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Chinese Couple, Throwing Hot Water and Threatening to Blow Up Plane, Force Return to Bangkok

Posted: 12/12/2014 2:09 pm

thailand flight air rageRaucous behavior by some Chinese passengers on-board a Thai airliner from Bangkok to Nanjing resulted in some tense moments for passengers and a return to Don Mueang Airport in the Thai capital.

Witnesses on Air Asia flight 9101 say a man threatened to blow up the plane and his girlfriend told other passengers she wanted to commit suicide, which led to the decision to turn around. But the couple, in their 20s, had been drawing attention to themselves for a while by that point.

The couple loudly objected when they discovered they were not sitting together, which happened because they were part of a tour group and were seated in alphabetical order. A flight attendant fixed the situation and found seats for them together, but they still complained loudly.

thailand flight air rageThen in flight, the woman bought a bowl of instant noodles from the flight attendants and asked for boiling water. When she got it, she splashed it on the flight attendant.

During the fracas that followed, the man threatened to blow up the plane as his girlfriend threatened to kill herself. The couple finally calmed down once other passengers became involved.

After arriving back in Bangkok, police entered the plane and took the couple away.

thailand flight air ragePhotos: Weibo (2)

  • Zen my Ass

    Selfish idiots, a couple of weeks rotting in a jail might be beneficial to them.

    • shun

      for that pre terrorist assault (threatened to explode the plane)… they should.

    • canuck

      You mean a couple of years, I assume.

    • FuckOff

      i fuck yo mama u jel gey feg??plz reply ser

  • Neobooper

    obviously they haven’t watched Midnight Express…..

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  • Just_Banlas

    Chinese being Chinese…is this news?

  • Parichart

    Airasia bad airline of the world.

    • shun

      and China’s chinese are bad airline passengers in the world.

      “Incidents involving Chinese tourists making angry outbursts have prompted Beijing to issue stern guidelines on behaving abroad.

      In February, according to Thai and Chinese news reports, 27 members of a Chinese tour group were ejected from a China Eastern Airlines flight before take-off from the Thai resort island of Phuket after brawling over seating arrangements.”

      p/s: not related to HK chinese or Taiwan chinese, I believe they are good.

    • Mikhail Breshnov

      Not as bad compared to airlines in USA.
      To be honest, those PRC tourists are one of the worst.

      • shun

        the only bad thing about Airasia is their flight always delayed. But the service on board are good. Don’t expect they will give a 5 star service like Emirates, KLM, British Airways, etc as they just budget airlines. I’ve fly with Airasia since 2006 and i quite satisfied with their service until now.

    • Jahar

      You blame the airline for passengers behaving like idiots? I’m guessing you are Chinese.


    chinese peasants that ride the bus….are now able to ride planes

    • Reptilian

      And China being quite large, has more than its fair share of bumpkins and hyperaggressive f0cktards…

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  • peaches

    Where did the boiling water come from? There is no such thing on any commercial airline.

    • Chanisara Kaochim Hutton

      the chinese woman asked for instant noodle…..
      “Then in flight, the woman bought a bowl of instant noodles from the flight attendants and asked for boiling water. When she got it, she splashed it on the flight attendant.”
      read slowly, don’t be too rush to comment.

      • peaches

        I worked on airplanes for 36 years and know for a fact that there is no such thing on an airplane. Don’t be so know it all.

        • shun

          have you work on the commercial aircraft like 737/a320/777/a30 etc? you should know there it is

          • peaches

            It is never boiling hot.

          • shun

            So its boiling cold? if it is boiling… its hot!

        • donaldpatnaude

          Peaches you seem pretty stupid.

          • Tom

            Peaches, don’t know which airline you worked for, but I have been served or offered hot beverages on virtually every commercial flight I have been on over the past 50 years.

          • shun

            Maybe peaches just worked on cessna/mooney/piper and never get chances to ride commercial aircraft like we did or maybe peaches just worked on this type of aircraft…

          • peaches

            And all these know it all comments remind me of all of my worst passengers! So glad I’m not dealing with assholes like all of you anymore!!!

          • peaches

            Delta. And the water is NEVER boiling hot, just hot enough to make hot beverages. There is a difference!

          • Tessa Bright

            Ah, that explains it. Two nations divided by a common language. In British English, “boiling hot” can simply mean “very hot”.


            Scientifically, boiling hot as applied to the temperature of H20 is a little flawed as water can be made to boil a room temperature by reducing air pressure.

            Smart Tess

          • peaches

            Takes one to know one,Mr. Intelligence!

        • Flygirl

          I’m also a flight attendant of 20 years, and although it’s not “boiling hot”, the water is hot enough to scald and actually superficially injure someone. Also, although the passenger did ask for “boiling water”, it wasn’t stated that she was given boiling water from the galley. It’s just a confusion of words. Happy Holidays, folks! :)

          • We follow the rules

            We just dunno what Peaches was babbling about. Nobody said boiling water was served. Is she the woman’s relative or something?

    • shun

      So how the cabin crew serve you hot coffee or tea without hot water? there are water heater at the galley. So the cabin crew took the hot water from there, puts on the trolley and serve to any passenger who ask for hot drinks.

  • mfw13

    Revenge of the tuhao….

  • Duncan T

    oh china. .

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  • Boss Soravit

    Some Chinese are good, but only SOME!! most Chinese not. they’re always loudly when they talk to each others and annoying other people.

  • Mikhail Breshnov

    Throw them both into the Thai jail. They’ll have an awesome time there.

    • shun

      actually i have question in my mind, did they bribe the authorities to let them go? bomb threat are the serious thing.

  • victortan

    Airline should get those uncililised rascals to compensate for all the losses of each passenger and opportunity and consequencial losses, plus jail term and canny. Teach them a good lesson. The world see China having 5,000 years of history but with NO CIVILISATION at all !

    • Jr Kalawin V


  • Instant noodle

    Please let the female passenger commit suicide. It will benefit the world as a whole. There will be a celebration after.

    • Eric Vercauteren

      Fully agree and let us nominate her then for a posthumous Darwin Award.

  • Jr Kalawin V

    Feeling sorry for those okay Chinese. Even im half Thai half Chinese. But still can’t accept their manner when they travel aboard. They should learn to understand and respect other cultures before travel. Most of them are rude, loud, selfish and disgusting wherever they visit. In the hospitality business, we always warned to beware of Chinese tourists and to be prepare to clean up the mess that Chinese group tour will leave behide. The tour guide leaders are the most selfish one!!! Believe me..

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  • billy Mac

    Air Asia shd segregate PRC chinese passengers, seriously. They can’t queue at immigration, are noisy and rude to staff on the plane all the time

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  • Sweden0919

    Man, this is really news to me. There seem to be a lot of people here who arent surprised about this at all… Chinese people being chinese… Whenever i have met any chinese people i ve always found them to be very friendly and trying to avoid conflict. I ve never seen any aggressive people from China. They usually try to not lose face as far as I know. Of course there’s always exceptions to every rule but I didn’t know that Chinese people being generally aggressive was the rule

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  • sailor12

    They should have beat their ass and ban them from ever using the airlines again.

  • Jarurote Tippayachai

    Therefore, we need to announcement that “No Dog and Chinese allowed”

  • Mangrove

    Turn the plane around. Land. Then kick the living shit out of these ass wipes.

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