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Almost Nothing Left on the Menu at McDonald’s in Beijing

Posted: 07/28/2014 3:06 pm

beijing mcdonalds menu retracted food safety scandal husi foodsMcDonald’s remains open in Beijing these days, but there isn’t much on the menu. Nearly everything has been suspended from sale in the wake of the Husi Food expired meat scandal, reports BJ News. A total of 13 McDonald’s food items are currently not available for sale including all hamburgers, Chicken McNuggets, and chicken wings.

So what’s left, if you need your McDonald’s fix? Filet O’Fish sandwiches, for one. An employee details what else remains on the menu:

Right now, all we have for sale are drinks, ice cream and French fries. You can go next door to our coffee outlet to order cakes and coffee.

A representative for McDonald’s explains that the menu restrictions are temporary and all your favorite burgers will soon return. In the meantime, however, there’s been an unsurprising drop in the number of customers.

Due to the inspections made by government officials that first exposed Husi Food for supplying foreign fast food chains in China with expired meat products, the Shanghai Food and Drug Inspection Bureau has confiscated a total of 144.1 tons of food. This includes 18 tons of Chicken McNuggets, 78.1 tons of smoked meat patties, and 48 tons of beef patties.

On July 27 the parent company of Husi Food, OSI Group, recalled its food products and installed a new team overseeing its China operations.

beijing mcdonalds menu retracted food safety scandal husi foods


Photos: BJ News, People’s Daily


Shenzhen Pizza Huts Had Expired Meat, Guangzhou Spared UPDATED

Posted: 07/22/2014 12:31 pm

Husi confession food safety scandal pizza hut mcdonalds kfc

Two days after a massive food scandal involving foreign fast food restaurants in China was made public, more details continue to surface.

Food supplier Husi Food failed an unannounced government inspection on Sunday evening when it was revealed it has been supplying McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants with expired meat up to a year old.

Zhang Hui, a quality control manager of Husi Foods, stated in a recorded interview that using expired meat was a company policy developed by upper management that was in place for several years. Zhang said the policy was known by company personnel “at the level of the factory director and up”.

Fifty-two Pizza Hut restaurants in Shenzhen were supplied with ingredients from Shanghai Husi Food Co, reports the Shenzhen Evening Report. The Shenzhen-based Pizza Hut restaurants got seasoned steak, ground beef pizza toppings, Italian-style ground pork, and ground pork pizza toppings.

pizza hut

At present, Pizza Hut says its Shenzhen restaurants have stopped using the ingredients. “Charcoal-grilled Texas-style Beef” is no longer for sale on the Pizza Hut menu, and the other pizza toppings are now sourced from other food suppliers.

While Shenzhen residents may have eaten expired meat, the news is better in Guangzhou. Representatives for McDonald’s and KFC said their Guangzhou and Foshan-based restaurants did not get any supplies from Husi Food, and are not affected by the scandal.

Meanwhile, the list of foreign restaurant chains that are trying to distance themselves from Husi Food continues to grow: Domino’s, DICOS, Wallace, IKEA, and Subway are among those who have made public statements asserting that they have no relationship with Husi Foods.

Furthermore, even though this food scandal may have hurt consumer confidence, it doesn’t seem to have affected business at McDonald’s. iFeng is reporting that Beijing-based locations of McDonald’s restaurants are doing great business to the point that no seats are available.

When asked to explain why they are eating at McDonald’s despite the food safety scandal, diners say food safety is an issue for all restaurants everywhere, and that diners can still feel safer at McDonald’s than in smaller places.

Mr Lei, a recent diner at McDonald’s, told a reporter:

Right now, McDonald’s is at the heart of the storm, so that’s why the quality of the food is guaranteed.

UPDATE 3:07pm July 25: Allegations have surfaced that three Foshan Pizza Hut restaurants have been supplied with expired meat products.

Photo: Shenzhen Announcements


If You Dine At KFC or Pizza Hut, You Might Eat Expired Meat

Posted: 07/21/2014 6:40 pm

mcdonalds kfc food processing food scandalA food supplier for China-based franchises of McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and KFC have been criticized for using meat that has been expired for up to a year, reports Southcn.

Shanghai Husi Food Co. was targeted in a inspection last night at 9 o’clock by the Shanghai Food and Drug Bureau and the Public Security Bureau, which were followed by members of the press including CCTV. The inspection was stalled by security guards for half an hour before the officials and media were able to get inside.

The inspectors found the food supplier provided chicken and beef products to McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and KFC that were expired for as long as a year after their due dates. The products were reprocessed and repackaged to be used again.

The ground was described as “filthy” and was covered in dirty water. Dragon Television had earlier showed Husi Food workers “picking up food from the floor and throwing it into processing machines.”

Xinhua reported that local officials have suspended the operations of Husi Foods.

McDonald’s and Yum, the parent company of KFC and Pizza Hut, have apologized to Chinese consumers and have renounced their relationship with Husi Food.

Yoshinoya, Ikea, Fridays, and Subway are among the foreign restaurants operating in China that have tried to distance themselves from this food scandal by asserting they have no connection to Husi Food.

mcdonalds kfc food processing food scandalmcdonalds kfc food processing food scandal

Photos: CCTV, People’s Daily Online


McDonald’s Cult Leader Gets TV Interview, More Details of Deadly Attack Emerge

Posted: 06/3/2014 10:00 am

mcdonalds attack shandong zhaoyuan cult religious restaurant

The sensational story of a Shandong woman who was beaten to death at a local Zhaoyuan McDonald’s continues to shock the country. People are still trying to come to grips with the horrific crime, which involved a religious group named Church of the Almighty God. The group has been universally described by Chinese media as an “evil cult”.

A woman named Wu refused to hand over her phone number to a group of people at the McDonald’s on May 28 and lost her life as a result. The group allegedly consisted of members of the cult, who had gone to the restaurant looking for new recruits.

READ: Woman Beaten to Death at McDonald’s for
Refusing to Give Her Phone Number

A witness named Zhang Hongpeng said the group — two males and four women — had gone to different tables soliciting phone numbers. Zhang said the phone number he gave was fake, a ruse employed by many other diners as well. Zhang had thought the phone numbers were required for a social media promotion.

Wu was the only one who refused, and after asking the rest of the diners, the group came back to demand her phone number. Zhang said a woman in the group loudly banged the table in front of Wu with her hands and demanded Wu give up this information.

The altercation rapidly escalated as one member of the group, Zhang Lidong, started to violently attack Wu with a broom handle.

CCTV reported the attacker, Zhang, had told the victim to “Go to hell, demon” and said she would “never come back in the next reincarnation”, which lines up with what was heard in a video taken by a witness. As well, other members of the group warned bystanders they would “kill whomever got involved”.

People’s Daily reports the incident started at 9:19pm, and that police arrived at the scene within 4 minutes.  mcdonalds attack cult religious restaurant shandong zhaoyuanmcdonalds attack cult religious restaurant shandong zhaoyuanmcdonalds attack religious cult restaurant shandong zhaoyuan

Police officer Yan Zhi was the first to arrive at the scene, and reported that the victim was lying in a pool of blood. Zhang was kicking and stomping on her as a boy used a mop handle to strike her head.

mcdonalds attack shandong zhaoyuan cult religious restaurant

Sina reports the six suspects resisted arrest. Wu was pronounced dead at the hospital at 9:48pm.

mcdonalds attack shandong zhaoyuan cult religious restaurant

Zhaoyuan police said the suspects have all confessed to the crime. Charged are Zhang Lidong, Zhang Fan, Lu Yingchun, Zhang Hang, Zhang Qiaolian, and a minor.

All suspects are apparently members of the Church of the Almighty God, and are unemployed. Zhang Lidong is the father of two of the women in the group as well as the unnamed attack religious cult restaurant shandong zhaoyuan

A memorial was held on June 1 to commemorate the 37 year-old victim, Wu (seen above). A salesperson by trade, Wu was the wife and mother to a six year-old boy who reportedly keeps asking why his mother hasn’t come attack shandong zhaoyuan cult religious restaurantmcdonalds attack shandong zhaoyuan cult religious restaurant

Reuters reports that the Church of the Almighty God is banned by the Chinese government, and Xinhua condemned the group by saying, “The audacity of the cult members to terrorize their victim at a McDonald’s, a chain frequented by average Chinese, further racked people’s nerves.”

In what may serve to further fray the damaged nerves of the people, an interview aired on CCTV News on Saturday that allowed cult member Zhang Lidong to espouse his views to a national audience, which is already on edge from bomb and knife attacks amid threats of terrorism.

Excerpts from that interview include the following dialogue that highlight Zhang’s spiritual beliefs:

Reporter: On the evening of May 28, why did you attack this person at McDonald’s?

Zhang Lidong: Because she is a demon, an evil spirit. My goal was to beat her to death.

Reporter: Don’t you have any consideration for the law?

Zhang Lidong: None at all.

Reporter: Aren’t you afraid of the law?

Zhang Lidong: No, because I believe in God.

The People’s Republic of China is an atheist state. Though it does not require its citizens to be atheists, Communist Party members are required to be atheists despite a growing trend to the contrary.

Photos: Weibo (2, 3, 4, 5 ), 365Jia, 199


Woman Beaten to Death at McDonald’s for Refusing to Give Her Phone Number [GRAPHIC, UPDATED]

Posted: 05/30/2014 9:27 pm

mcdonalds victim gang beating  death phone number rejection[This story contains violent and graphic images that may offend some readers]

UPDATE: Several of the details provided here are out of date, and have been compiled in another story, “McDonald’s Cult Leader Gets TV Interview, More Details of Deadly Attack Emerge“]

This is a terrible story, and does not end well.

Miss Wu has out having dinner at McDonald’s on May 28 in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province.

Mr Zhang was also at that McDonald’s. Zhang was there having dinner with his friends, and upon seeing Wu, Zhang asked her for her phone number. Wu refused, and perhaps because he had lost face in front of his friends, Zhang may not have reacted well to this rejection.

An argument broke out. Then, a physical dispute. Then, all of Zhang’s friends joined in. They beat her, violently. As described by a Weibo user named @无主蜜桃 who was an eyewitness, Zhang and his friends kicked her in the head when Wu was lying on the ground. Then, they used an iron bar to strike her head. They continued until the iron bar broke.

Emergency responders confirmed that Wu died at the scene. Except for this very brief and violent conflict, Wu and Zhang were total strangers.

The Weibo eyewitness describes this incident occurring from 9:10pm to 9:30pm. The McDonald’s is located across the street from a local police station.

No one was reported to have tried to help the victim.

mcdonalds victim gang beating death phone number rejectionmcdonalds victim gang beating death phone number rejectionmcdonalds victim gang beating death phone number rejectionmcdonalds victim gang beating death phone number rejection

Here is some live video at the scene, but it is very shaky and does not show many details. However, it does align with what a number of bystanders said they saw.

UPDATE 11:52am May 31, 2014. The People’s Daily Online has a very different take on this story, reporting the six people involved in the attack as all part of an “evil cult” who were trying to enlist a new member.

Of the people arrested, one is still a minor and can’t be charged as an adult. The rest will be charged with intentional homicide.

CCTV reports that the attackers had warned spectators to refrain from intervening by saying, “We’ll kill anyone who gets involved!” as well as saying horrible things to the victim like “[once I kill you,] you’ll never come back in the next life”.

Photos: Weibo (2)


Report: Beggars in Guangzhou specifically targeting foreigners

Posted: 12/28/2013 7:00 am

A report in Guangzhou-based New Express Daily has revealed that some beggars in the city go to extraordinary lengths to target foreigners. Reporter Luo Yunwen followed a group of female beggars aged 50 to 70, observing how they would hang out in areas with a high population of expats and are particularly persistent and aggressive when begging from a foreigner.

Luo noticed how four of the women would, from about 9 p.m. till about 3 a.m., appear at locations such as the footbridge outside Peace World Plaza, the front entrance of the Starbucks on Jianshe Liu Ma Road, the 7-11 at Yi’an Plaza, Yuhai Food Street, and the area near Tianlun Garden that boasts a large number of bars and restaurants.

At around 10 p.m., the reporter saw one of the women grab a foreigner with both arms outside Peace World Plaza. The foreigner relented and gave her a few kuai. A vendor who watched the incident with amusement told the reporter that the women had been appearing there for more than a month and largely ignored passers-by that looked Chinese.

At 10:30, one of the women stood outside McDonald’s waving her plastic bowl at some foreign customers inside. Standing near her was a younger woman who sells roses on the street and uses similarly aggressive tactics when she sees a foreigner. A Nigerian man who lives in the area said that he and his friends have to alter their course to avoid her when walking on the street.

One of the beggars told the reporter that she had come to Guangzhou from another province to find work. When she failed she decided that begging was her best option.

The reporter uses the words “preying” and “stalking” to describe the four women who, after 1 p.m., would sit at the foot of a tree in Tianlun Garden waiting for a foreigner to emerge from one of the nearby bars. When they saw a foreigner, one of the women would sprint over, harass them, and come back to report on any money they had gained.

One of the beggars was even seen going into the 7-11 in Yi’an Plaza to beg a foreigner at the check-out.

So Guangzhou-based expats, does this report come as a surprise or chime with your experience of the local beggars?


German man beaten up in McDonald’s for confronting queue jumper

Posted: 10/31/2013 7:00 am

A German man was beaten up after confronting a queue jumper in a McDonald’s in Guangzhou in the small hours of August 24, Huadu District Prosecutor’s Office has been told.

The incident took place in the McDonald’s in the Vanguard supermarket complex on Yunshan Boulevard in Huadu. When the German confronted a Mr. Huang about cutting in line, Huang allegedly spat on the floor. The German then called over a waiter to clean it up.

After finishing his meal, the German stepped out of the McDonald’s and was set upon by Huang and three of his associates. Another German man was injured after stepping in to mediate. Both were taken to hospital but their injuries turned out to be minor.

Huang and his three associates were arrested in Qishan Village on Sept. 13, according to Southern Metropolis Daily.

Uncivilised behaviour such as that shown by Huang is being targeted under Shenzhen’s civility laws that were introduced this year. But in most of the country it is still up to members of the public to keep each other in line. This is not the first time a foreigner has got himself beaten up for taking exception to the unruly behaviour of Chinese locals.


Guy in Guangzhou calls the cops because… his McChicken is too spicy

Posted: 08/22/2012 11:20 am

Sina Weibo has lit up today over the case of a man in Guangzhou who called the police because he felt his Spicy McChicken was too spicy.

The man was at the McDonald’s on Tiyuxi Lu in Tianhe when he ordered the meal.  Apparently forgetting the word “spicy” is contained in “Spicy McChicken Meal”, he took the burger to his table and dove in.  He was so surprised at the heat he called over a staff member from the restaurant to take a bite.  That’s when he called 110, the Chinese version of 911.

When the police arrived, they encouraged the man to calm down.  McDonald’s – which went above and beyond the call of duty in this case – ended up giving him free grilled chicken legs and a coke to soothe his burning mouth.

Most netizens on Weibo believe the guy is nuts and is wasting police resources, although they do note he was able to score two meals for the price of one. One exclaimed, “This person surely has shit for brains.” Another said he should be detained for wasting police time. Another suggested he was trying to wrangle a free burger.

Never underestimate the Cantonese aversion to spicy food.

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