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KFC Chicken Wings in China, Complete with Deep-Fried Feathers

Posted: 12/16/2014 3:46 pm

kfc chicken feathersA KFC diner in Shaanxi was surprised to bite down and discover her fried chicken wing still had feathers attached to it.

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Miss Gao was eating at the popular fast-food chain with her friends on December 10 when she came across a strange-looking chicken wing. She said it was larger than average and had deep-fried tendrils coming out of it. She then notified staff, and the media.

A KFC company representative confirmed that the wing still had feathers, but blamed the company’s suppliers for the mistake.

kfc chicken feathersNow the local Qindu District food and drug inspection agency is investigating, and will look at the operation of the restaurant, cold storage, and how raw ingredients are prepared.

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It hasn’t been a good year for western fast food outlets in China, and KFC in particular. Earlier this year, KFC, McDonalds, and Pizza Hut were hit by a food safety scandal when their supplier, Husi Foods, was discovered using expired meat products.

kfc chicken feathersKFC hasn’t fully recovered since the scandal. The fast-food chain suffered a 15 percent drop in sales in November. As a result of the sales slump, KFC said it will push ahead with plans to revamp the menu and prices.

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kfc chicken feathers


Photos: CCTV, China Commerce Network


Amid Sales Decline, KFC Transforms Menu for Chinese Tastes

Posted: 10/16/2014 6:39 pm

kfc new menu chinaKFC restaurants in China are looking to turn their fortunes around after a crippling food scandal broke out earlier this year. Sales are down 14 percent since food supplier Husi Foods made headlines for supplying expired meat to western fast food restaurants, namely McDonald’s.

KFC plans to win customers back by unveiling a new menu, one that will look a lot more comfortable to Chinese customers.

This isn’t the first time that KFC has taken a more Chinese approach to its menu. When people visit from western countries, they might be shocked to find congee, fried dough sticks, and soy milk alongside that ubiquitous Big Crunch Combo.

All three new menu items feature chicken meat that have all been seasoned with rice wine, and are served with corn and pea niblets with mushrooms. Here they are:

New Orleans BBQ Chicken Leg Rice (left) and Spicy Chicken Rice

kfc new menu chinaTeriyaki Chicken Chop Rice

kfc new menu china

KFC has had a lot of success in China because it has adapted well to the local market. It has taken the exact opposite approach of Subway, which made no changes at all and is still struggling in the country.

[h/t Rocket News

Photos: kfc china


Guangzhou Woman Finds Live Worms in Her KFC

Posted: 09/30/2014 3:07 pm

kfc chicken live worms guangzhouA Guangzhou woman was shocked to find her KFC lunch was crawling with tiny, white, wriggling worms, reports Caijing.

The woman, named Liu, found the worms a few hours after she had purchased the chicken and immediately contacted the media. When reporters arrived they used a fruit knife to cut open the chicken, and found more worms crawling around inside the food.

kfc chicken live worms guangzhou

KFC compensated Liu for her email and offered her a replacement at no charge, but Liu couldn’t stomach taking another bite. She said the restaurant couldn’t guarantee the food was safe, and didn’t want to share it with her son.

KFC told the reporter that it is taking the matter seriously. The American fried chicken-maker previously had problems with Husi Foods of Shanghai, which supplied expired meat to a number of fast food outlets including McDonald’s and Pizza Hut.

Here’s a video that shows the food infested with worms:


Photos: China News


Randy’s Popular Homemade Hamburgers Shut Down by Chengguan

Posted: 08/18/2014 10:00 am

foreigner hamburger changzhou“Hamburgers” and “foreigners” go together like “white on rice”. In the province of Jiangxi, however, people were able to actually watch a foreigner make and sell hamburgers on the street, causing something of a sensation. But it didn’t last long.

A foreigner living in Changzhou has had his roadside hamburger stall shut down by the local chengguan, but not before gathering a clientele with a taste for American fast food, reports People’s Daily Online.

Reportedly named “Randy”, the 62 year-old US citizen made and sold hamburgers, hot dogs, and other US-style fast food by the side of the road. While Randy’s hamburgers cost RMB 15, more than those at KFC, Randy made each hamburger by hand.

foreigner hamburger changzhou

Word of this foreigner and his delicious, exotic delicacies hit the internet on August 7. As a topic on local forums, netizens left comments such as “This makes me feel strange. Laowai still need to make a living?” and “I hope the laowai doesn’t use gutter oil.” Randy’s hand-made hamburgers have gained so much interest that some netizens sought out his address to give them a try.

According to Master Shen who lives nearby, Randy’s hamburger roadside stall saw an increase of customers after coming to prominence online. On weekends, Randy’s hamburgers would attract about a hundred people who congregated in the area. The hamburgers became so popular that one person even left a card with a nearby store asking them to notify them whenever he appeared.

However, Randy and his hamburgers were not meant for the road. The chengguan of Hutang County, Wujin District shut him down because street stalls aren’t allowed in the area.

foreigner hamburger changzhou

However, don’t feel too band for Randy. In addition to selling hamburgers, he is also a senior executive at a local company. Apparently Randy had been selling burgers as a means of conducting market research to determine whether or not there is a market for Americian style burgers in Changzhou. According to an acquaintance named Xiao Wen, Randy is hoping to open his own American fast food restaurant there.

In another report from Caijing, the chengguan came and left without incident, even shaking Randy’s hand as they departed. The friendly treatment to a foreigner rubbed some people the wrong way, considering the chengguan’s otherwise violent reputation. Here are some comments:

Are they temporary workers? (referring to the common excuse used when chengguan are caught acting improperly) Why don’t they treat their own countrymen better?

(The chengguan) don’t breakdown the great foreigners stall upon sight? They’ll bully their own people because they have the capability to do so? What garbage.

(His stall) hasn’t been smashed?

Why must they treat their own countrymen so rough and rude?

Preferential treatment.

Actually, the operations of chengguan have gotten much more civil lately. Although they haven’t be able to get rid of the worst elements, things have still been getting considerably better. This is something that can’t be denied.

It must be because (the foreigner’s) stall is so clean, it stunned the chengguan (into a stupor). Simply speaking, this is what will bring economic balance to a broken market…

Randy burgersRandy burgersRandy burgersRandy burgers


Photos: People’s Daily Online, Caijing


“Kissing Students at McDonald’s” Sparks Chinese Internet Meme

Posted: 07/30/2014 1:57 pm

mcdonalds pda children kissingWe can’t verify if the above photo is in fact of two Chinese schoolchildren kissing, but we can say for sure that this photo has become a hugely popular Chinese meme.

At its most basic, the photo succinctly depicts the icky feeling we all get when trying to ignore two tracksuit-attired schoolkids who are doing their best to become invisible when kissing in a subway station.

mcdonalds pda children kissing

For whatever reason, this photo has circulated like crazy on the Chinese internet. It’s struck such a chord that netizens have gotten in on the fun by contributing their own take on the image. We’re not about to stop the meme train, so check out the following inspired tributes:

mcdonalds pda children kissingmcdonalds pda children kissingmcdonalds pda children kissingmcdonalds pda children kissingmcdonalds pda children kissingmcdonalds pda children kissingmcdonalds pda children kissingmcdonalds pda children kissing

The burgeoning sexuality of an increasingly aware younger generation isn’t something that Chinese parents want to deal with, while Chinese dating remains an awkward experience that usually includes parental pressure to marry.

Still, we’re amazed that something so popular on the Chinese internet should be wholly and unabashedly influenced by Japanese culture in the form of manga.

[h/t MissXQ]

Photos: MSN


Almost Nothing Left on the Menu at McDonald’s in Beijing

Posted: 07/28/2014 3:06 pm

beijing mcdonalds menu retracted food safety scandal husi foodsMcDonald’s remains open in Beijing these days, but there isn’t much on the menu. Nearly everything has been suspended from sale in the wake of the Husi Food expired meat scandal, reports BJ News. A total of 13 McDonald’s food items are currently not available for sale including all hamburgers, Chicken McNuggets, and chicken wings.

So what’s left, if you need your McDonald’s fix? Filet O’Fish sandwiches, for one. An employee details what else remains on the menu:

Right now, all we have for sale are drinks, ice cream and French fries. You can go next door to our coffee outlet to order cakes and coffee.

A representative for McDonald’s explains that the menu restrictions are temporary and all your favorite burgers will soon return. In the meantime, however, there’s been an unsurprising drop in the number of customers.

Due to the inspections made by government officials that first exposed Husi Food for supplying foreign fast food chains in China with expired meat products, the Shanghai Food and Drug Inspection Bureau has confiscated a total of 144.1 tons of food. This includes 18 tons of Chicken McNuggets, 78.1 tons of smoked meat patties, and 48 tons of beef patties.

On July 27 the parent company of Husi Food, OSI Group, recalled its food products and installed a new team overseeing its China operations.

beijing mcdonalds menu retracted food safety scandal husi foods


Photos: BJ News, People’s Daily


Here’s What The Beijing Times Thinks Of People Who Eat Foreign Fast Food

Posted: 07/24/2014 5:26 pm

fast foodThe Husi Food scandal that has engulfed popular foreign fast food chains McDonald’s KFC and Pizza Hut is showing no signs of letting up. After tainted meat products were discovered in Pizza Hut locations in Shenzhen and Zhuhai, it’s now been revealed that three Foshan Pizza Hut locations also had expired meat.

To any average person in China, this could be summarized as “yet another food safety scandal”. However, this is not these case for the Beijing Times, which is adamant that foreign fast food chains are the main problem.

The following is a complete translation of this editorial written by Gu Yun:

Beijing Times: Consumers Can Not Become the “Brain Dead” Pawns of Foriegn Fast Food

Consumers can not become the “brain dead” pawns of foreign fast food. Whether they be foreign (owned) brands or national companies, they must all comply with regulations in order to gain the trust of consumers. Any company that experiences problems with quality must accept criticism and punishments.

After the improper use of expired meat products by Husi Food Company, a food supplier for McDonald’s, KFC, and other foreign fast food restaurants, was exposed, relevant Shanghai authorities have investigated to show that this suspected company has been involved in illegal manufacturing and operating practices. At present, police have arrested five suspected individuals.

When the problem was exposed and the specific tainted products were identified, it was reasonable to say that consumers should be on alert for this kind of company that is lacking in morals and engages in illegal behavior. But according to this reporter’s investigation, Chicken McNuggets are still being purchased at a few McDonald’s restaurant locations in Beijing and Shanghai. In fact, the coverage of the food safety scandal hasn’t deterred the crowds of consumers that still frequent this restaurant. Other areas look to have the same situation as well.

Clearly aware that these foreign fast food restaurants have these food safety problems, consumers still flock to them in a mad rush nonetheless. No matter how you look at it, this remains a perplexing conundrum to figure out. What makes one’s eyes pop out is that there are articles online that say ‘let’s be grateful towards and continue to support foreign fast food restaurants’ with the main reason being that McDonald’s and KFC are also victims in this situation. For these people that are simultaneously in pain and pleasure, just what are they trying to say?

During this incident, the foreign fast food restaurants of McDonald’s, KFC, and others appear to be victims, but this is not the case. Every company must be responsible for their own production. In order to fulfill this requirement, [due dilligence] must begin right at the beginning with the raw ingredients. It goes without saying that the quality of the raw ingredients, whether good or bad, will decide the quality of the final product. The meat products supplied by Husi Foods Company are the main ingredient used by the foreign fast food companies, and the problem was allowed to get into the food supplied by these restaurants. How can foreign fast food restaurants still maintain that they remain completely virtuous? Although it’s said that Husi has betrayed McDonald’s, McDonald’s has betrayed consumers. Should we expect consumers to seek compensation from Husi Foods directly?

Many consumers still choose to patron foreign fast food restaurants, and so it is still a worthy topic to ruminate over. For instance, some people think that going to McDonald’s and KFC to eat now signifies the most safe time to do so. It appears this reasoning is not wrong. After such a serious case has happened, the first step to take is to establish preventative measures in regards to these responsible companies. However, the problem of expired meat products has already been exposed, and the quality control by foreign fast food companies has been shown to have overlooked this problem. How can consumers know that the next supplier is free of any problems?

There is also another theory that suggests foreign fast food companies aren’t actually any good, but still have better food safety than other domestic restaurants. In fact, with all these foreign brands in this era of globalization, these so-called foreign restaurants are really just localized companies. For instance, although Shanghai Husi Foods is a foreign company, all of its processed foods come from here in this country. Even more importantly, there’s no need to doubt these foreign fast food restaurants with quality control problems as this has nothing to do with whether or not other companies are able to detect quality control problems. This fact is ignored to the point that one will try to make excuses for them. However you look at it, this is self-loathing cultural behavior.

Consumers can not become the “brain dead” pawns of foreign fast food. Whether they be foreign (owned) brands or national companies, they must all comply with regulations in order to gain the trust of consumers. Any company that experiences problems with quality must accept criticism and punishments. In regards to this problem, we should be concerned with the facts and not ideology or picking sides. Whether we use this to “protect national companies” or say “foreign fast food restaurants are also victims”, it’s still to “serve as the bad guy” to twist the facts and subvert the truth.


Photos: CCTV


More Than 500 Bags Of Rotten Meat Found at Zhuhai Pizza Hut Restaurants

Posted: 07/24/2014 9:26 am

The Husi Food rotten meat scandal continues to spin out of control as the City of Zhuhai discovered rotten meat has been sent to local Pizza Hut restaurants.

After identifying 125 bags of questionable meat in two Pizza Hut restaurants in the city a few days ago, the Zhuhai Food and Drug Bureau found another 380 bags of expired meat stored at other local Pizza Hut restaurants, reported Nandu. The meat was destined to be used as Italian-style pork and charcoal-grilled Texas-style beef.

The first two Pizza Hut restaurants are in Jida and Xin Xiangzhou, but the locations of the other restaurants were not revealed in the report. The Zhuhai-based Pizza Hut restaurants said they had stopped selling the questionable meat after being notified by headquarters.

So far the food quality inspection agency has said it has not found any expired meat at the Zhuhai locations of McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks, Hua Lai Shi, or Papa John’s restaurants.

The rotten meat scandal was first brought to media attention on July 20 when a Shanghai TV station reported that the Shanghai-based food processing company Husi Food has been supplying out-of-date chicken, pork and beef to fast food chains.

The country has launched a nation-wide investigation into the scandal in which 1,250 tons of food has been seized.

Photos:Nandu; Xinhua


Shenzhen Pizza Huts Had Expired Meat, Guangzhou Spared UPDATED

Posted: 07/22/2014 12:31 pm

Husi confession food safety scandal pizza hut mcdonalds kfc

Two days after a massive food scandal involving foreign fast food restaurants in China was made public, more details continue to surface.

Food supplier Husi Food failed an unannounced government inspection on Sunday evening when it was revealed it has been supplying McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants with expired meat up to a year old.

Zhang Hui, a quality control manager of Husi Foods, stated in a recorded interview that using expired meat was a company policy developed by upper management that was in place for several years. Zhang said the policy was known by company personnel “at the level of the factory director and up”.

Fifty-two Pizza Hut restaurants in Shenzhen were supplied with ingredients from Shanghai Husi Food Co, reports the Shenzhen Evening Report. The Shenzhen-based Pizza Hut restaurants got seasoned steak, ground beef pizza toppings, Italian-style ground pork, and ground pork pizza toppings.

pizza hut

At present, Pizza Hut says its Shenzhen restaurants have stopped using the ingredients. “Charcoal-grilled Texas-style Beef” is no longer for sale on the Pizza Hut menu, and the other pizza toppings are now sourced from other food suppliers.

While Shenzhen residents may have eaten expired meat, the news is better in Guangzhou. Representatives for McDonald’s and KFC said their Guangzhou and Foshan-based restaurants did not get any supplies from Husi Food, and are not affected by the scandal.

Meanwhile, the list of foreign restaurant chains that are trying to distance themselves from Husi Food continues to grow: Domino’s, DICOS, Wallace, IKEA, and Subway are among those who have made public statements asserting that they have no relationship with Husi Foods.

Furthermore, even though this food scandal may have hurt consumer confidence, it doesn’t seem to have affected business at McDonald’s. iFeng is reporting that Beijing-based locations of McDonald’s restaurants are doing great business to the point that no seats are available.

When asked to explain why they are eating at McDonald’s despite the food safety scandal, diners say food safety is an issue for all restaurants everywhere, and that diners can still feel safer at McDonald’s than in smaller places.

Mr Lei, a recent diner at McDonald’s, told a reporter:

Right now, McDonald’s is at the heart of the storm, so that’s why the quality of the food is guaranteed.

UPDATE 3:07pm July 25: Allegations have surfaced that three Foshan Pizza Hut restaurants have been supplied with expired meat products.

Photo: Shenzhen Announcements


If You Dine At KFC or Pizza Hut, You Might Eat Expired Meat

Posted: 07/21/2014 6:40 pm

mcdonalds kfc food processing food scandalA food supplier for China-based franchises of McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and KFC have been criticized for using meat that has been expired for up to a year, reports Southcn.

Shanghai Husi Food Co. was targeted in a inspection last night at 9 o’clock by the Shanghai Food and Drug Bureau and the Public Security Bureau, which were followed by members of the press including CCTV. The inspection was stalled by security guards for half an hour before the officials and media were able to get inside.

The inspectors found the food supplier provided chicken and beef products to McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and KFC that were expired for as long as a year after their due dates. The products were reprocessed and repackaged to be used again.

The ground was described as “filthy” and was covered in dirty water. Dragon Television had earlier showed Husi Food workers “picking up food from the floor and throwing it into processing machines.”

Xinhua reported that local officials have suspended the operations of Husi Foods.

McDonald’s and Yum, the parent company of KFC and Pizza Hut, have apologized to Chinese consumers and have renounced their relationship with Husi Food.

Yoshinoya, Ikea, Fridays, and Subway are among the foreign restaurants operating in China that have tried to distance themselves from this food scandal by asserting they have no connection to Husi Food.

mcdonalds kfc food processing food scandalmcdonalds kfc food processing food scandal

Photos: CCTV, People’s Daily Online

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