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Chinese Couple, Throwing Hot Water and Threatening to Blow Up Plane, Force Return to Bangkok

Posted: 12/12/2014 2:09 pm

thailand flight air rageRaucous behavior by some Chinese passengers on-board a Thai airliner from Bangkok to Nanjing resulted in some tense moments for passengers and a return to Don Mueang Airport in the Thai capital.

Witnesses on Air Asia flight 9101 say a man threatened to blow up the plane and his girlfriend told other passengers she wanted to commit suicide, which led to the decision to turn around. But the couple, in their 20s, had been drawing attention to themselves for a while by that point.

The couple loudly objected when they discovered they were not sitting together, which happened because they were part of a tour group and were seated in alphabetical order. A flight attendant fixed the situation and found seats for them together, but they still complained loudly.

thailand flight air rageThen in flight, the woman bought a bowl of instant noodles from the flight attendants and asked for boiling water. When she got it, she splashed it on the flight attendant.

During the fracas that followed, the man threatened to blow up the plane as his girlfriend threatened to kill herself. The couple finally calmed down once other passengers became involved.

After arriving back in Bangkok, police entered the plane and took the couple away.

thailand flight air ragePhotos: Weibo (2)


Disney Unveils Plans for Massive Shanghai Theme Park

Posted: 11/17/2014 1:00 pm

shanghai disneyworldSet to open next year, Shanghai Disney Resort has unveiled its plans for an enormous entertainment complex next to a manmade lake, reported Xinhua.

Details released at the 2014 China International Tourism Trade Fair, indicated that the theme park will have two main hotels, one of which will feature a “Toy Story” theme.

shanghai disneyworldShanghai’s Disney Resort will be the sixth in the world, and will include the largest castle to date. Of the six entertainment sectors, one will have a “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme, while another will have Chinese characteristics and be called the “12 Friends Park”.

In other Disney developments, Hong Kong Disney World recently announced admission prices will increase from HKD $450 to $499.

More concept photos of the new Shanghai Disney Resort are shown below:

shanghai disneyworldshanghai disneyworldshanghai disneyworldshanghai disneyworldPhotos: Xinhua, Hexun


Bumbling Panda the Star of Controversial CCTV Ad to Promote Better Behaviour by Chinese Tourists

Posted: 10/17/2014 1:47 pm

pandas behaving badly chinese touristsTo see China’s national mascot as an unkempt bumpkin might be insulting to many, but that was exactly the point of an advertisement created by CCTV.

The controversial ad depicts pandas walking around in Australia urinating in public, littering, bumping into people, and hauling overstuffed shopping bags around. Locals show their disgust at the behaviour throughout the spot. It was made at Milson’s Point in Sydney, Australia.

pandas behaving badly chinese touristsThe commercial concludes with the words “Be a good panda. Be a good tourist,” but it’s the imagery that makes the deepest connection by showing behavior commonly associated with Chinese tourists. Even though many news outlets have reported that the commercial was pulled from the air, it’s not clear from which market is was pulled from.

pandas behaving badly chinese touristsChinese tourists have a notorious reputation for causing numerous incidents while traveling. A Chinese teenager defaced a 3500 year-old artifact in Luxor, Egypt last year, while Chinese tourists were photographed washing their feet in the fountain in front of the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

Here’s the commercial:

pandas behaving badly chinese tourists

Here’s the publicly urinating panda. Note the pixelation around his hands.

Photos: screencaps from Youtube


Universal Studios Coming to Beijing

Posted: 10/14/2014 8:30 am

universal studios theme parkHave you ever wanted to take a trip on a train leaving platform No. 9 and three-quarters? Dreamed of staring a dinosaur in the face? Or perhaps enjoy the company of China’s favorite blockbuster franchise, Transformers?

If you can hang around China for another six years, you’re in luck: Universal Studios plans to open a theme park in the Tongzhou District of Beijing in 2020.

The park, first announced back in 2001, is expected to cost RMB 20 billion and take up 120 hectares of Tongzhou’s cultural tourism zone. There are also plans to build a resort at the site taking up another 400 400 hectares.

The theme park will also apparently include “Chinese elements”. As these have yet to be determined, we’ll have to use our imagination. Perhaps something like:

  • Transformers Ride of Harmony: There is Nothing More that Meets the Eye
  • The Terminator Non-Time Traveling Killer Robot Show
  • Musical: The Blues Brothers Sing Red Songs of Patriotism
  • Stage Show: Harry Potter and the Galvanizing Foreign Presence of Evil
  • Interactive Exhibit: ET: Phone Home: Sichuan Edition

Photo: China News


Macau buckles under the weight of mainland tourists, considering limiting visitors

Posted: 03/14/2013 4:39 pm

Macau has been reaping the benefits of an influx of money entering its vast casino resorts in recent years, most of which comes from the deep pockets of wealthy, mainland gambling addicts.

But the millions of mainlanders that pour over the border each year are causing the same problems in Macau that they cause in Hong Kong: namely, they put a severe strain on local infrastructure.

Tourism chiefs have announced a series of measures including looking at a quota on the number of tourists going into the territory and showcasing its less well-known attractions to offset the traffic the most popular attractions get. A review of Macau’s individual visitor scheme is also underway to look at ways of stemming the flow of tourists.

Reducing the number of people who can enter Macau would likely have a positive effect on the border immigration process, which is known for its marathon-long queues. At the moment, 28 million people visit the gambling enclave each year.

Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, the director of Macau Government Tourist Office, told SCMP:

“We will see how we can, through booklets, maps and signage, direct visitors from [the worst crowded] tourist areas to nearby places that are also rich in historical and cultural colour.”

When asked about slapping limits or quotas on the number of tourists, Ms Fernandes refused to comment or rule out the idea, which was initially put forward by the Macau Policy Research Office, a think tank in the territory.

In reaction to the current situation, a new 24-hour border crossing is being proposed to cope with future demand.

The move would alleviate the stress of transiting through Gongbei Port, which has become a key rail hub for high-speed trains to Guangzhou and beyond.

Image: Danny Lee

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