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Shenzhen Supermarket Produce Covered in Unsafe Pesticides

Posted: 11/20/2014 12:11 pm

Shenzhen is no stranger to food scandals, and it appears another issue has cropped up that is giving buyers of fresh produce some concern.

A recent study by Ceda Farm Produce Test Center, which tests farm produce headed to Hong Kong, found that 11 percent of produce sampled from Shenzhen supermarkets and wet markets contained unsafe levels of pesticide residue.

The center conducted tests on 473 samples of meat and vegetables from 39 locations to obtain its results, which prompted lawmakers to call a hearing with representatives of the local food safety watchdog.

A local lawmaker named Huang Xiang said the government had previously been told that only 4 percent of the city’s produce had pesticide levels that were too high. He questioned why this discrepancy existed.

The representative from the city’s farm produce testing center, Wang Duojia, claimed that the test could have been skewed by a number of things. Lawmakers were not satisfied by this explanation and implored the city’s food safety watchdog to improve.

  • Zen my Ass

    This kind of news doesn’t surprise me anymore, maybe it’s about time to leave this country for better.

  • Just_Banlas

    I can’t even tell anymore. I thought all potatoes were supposed to taste like malathion…

  • Kevin McGeary

    One of the most telling things about Shenzhen is the way the three and four star hotels spray their reception areas with perfume.

    • Zen my Ass

      That’s the reason I feel like throwing up any time I walk in a lobby.

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