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Foreign woman kidnapped in Shekou after being drugged and sold into prostitution

Posted: 03/4/2013 7:00 am

A report on Shaanxi Satellite Television tells the story of a woman from an unspecified foreign country who was rescued in Shenzhen’s Shekou area after being drugged and sold into prostitution by her foreign boyfriend.

The foreign woman, identified as Lily, was drugged and sold into prostitution in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region before being rescued. Afterwards, she was kidnapped in Shenzhen’s Shekou area and a foreign man was beaten for trying to come to her rescue, Shaanxi Satellite Television reports.

The beating took place on the first day of Chinese New Year at around 6:30 p.m. when at the gate of a residential community near Shekou’s Rose Garden, a group of armed men kidnapped Lily. The foreign man, Scott, who tried to come to her resuce was then set upon by the gang. The gang then fled with Lily, according to a source close to the matter.

A subsequent investigation exposed the extaordinary story behind the incident.

Earlier, Lily’s foreign boyfriend had drugged her food, causing her to lose consciousness. When she came to, her boyfriend had gone and she discovered she had been sold into prostitution in Guangxi, a source told the TV station. Scott was responsible for rescuing her, first to Wuhan and eventually to Shenzhen.

When Lily was resuced, she insisted that her rescuers also help her friend, who had been sold into prostitution. When in Shenzhen, she would often sob while talking about her friend’s plight. Scott promised her he would do what he could to rescue her friend.

At this point, the television report puts the question: “Why did nobody get the police involved?” Rescuing a woman who has been sold into prostitution takes more than bravery and good will.

After Lily was kidnapped from Shekou, the police were finally notified. The report says that Lily and her friend have both been rescued and those responsible for the kidnapping were arrested in Dongguan.

As information emerges – such as the nature of Scott’s relationship with Lily and which country they are from – we will try to bring it to you.


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    • At this point, the television report puts the question: “Why did nobody get the police involved?”

      It is clear that the reporter has had zero interaction with the police. If the the reporter did have any type of interaction the question would never had been asked.

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