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German man beaten up in McDonald’s for confronting queue jumper

Posted: 10/31/2013 7:00 am

A German man was beaten up after confronting a queue jumper in a McDonald’s in Guangzhou in the small hours of August 24, Huadu District Prosecutor’s Office has been told.

The incident took place in the McDonald’s in the Vanguard supermarket complex on Yunshan Boulevard in Huadu. When the German confronted a Mr. Huang about cutting in line, Huang allegedly spat on the floor. The German then called over a waiter to clean it up.

After finishing his meal, the German stepped out of the McDonald’s and was set upon by Huang and three of his associates. Another German man was injured after stepping in to mediate. Both were taken to hospital but their injuries turned out to be minor.

Huang and his three associates were arrested in Qishan Village on Sept. 13, according to Southern Metropolis Daily.

Uncivilised behaviour such as that shown by Huang is being targeted under Shenzhen’s civility laws that were introduced this year. But in most of the country it is still up to members of the public to keep each other in line. This is not the first time a foreigner has got himself beaten up for taking exception to the unruly behaviour of Chinese locals.


NIMBY-ism is here to stay as protestors in Guangdong are emboldened by success

Posted: 07/17/2013 10:00 am

Ordinary people are increasingly bold about getting involved in environmental activism in China. Moreover, Guangdong Province is at the forefront of this phenomenon.

10,000 people took to the streets of Shiling township in Guangzhou’s Huadu District on Monday to protest against the construction of a refuse incinerator, South China Morning Post reported.

The protestors in Shiling, courtesy of Google Images

The paper has more:

“We are all very upset. The incinerator is only 500 metres from my home. I have two children and I don’t want them to develop health problems in a few years,” said a 33-year-old father of two who grew up in Qianjin, which he said has about 500 residents. “Over half of the world’s handbags are made here – Shiling is polluted enough and can’t handle an incinerator.”

The protest organiser, a 45-year-old who declined to be named, said the demonstration was discussed with Shiling officials last week. “We will give them a few days to address our concerns, but if there is no reply, we will head to Huadu district authorities and eventually the Guangzhou city government,” he said.

The protestors can draw encouragement from the success of the hundreds of Jiangmen residents who demonstrated against the building of a uranium processing plant in Heshan. As Beijing Cream put it: environmental protests have been uncannily successful in the past year.

Locals in Huizhou’s Daya Bay are also unimpressed by claims made by China’s largest offshore energy producer CNOOC and local officials that a massive fish die-off near the bay had been caused by ‘seasonal oceanic currents.’

Dead eels wash up on a beach at Daya Bay, courtesy of South China Morning Post

CNOOC’s Huizhou refinery started processing crude oil from the Bohai Sea in 2009. It is currently undergoing expansion to increase production to 24 million barrels per day, from 12 million barrels and locals are worried about air and waste water emissions from the refinery, South China Morning Post reports.

Concerns have also been raised over emissions from the nearby Daya Bay nuclear power plant.

There’s a long way to go yet, in spite of the various successes.


Migrant in GZ fails to win the affection of his girlfriend’s parents, takes her hostage

Posted: 07/25/2012 11:00 am

Most of us have probably done stupid things in the name of puppy love. But one 20-year-old man in Guangzhou has raised the stakes significantly.

The man, Xiao Cao, is facing jail time after he tried to cheat his girlfriend’s parents out of RMB25,000 by threatening to “sell her”, according to The Nanfang Daily.

Two weeks after having a meeting of the minds online, Xiao Cao met up with Xiao Zhi and they immediately fell in love.

However, Xiao Cao, a migrant worker without even a middle school education, was unable to win over the parents and they did not allow their daughter to date him.

Subsequently, Xiao Cao camped outside the family’s home, begging the parents to accept him. A week later, the parents yielded. They said they would allow him to date their daughter…on condition he pay them RMB42,000, an unimaginable sum for the young man.

Xiao Cao was too proud to beg for the money, so he hatched another plan. When he saw Xiao Zhi leaving her home, he followed her to Xinshi where they had an argument. During the argument Xiao Cao dropped his phone on the ground and broke the speaker. Xiao Zhi said she would help him fix it.

Xiao Cao said that was not necessary but asked her if he could share her’s. He then asked if she would accompany him to Huadu District to see his cousin. They then went on a four day trip during which, unbeknownst to the girl, Xiao Cao was using Xiao Zhi’s phone to text message her parents, saying: “Your daughter owes me RMB25,000, if the money isn’t returned I will sell her to a human trafficker in another city.”

Over the next four days, Xiao Cao was using the girl’s phone to haggle with the parents. During this time, Xiao Zhi had no idea she was a “hostage.”

Xiao Cao has now been detained and the case is under investigation.

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