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Land of Smiles Turns to Frowns After More Misbehaving Chinese Tourists at Historic Bangkok Site

Posted: 12/17/2014 3:35 pm

Thailand, the “land of smiles”, can be forgiven for wearing a frown these days.

The country was among the first to open its borders widely to tourists from Mainland China by rescinding the need to apply for a visa in advance. These days, PRC passport holders only need show up at a Thai airport and pay 1,000 Thai baht for a visa on arrival.

While this ease of access has no doubt boosted the country’s economy among other benefits, it’s also brought some problems. Just this week, a Chinese couple tossed scalding-hot water onto an Air Asia flight attendant on a flight from Bangkok to Nanjing, and now the capital city received some rough treatment at one of it’s most famous tourist attractions: the Grand Palace.

Photos circulated on Twitter this past weekend showing the barriers guarding the palace’s wall painting, which is the longest of its kind in the world, toppled. iFeng reports the barriers were pushed down on Saturday by Chinese tourists, who refused to own up to it until they were told the incident was caught on surveillance camera. Fortunately the barriers didn’t damage the elaborate painting.

The original Twitter post is below.


There’s no doubt most Chinese tourists behave themselves admirably while on holiday, and Thailand is seeing the benefits of more open borders. But after the events this week, the country can be excused for failing to wear its frown upside down.

h/t Shanghaiist



State-Run Media Calls Chinese Air Asia Passengers “Barbarians”, Threatens Punishment

Posted: 12/15/2014 4:40 pm

thai airline stewardess instant noodle bomb threatA couple of Chinese passengers that threw hot water on a flight attendant and threatened to blow up an Air Asia plane will be “severely punished” by Chinese authorities, according to state run media, which branded the passengers “barbarians”.

The Nanfang was first to report the story on Friday, when the discount carrier’s plane was forced to return to the Thai capital because of a couple of unruly Chinese passengers:

Then in flight, the woman bought a bowl of instant noodles from the flight attendants and asked for boiling water. When she got it, she splashed it on the flight attendant.

During the fracas that followed, the man threatened to blow up the plane as his girlfriend threatened to kill herself. The couple finally calmed down once other passengers became involved.

After arriving back in Bangkok, police entered the plane and took the couple away.

There were actually four passengers singled out for causing trouble, and they paid a fine of 50,000 baht (RMB 10,000) to the airline. All four are now being investigated by the Chinese tourism agency.

The agency was unclear what punishment the tourists could face for the incident. However, a statement released by the agency suggested the travel agency used by the tourists could be held accountable for failing to teach them proper behavior. Furthermore, the tourists themselves could be blacklisted.

thai airline stewardess instant noodle bomb threatThere have been several other incidents of mainland Chinese getting into violent confrontations on international flights this year.

In March, a video was taken of a fight between Chinese passengers when one’s luggage touched the other passenger’s foot. On a flight from Thailand to Beijing this past April, a fight broke out between three Chinese passengers over loud eating sounds in which cutlery was used as weapons.

In September during a flight from Zurich, Switzerland to Beijing, an airliner had to return to the Swiss capital when a fight between two Chinese nationals occurred over the positioning of a seat rest. Later that month, a fight between two Chinese passengers over an empty seat at the back happened on a flight to Shanghai.

thai airline stewardess instant noodle bomb threat

Here’s a video of the incident on Air Asia. Fellow Chinese passengers can be heard complaining he has “lost face”:

Photos: opsteel, my drivers


Chinese Couple, Throwing Hot Water and Threatening to Blow Up Plane, Force Return to Bangkok

Posted: 12/12/2014 2:09 pm

thailand flight air rageRaucous behavior by some Chinese passengers on-board a Thai airliner from Bangkok to Nanjing resulted in some tense moments for passengers and a return to Don Mueang Airport in the Thai capital.

Witnesses on Air Asia flight 9101 say a man threatened to blow up the plane and his girlfriend told other passengers she wanted to commit suicide, which led to the decision to turn around. But the couple, in their 20s, had been drawing attention to themselves for a while by that point.

The couple loudly objected when they discovered they were not sitting together, which happened because they were part of a tour group and were seated in alphabetical order. A flight attendant fixed the situation and found seats for them together, but they still complained loudly.

thailand flight air rageThen in flight, the woman bought a bowl of instant noodles from the flight attendants and asked for boiling water. When she got it, she splashed it on the flight attendant.

During the fracas that followed, the man threatened to blow up the plane as his girlfriend threatened to kill herself. The couple finally calmed down once other passengers became involved.

After arriving back in Bangkok, police entered the plane and took the couple away.

thailand flight air ragePhotos: Weibo (2)


Chinese Uyghurs Who Entered Thailand Illegally Have Escaped from Jail

Posted: 11/19/2014 11:48 am

prisonA group of people suspected to be Chinese nationals from Xinjiang have escaped from a Thai detention center after illegally entering the country. It’s believed the group were being smuggled into the country when they were caught.

The Bangkok Post reported 137 people, all of whom were caught trying to sneak into Thailand, broke out of government complex in Songkhla Province in the southern part of the country. Only a small number of these escaped detainees were recaptured.

According to a source, the appearance, dress, and mannerisms of people in the group are consistent with people from Xinjiang, though the reports stopped short of claiming they are Uyghurs. None of the people carried ID and claimed to come from Turkey.

The detainees escapped between November 1 and November 5 at two different facilities, one for male detainees and one for female. Nonetheless, they managed to escape from both. Only about 40 people remain at the detention center.

So far, the Turkish Embassy has not claimed any of the group as Turkish nationals.

Thai police wanted to send the group back to China, but they were encouraged by the US and European authorities to avoid returning them as they may face “harsher penalties” back in China.

According to the Associated Press on November 15, a member of the Chinese consulate stationed in Songkhla refuted these accusations, saying:

As long as they don’t have a criminal record, they will not face any punishments after returning to China.

Photo: jyunzsf


Chinese Boxer Wins Muay Thai Championship

Posted: 08/21/2014 5:27 pm

muay thai champ chen weichao Here is your newest Chinese boxing champion: 22 year-old Chen Weichao from Hebei.

As CCTV reports, Chen defeated Wilfried Montagne from France in the 67 kg weight class of the WBC World Professional Muay Thai King of the Belts contest on August 15 in order to win the honor. Chen’s victory marks the second time that a Chinese national has become a Muay Thai boxing champion.

Chen is a martial artist that has trained since childhood. Having studied at Shaolin Temple, Chen went to Thailand by himself at 15 to begin his career.

Check out the photos of his victory below.muay thai champ chen weichao 01muay thai champ chen weichao 01

Photos: CCTV 


Shenzhen Airlines slashes fares to Bangkok, only RMB700 return

Posted: 07/5/2013 10:00 am

We’ve all had “bad China days” at some point, and wished we could just be somewhere else.  Now you can, and for much less than you might have thought possible.

Shenzhen Airlines is slashing fares to Bangkok, that den of iniquity, starting on July 15.  It will set you back only RMB500 for a one-way trip (and we wouldn’t blame you for that), or RMB700 return, 163 reports.

There are actually two flights a day, with one leaving Shenzhen at 5:10pm (ZH9204) and the other at 11:15pm (ZH9003).  The return flights depart Bangkok at 8:15pm and 3:30am.

You better snap up tickets fast because competition will be fierce. Moreover, it’s probably unwise to get your hopes up about the flights being on time.

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