you can spend more time with your girlfriend. They want a to live in a world with just the two of you, and not go out and see friends.

5. Why Don’t You Take Me Out With You to the Bars?

Whenever you go out to the bar, she’ll often complain that you don’t take her out with you. She will use every reason to criticize you for not taking her with you. She’ll say that you don’t like her being in a bar because she wants you to always remain by her side.

6. No Sense of Fashion

She wants you to dress according to what she thinks. Fashion styles in China are completely different from those of other countries and with which is difficult to comply, so ready yourself to confront this type of complaint day and night.

7. You Don’t Understand Chinese Culture!

Your Chinese girlfriend will often say that you need to learn Chinese culture better. 

8. Eat More!

It sounds very strange to hear, but is a fact: Chinese girlfriends will recommend you to “eat more healthily”. A Chinese proverb is “eating more is eating healthy”. They are following this rule to the letter, and take along their boyfriends for the ride.

9. Don’t Eat So Much!

Sooner or later you’ll start to eat more, but then you’ll begin to hear another complaint: you’re eating too much. Your Chinese girlfriend will tell you that you should start to eat less because it’s better for your health. All of a sudden, the aforementioned Chinese proverb and perspective will change.

10. Shopping

Finally, Chinese girlfriends will complain that you don’t take them out to go shopping. It’s true! They’re correct. Remember to take her shopping, but only go window shopping. She wants to go strolling with you. Sometimes, she’ll want you to spend a little money. Not long after spending it, she will say, “I had previously thought you to be selfish, but now you’ve shown me you aren’t.”

Photo: China Daily


Shenzhen is China’s Healthiest City, Other PRD Cities in Top Ten

Posted: 06/27/2014 8:51 pm

healthy cityThe Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) certainly likes to make lists, and last we heard, Guangdong did not fare very well for being called the province with the worst public image throughout all of China.

But don’t go hatin’, playa. If you’ve been paying attention to the many lists CASS releases, you’ll see that Guangdong actually scores very highly as a great place to live in China, and this latest list is no different.

The “green paper” released by the Research Center for Social Development of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences has named Shenzhen the healthiest city in all of China in 2014, particularly in regards to its citizens’ way of life, according to the official Weibo account for Shenzhen.

Fellow Pearl River Delta city Guangzhou was awarded the second spot, and neighboring Zhuhai was given seventh spot.

Beijing was listed in tenth position. Its citizens are apparently only able to live healthily into their 50s.

Alas, perhaps because it is the only city in China with 50 billionaires, Shenzhen is also named one of the highest consumers of electricity in the country. It has the highest energy consumption per unit of GDP, second only to Huangshan, in Anhui Province.



Guangdong Has The Worst Public Image Of All Provinces In China

Posted: 06/17/2014 5:43 pm

color river boluo county guangdong pollution waterWe’ve seen many awards handed to Guangdong province: it has the most livable city in China and cities with the best air in China, for instance. It even has some questionable awards, like having the most crowded place in the world.

However, Guangdong has now been given the dubious honor of being called the province with the worst public image in China according to a blue book report published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

The report compiled more than 2,000 media reports concerning public safety, social order, the environment, public services and the performance of government officials and ranked them in terms of public image, province by province.

Tang Jun, editor-in-chief of the report and director of the Crisis Management Center at Renmin University, told Xinhua that he believes the report is a warning of the risks of the country’s rapid transformation.

We can only surmise that the culmination of all these varied awards can means that it is nice to live in Guangdong, but you shouldn’t ruin it by thinking.

Related stories that may somehow pertain to Guangdong’s public image:

Photo: Nanfang


What are the 10 most romantic things to do in Shenzhen? One blogger weighs in

Posted: 04/18/2013 5:00 pm

Microblogger Foodie Li Mounan has listed the to most romantic things to do with one’s girlfriend in Shenzhen. His list was forwarded by microblog Shenzhen No. 1 and sparked much discussion.

The list is as follows:

  • Wander around OCT while letting the hours pass away
  • Take in the colorful scenery at Hongshulin
  • Listen to the waves at Xiaomeisha
  • Fly a kite at the foot of Lianhuashan
  • Go to Sea World and enjoy the “exoticism”
  • Have afternoon tea in coastal city
  • Stroll around Shenzhen Bay at dusk
  • Eat barbecue and drink beer in Xiangmihu
  • Gaze at each other’s reflections in Wenshan Lake on the Shenzhen University campus
  • Stare into the distance from the top of Wutong Mountain


One respondent feels that some activities had been left out such as searching for bargains in Huaqiangbei and being surrounded by 屌丝 (a trendy slang word for “loser”) in Dongmen.

The exotic Sea World

Some said they had done all of those things but not always on dates. Others vowed to do all of them with their special person. What do you think?

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