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Dead Fish From Guangzhou Park Resold at Local Market

Posted: 10/29/2014 3:32 pm

lake liwan dead fish guangzhouA number of dead fish have been recently floating on the surface of the water near the flood gates of Lake Liwan Park. While any widespread loss of wildlife is usually cause for concern, some Guangzhou residents are viewing this as a “windfall” and turning it into a profit-making opportunity.

A representative for the park said the lake has been dredged over the past two weeks, something a park worker admits may have to do with the death of the fish. A park security guard said local residents have been coming to the park to collect the dead African carp and sell them for RMB 5 for a large one, and RMB 3 for small one, reports Sina Guangdong.

lake liwan dead fish guangzhouA reporter personally witnessed a person collecting the dead fish yesterday. However, the person wouldn’t admit to selling the dead carp, instead saying he would feed it to his dog.

Park management has complained that people who collect dead fish don’t listen to warnings and fight with security guards.

lake liwan dead fish guangzhou


Photos: Sina Cantonese Report

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