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Foreign woman kidnapped in Shekou after being drugged and sold into prostitution

Posted: 03/4/2013 7:00 am

A report on Shaanxi Satellite Television tells the story of a woman from an unspecified foreign country who was rescued in Shenzhen’s Shekou area after being drugged and sold into prostitution by her foreign boyfriend.

The foreign woman, identified as Lily, was drugged and sold into prostitution in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region before being rescued. Afterwards, she was kidnapped in Shenzhen’s Shekou area and a foreign man was beaten for trying to come to her rescue, Shaanxi Satellite Television reports.

The beating took place on the first day of Chinese New Year at around 6:30 p.m. when at the gate of a residential community near Shekou’s Rose Garden, a group of armed men kidnapped Lily. The foreign man, Scott, who tried to come to her resuce was then set upon by the gang. The gang then fled with Lily, according to a source close to the matter.

A subsequent investigation exposed the extaordinary story behind the incident.

Earlier, Lily’s foreign boyfriend had drugged her food, causing her to lose consciousness. When she came to, her boyfriend had gone and she discovered she had been sold into prostitution in Guangxi, a source told the TV station. Scott was responsible for rescuing her, first to Wuhan and eventually to Shenzhen.

When Lily was resuced, she insisted that her rescuers also help her friend, who had been sold into prostitution. When in Shenzhen, she would often sob while talking about her friend’s plight. Scott promised her he would do what he could to rescue her friend.

At this point, the television report puts the question: “Why did nobody get the police involved?” Rescuing a woman who has been sold into prostitution takes more than bravery and good will.

After Lily was kidnapped from Shekou, the police were finally notified. The report says that Lily and her friend have both been rescued and those responsible for the kidnapping were arrested in Dongguan.

As information emerges – such as the nature of Scott’s relationship with Lily and which country they are from – we will try to bring it to you.


Police smash smuggling ring sending 200 Myanmar migrants to work in PRD factories

Posted: 03/3/2013 1:52 pm

A gang, touted as one of the biggest rings trafficking Myanmar nationals, has been busted after some of the workers escaped and turned up at a police station begging to be sent home.

The gang of five Myanmar and Chinese nationals was arrested and charged with human trafficking, which involved sending 200 people from Myanmar to work at several factories in Dongguan and Huizhou.

The case only came to light after 36 of the trafficked workers turned up to a local police station on the outskirts of Guangzhou on December 8 asking to be sent back home to Myanmar.

Police believe the operation started in February 2012 when the first wave of workers were sent to work in Huizhou.

However, much of the human smuggling focuses on the Chinese border city of Ruili. It’s a bustling border with Myanmar and an ideal location for smuggling operations.

Here’s how the traffickers continued to profit from their work, as told by the Irrawaddy:

The traffickers charged the workers 1,200 yuan (US $192) for the journey and took 3 yuan ($0.50) for every working hour off their salaries, the daily reported without mentioning their monthly salaries. The average monthly income of rural workers in Dongguan stood at 1,900 yuan ($305) last year.

The arrested five face between two and seven years in jail, whereas factory bosses face fines of up to 100,000 yuan ($16,000) for every illegal worker found.

Also worth noting is the Myanmar nationals who were trafficked will also face punishment, including a 10,000 yuan fine and detention for up to 15 days before being deported.

Image Credit: Ruili, from the Irrawaddy


Migrant in GZ fails to win the affection of his girlfriend’s parents, takes her hostage

Posted: 07/25/2012 11:00 am

Most of us have probably done stupid things in the name of puppy love. But one 20-year-old man in Guangzhou has raised the stakes significantly.

The man, Xiao Cao, is facing jail time after he tried to cheat his girlfriend’s parents out of RMB25,000 by threatening to “sell her”, according to The Nanfang Daily.

Two weeks after having a meeting of the minds online, Xiao Cao met up with Xiao Zhi and they immediately fell in love.

However, Xiao Cao, a migrant worker without even a middle school education, was unable to win over the parents and they did not allow their daughter to date him.

Subsequently, Xiao Cao camped outside the family’s home, begging the parents to accept him. A week later, the parents yielded. They said they would allow him to date their daughter…on condition he pay them RMB42,000, an unimaginable sum for the young man.

Xiao Cao was too proud to beg for the money, so he hatched another plan. When he saw Xiao Zhi leaving her home, he followed her to Xinshi where they had an argument. During the argument Xiao Cao dropped his phone on the ground and broke the speaker. Xiao Zhi said she would help him fix it.

Xiao Cao said that was not necessary but asked her if he could share her’s. He then asked if she would accompany him to Huadu District to see his cousin. They then went on a four day trip during which, unbeknownst to the girl, Xiao Cao was using Xiao Zhi’s phone to text message her parents, saying: “Your daughter owes me RMB25,000, if the money isn’t returned I will sell her to a human trafficker in another city.”

Over the next four days, Xiao Cao was using the girl’s phone to haggle with the parents. During this time, Xiao Zhi had no idea she was a “hostage.”

Xiao Cao has now been detained and the case is under investigation.

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