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More Than 500 Bags Of Rotten Meat Found at Zhuhai Pizza Hut Restaurants

Posted: 07/24/2014 9:26 am

The Husi Food rotten meat scandal continues to spin out of control as the City of Zhuhai discovered rotten meat has been sent to local Pizza Hut restaurants.

After identifying 125 bags of questionable meat in two Pizza Hut restaurants in the city a few days ago, the Zhuhai Food and Drug Bureau found another 380 bags of expired meat stored at other local Pizza Hut restaurants, reported Nandu. The meat was destined to be used as Italian-style pork and charcoal-grilled Texas-style beef.

The first two Pizza Hut restaurants are in Jida and Xin Xiangzhou, but the locations of the other restaurants were not revealed in the report. The Zhuhai-based Pizza Hut restaurants said they had stopped selling the questionable meat after being notified by headquarters.

So far the food quality inspection agency has said it has not found any expired meat at the Zhuhai locations of McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks, Hua Lai Shi, or Papa John’s restaurants.

The rotten meat scandal was first brought to media attention on July 20 when a Shanghai TV station reported that the Shanghai-based food processing company Husi Food has been supplying out-of-date chicken, pork and beef to fast food chains.

The country has launched a nation-wide investigation into the scandal in which 1,250 tons of food has been seized.

Photos:Nandu; Xinhua

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