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Zhuhai Most Livable City in China, PRD Cities Among Most Competitive

Posted: 05/14/2014 12:03 pm

zhuhai balconyZhuhai readers of the Nanfang may have trouble reading this on their balconies as the glare of the sun reflects off a shining ocean of topaz, but here goes: you live in the most livable city in China.

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) has released a report that put Zhuhai ahead of Hong Kong for the first time as China’s most livable city. Rounding out the top three on the list is Haikou in Hainan Province; fellow Pearl River Delta city Shenzhen came in at the number six position.

Compiled from a list of 294 cities, the CASS determines the ranking based upon factors such as house price-to-income ratio, environment and ecology.

In another CASS report that ranks cities in terms of competitiveness, Hong Kong ranks first in China as determined by its living conditions, city harmony, cultural competitiveness, and its ability to be economically competitive.

As if to make up for not being represented enough on the previous list, PRD cities are all over this one: Shenzhen is named as the second most competitive city in China while Guangzhou is listed at number five, Foshan at number nine, and Macau at number ten.

Zhuhai was recently named at the top of a list of Chinese cities with the best air quality in a report made by the Environmental Protection Agency. Along with Shenzhen, Zhuhai was listed among six cities to score a perfect 100% record of clean days during the entire year.

But then, it may be a given that local residents know their air quality is sublime. The breeze is so crisp in Zhuhai that they flew the world’s largest kite there, and then did it again this year as though to subtly hint that such a record can’t be bested in the limpid, stale smog of the north.

Telling someone to “go fly a kite” may not be construed as a testament to urban air quality, so we’re told by the WSJ of the other reasons why Zhuhai is China’s most livable city:

Factors such as a large proportion of college students, a variety of dining and shopping venues and ample green space gave the city its edge, says Ni Pengfei, the director of the academy’s Center for City and Competitiveness.

Zhuhai: China’s answer to Fort Lauderdale. “Spring Break” will finally receive the proper Western meaning it has been lacking all along.


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