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Amid Sales Decline, KFC Transforms Menu for Chinese Tastes

Posted: 10/16/2014 6:39 pm

kfc new menu chinaKFC restaurants in China are looking to turn their fortunes around after a crippling food scandal broke out earlier this year. Sales are down 14 percent since food supplier Husi Foods made headlines for supplying expired meat to western fast food restaurants, namely McDonald’s.

KFC plans to win customers back by unveiling a new menu, one that will look a lot more comfortable to Chinese customers.

This isn’t the first time that KFC has taken a more Chinese approach to its menu. When people visit from western countries, they might be shocked to find congee, fried dough sticks, and soy milk alongside that ubiquitous Big Crunch Combo.

All three new menu items feature chicken meat that have all been seasoned with rice wine, and are served with corn and pea niblets with mushrooms. Here they are:

New Orleans BBQ Chicken Leg Rice (left) and Spicy Chicken Rice

kfc new menu chinaTeriyaki Chicken Chop Rice

kfc new menu china

KFC has had a lot of success in China because it has adapted well to the local market. It has taken the exact opposite approach of Subway, which made no changes at all and is still struggling in the country.

[h/t Rocket News

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  • Daniel McDermott

    How is corn and peas more appealing more to Chinese tastes? If they wanted to appeal to their tastes, it would be chicken bones and gristle, with a couple tasteless green bok choys on the side with soy sauce smothered on top.

    • charlesliu

      I think you’ve been ordering the wrong kind of Chinese take-out.

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