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Cops arrest undocumented English teachers in Shenzhen

Posted: 08/13/2013 1:07 pm

It seems the Public Security Bureau isn’t playing around anymore when it comes to proper work permits.

One of the foreigners suspected of working illegally. (Shenzhen Daily)

The Shenzhen Daily is reporting today that “several” foreigners were arrested at English-training schools in Nanshan District, home of Shekou and a large population of foreign residents. The arrested teachers were apparently “taken away” by the PSB’s Nanshan District Sub-bureau for “illegal employment”:

The bureau did not reveal how many foreigners had been arrested or give further details as investigations into the cases are still continuing.

At present, there are about 13,000 foreign residents living in Nanshan District, accounting for 42 percent of the expatriate population in the city.

According to the Shenzhen Administration of Foreign Experts, about 11,000 foreigners with valid work permits were employed in Shenzhen last year, accounting for about 60 percent of the city’s foreign-worker population.

As always, the city is reminding foreigners they must hold valid teaching certificates and proper work visas to be employed in Shenzhen. No word on what kind of punishment these teachers may be in for.

China is starting to take the issue of visas and work permits a little more seriously after some convicted criminals from overseas have found their way into teaching positions at Chinese schools.

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  • Jake

    I know which school it was.

    It was Hampton English Training Center, Located in a sports center.

    • Kevin McGeary

      Do you know the guys? Isn’t it Hampson? Are they getting a warning and a fine or straight out deportation?

      • Jake

        Yes, sorry Hampson, I heard the guys were released and fined, but not deported, but new information has come my way from my friends about the gentlemen in the picture above:

        They claim from a good source, that this guy shown in your article was an actor, maybe hired by the PSB to show us, maybe teach illegal workers what will happen to them or make illegal workers think what could happen to them.

        Your article is missing 4 more pictures of him, we have it, I’ll give you the links at the bottom of my message. So we’ll play detective for a sec. There was an error on their part that leads us to believe that he was a hired actor. Heck I was asked by the SZ gov to go help make a movie, there were 40 of us ordered to help. So it’s not unheard of. They found us because we are legal workers and of course they knew where to find us, and they did, from my school, EF, Wall Street, others and SZ public school.

        For now it’s all theory, but it was based on the fact that this man was trying to escape the PSB while in the school according to the news:这名涉嫌非法就业的外教试图逃离时被外管民警阻止。, it’s on picture #6, BUT the camera man was shown on the reflection of the glass window because it had a white board on the other side which in turn allows one to see a reflection.

        Now our question is how can that man be in the same room at the same time WHILE the female PSB officer is opening the door to apprehend the foreigner? Why is the camera man not wearing a PSB uniform like the ones who gave me a parking ticket and recorded the whole thing on video? All PSB officers record videos and all wear uniforms, this camera guy is wearing a white shirt. Was the camera man hired from a pro-recording studio? PSB officers don’t put others in harms way or hire others from the outside.

        So to us, the theory is that this Camera Guy was in the room at the same time and just preparing to take pictures and all of this is not real, just a picture story to teach everyone illegally working here to to be careful and get out, because many of the foreigners that have come here are sick and twisted and running from the law back home, so they do bad things here and their record shows up like that Porn British guy who got caught in a Beijing school. Now we require background CHECKS ON EVERYONE. So China also wants to show parents that they are making schools safer for their kids. It’s all for show and yes some of it is real.

        Now to picture 5, wow, a very very talented shot, They must have had a ladder or stood on a very high chair with his hands up high. Anyway its a very nice professional shot by a very good photographer.

        You be the judge to Kev, we’re only going by what we see, we see a we see picture kindergarten story book online, not a raid.Although yes there are real raids going on, but not this guy above.

        Here’s the links for these pictures:

        Pic #4

        Pic #5

        Pic #6 FYI, This is the important pic with the camera man in the room.

        Pic #7

        • Chace Cutter

          They really should be shutting down these schools such as EF, Wall Street etc. as they all seem to be hiring dead beat “teachers”. Let the real teachers do the job.

          • Kevin McGeary

            E.F. and Wall Street are among the few that can get authentic visas. It’s the less established ones that are more likely to employ unqualified teachers.

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  • disqus_OhfcLJnmtz

    lol yea but they guy who arrests you will let you off if you teach his kid English under the table…..but seriously….its China.

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