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World’s largest kite – weighing 200kg – flown in Zhuhai

Posted: 10/5/2013 10:00 am

The world’s largest kite has been successfully flown at the 2013 Zhuhai Gree Coast Cup International Kite Fair in Zhuhai’s Tangjia Town, Guangzhou Daily reports.

The Mollusk Octopus soaring above Binhai Park

Weighing 200 kilograms and measuring 1500 square metres, the Mollusk Octopus is bigger than The 3D Kuwaiti Flag – the previous record holder – by 418 square metres. The Kuwaiti flag, which was made in New Zealand by Peter Lynn Kites appeared at the Bristol International Kite Festival in the U.K. just a few weeks ago.

The festival in Zhuhai wrapped up on Sunday at the Gree Coast. It included 180 competitors from 30 teams from around the world.

  • Tony

    Looks like a balloon to me….any other photos?

    • Kevin McGeary

      Well, here’s AN octopus kite but not THE octopus kite.

      I’ll see what appears on the ‘net in the coming days: Octopus kite

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